17 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For Entrepreneurs (PROVEN & EFFECTIVE))

17 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For Entrepreneurs (PROVEN & EFFECTIVE))

– In today’s episode, I’m giving
you 17 of my absolute best guerrilla marketing
tactics for entrepreneurs. These are proven, effective,
tried and true methods that you can use for
all stages of business. So if you wanna generate
more leads, customers and sales for your business,
this video is for you. (upbeat music) – Hi there my name is Adam Erhart, a modern marketing strategist, and welcome to The Modern Marketing Show, where we help you grow your business by making way better marketing. On this channel, we cover the most proven and effective marketing
strategies available today. So if that’s something you’re into, you may want to consider subscribing and hitting that notification bell. All right, let’s talk
guerrilla marketing tactics. Essentially, these are
things that are innovative, slightly unconventional,
and definitely low cost. And they’re all gonna be
aimed at getting you maximum exposure for your brand,
your business, your product, or your service. And while in this video, we’re gonna cover 17 of my absolute best guerrilla marketing tactics, things that are actually practical, things that you can actually do, and things that you actually want to do, that aren’t going to damage your brand or your reputation, or your spirit. After all things like cold
calling, and door knocking may work but their soul sucking
and make you feel terrible. And let’s be honest, they
actually don’t work that well. So when it comes to guerrilla marketing, it’s really about just as much
the things that you don’t do, as well as the strategies
that you are going to deploy. That’s why we’re not gonna
be spending a fortune here on TV ads, or radio ads, or newspaper ads. We’re not gonna be spending thousands or 10s of thousands of
dollars on a new website. And we’re definitely not gonna be focusing on things like vanity metrics, those likes, comments and
shares that make you feel good, but really don’t do anything
to drive your business forward. On the other hand, we’re
going to be covering 17 proven and effective
guerrilla marketing tactics, things that I’ve actually
used in my business, things that I recommend to my clients, especially when they’re
just getting started, and things that you can actually go out there and deploy yourself today. All right, so with all that said, let’s dive right into the
good stuff with O2O2O, also commonly referred to as O-T-O-T-O. And what this basically stands for is, online to offline to online,
or we can switch it around and go offline to online to offline. Now, this might sound like
a little more conventional and a little more traditional advertising, certainly not a guerrilla tactic. But stick with me, because
the beauty of this methodology is what we’re gonna be doing is essentially covering the
entire customer journey, but doing it with only
a very select segment of our customer audience, which is going to keep costs way low, and definitely under control. So here’s how an OTOTO strategy works. Basically, the first step
is we’ve got to get people to our website, by any means possible. And we’re gonna to cover 16 different ways to do that coming right
up, so stick with me. But step one is getting
people to our website, because if we can get them to our website, and we can capture that
lead, either their name and the email, and ideally
their mailing address, by giving them some kind of
low-cost or entry level offer, like a free plus shipping,
or possibly a book or anything that we can really
collect a mailing address. Because what we’re gonna do here, is we’re gonna collect these leads, we’re then going to be
able to mail them something hard copy, and then we can also re-target them online after that. I know it sounds confusing, but here’s how this really plays out, and why it’s truly effective. You see, by first collecting traffic and leads to your website, this can be done really effectively and really cost effectively, especially using the
rest of the strategies we’re gonna be talking about. So we get people to our website, and then we collect some
kind of mailing information from them, by giving them
something in exchange, whether it’s that book or a newsletter, or something to get that mailing address. Now the beauty here is we’ve
got a very targeted list of potential prospects, that
we can then mail something to. We’re not gonna be doing a
massive direct mail campaign, and mailing out to
50,000 or 100,000 people. Rather, we may just be mailing 20, or 50, or maybe even 100 people,
a very selective people who’ve clearly indicated an
interest in your business. Now from this mailing,
you can include a link to a free training or
another free download, and get them back online. This is also going to open up all sorts of different
retargeting options, but we can talk about all that later. Now the reason I’ve put
OTOTO at the top of the list, and number one, is because it’s a strategy that so few people are using. And yet it’s so incredibly effective, because you’re increasing touch
points with your customers, across a wide variety of channels, which again, limits your costs
and really limits your risk because you’re not putting
all your eggs in one basket. All right, and that brings us to guerrilla marketing tactic
number two, video marketing. Now, again, there is a
bit of an overlap here, depending on how you’re
structuring your video marketing. Of course, if we’re going to
do a fully produced video, or going to a studio, that’s
not guerrilla marketing. That’s definitely more conventional. But if we’re shooting kind
of guerilla style videos, with our cell phones, or maybe
with a cheap handheld camera, well, these can be
really good live action, case study in the trenches type videos that really build a connection
and a lot more trust and authenticity with your customers. The beauty is video can be done
incredibly cost effectively. After all, you’re probably watching this either on your
phone, which has a camera or on your laptop which also has a camera. So we’re pretty much
already covered gear wise. Next, this video can be laser targeted using advertising like Facebook, or Instagram or even YouTube. Or it can be run as a live stream, which means that you’re
gonna go live just like we would on live TV,
only this way is free. And of course you have
natural organic video, which means you can simply take a video and then upload it to your
personal Facebook page, or business Facebook page
or personal YouTube channel, your business YouTube channel, your personal Instagram
account, you get the picture. The way I’m advocating
using video marketing as a guerrilla tactic here, is
really just to get out there, and get that content made. But make sure that
you’re the one on camera, pitching your message and
connecting with your audience. Now my next guerrilla marketing tactic that I really wanna suggest you deploy, is a spin on traditional advertising, but essentially stringing
traditional Ads together, in the form of a story sequence. Here’s what I mean. Let’s take for example,
some of the video marketing that you just shot in the previous tip. You’ve got your cell
phone, you’re out there, you’re talking to potential customers, you’re sharing some value
and giving some insights on what you do and how it benefits people. Well, what you can do is you
can take this first video and you can put it out
there to your target market, and from there, you can re-target meaning, you can take a
percentage of the people who’ve watched part of that video, and show them the next
Ad or the next video, but only if they’ve
watched that first one, or a section of it. So basically, you put
your video to 100 people, let’s say 50 people watch half of it. Well, then you’re going to show the next part of the story to that 50%. And again, you do it
again and again and again further and further down the funnel. Now what makes this such a
guerilla marketing tactic, is that all we really need to
do is create that one first ad that gets attention and
makes people aware of us, and draws them in. And then from there, every subsequent step further down the funnel becomes
cheaper and more effective as you continue to build trust, and continue to build rapport. Now the beauty of the
technology side of this, is it’s incredibly easy to implement. It’s a little trickier on Facebook, because you need to create all
sorts of different audiences, and make sure they’re structured right. But on YouTube, all you need to really do is upload what videos you want to appear, in what sequence and it
takes care of the rest. This strategy can also be done
for only a few bucks a day. So it’s definitely cost
effective, certainly worth trying. And that leads us perfectly into guerrilla marketing tactic
number four, omnipresence. Now, one thing that I
hear all the time is, “Adam, I see you everywhere.” And this really just comes down
to my retargeting strategy. Meaning once I’ve gotten
people to the website, I can then re target them across Facebook, across the Google display
network, across YouTube, across Instagram, and essentially appear for pennies on the dollar, because I’m dealing with
a much smaller audience. You see, that’s the reason that something like a Super Bowl TV ad is so expensive. It’s because so many people
are going to be watching, and you’re reaching just
millions of different people. Well, we don’t wanna
reach millions of people, nor do we need to. All we really wanna do is reach people who are potential customers, and who’ve already shown an
interest in our business. And that’s the power of retargeting. Basically taking an audience of people who’ve engaged with you
in some way shape or form, and then showing your content to them and only them. And when you do it strategically
and pick the channels that you wanna appear on, which when it comes to retargeting, my advice is more the merrier. Well, you’re able to show up
again and again and again. And as consumers, we’ve
been kind of conditioned to associate frequency with trust. So, the more that you
appear in front of someone, the more likely they are to trust you, the more likely they are
to do business with you. All right, guerrilla
marketing tip number five is to have some kind of promotional item. Now promotional items,
they sound a little cheesy, and they’re probably one
of the more corny things on this list, but they’re
also incredibly effective. So what is it? Well, something like a
T-shirt, or a coffee mug, or a water bottle, or a cell phone case, something that’s branded
with your company, that you can give away or add on, or basically use as
some kind of promotion. Now my advice if you’re
just getting started here, is in our research and pretty
much across the statistics, we’ve seen that T-shirts are
one of the most desirable and they’re definitely one of the easiest
things to have produced. So if you don’t know
what kind of promotional item to create at first,
definitely start there. The beauty is there’s a number of online T-shirt
manufacturers who will go and put your logo or your
message or your branding across pretty much any T-shirt, and allow you to sell it. Which means you can either give it away, or you can sell it and make a profit. All right and our next
tip is to use lumpy mail. Now, you may have heard
of lumpy mail before. Essentially all it is
is some kind of package that’s actually physically
tangible and thicker than a traditional letter. Now, I don’t need to
speak only from experience when I tell you how much I enjoy getting packages in the mail, because the statistics show
that even younger generations, still like receiving tangible direct mail. The key here is this is
definitely more a B2B, or business to business strategy. Meaning, you’re not gonna
want to send lumpy mail to millions of different prospects or it’s definitely not
guerrilla marketing, because it’s gonna cost you a fortune. But if you can hand pick 10, 20, maybe even 50 ideal
prospects or customers, people that you really
wanna do business with, well, sending them a
physical package in the mail, is a great way to get
noticed and get attention. Now you can do the cheesy,
kind of corny thing and send them some kind of gimmick or you could do something like, I recommend which is
simply to send them a book and maybe highlight a few sections that you thought might be
relevant or interesting to them. The next guerrilla marketing tactic that I really wanna to talk about is some kind of printed material, whether it’s a simple lead magnet, or something a little
more robust like an actual printed book or handbook. You see, there’s something
incredibly powerful about having a printed word that you can actually go
out and give to someone. This kind of works a line with lumpy mail, but we want to really
reserve this printed material for our potential prospects,
or people that we can actually go and meet in person. So we have something to leave them with. Think of it as kind of an updated or more modern business card. Now I can already hear some of
you saying, “I hate writing, “I’m not a writer, I’m definitely
not gonna write a book.” And that’s totally cool. There’s a number of
different options available, depending on what budget
you’re working with. Obviously, the cheapest
option and seeing we’re making a video about kind of
cheap marketing options considering guerrilla marketing tactics, well, the cheapest option is
definitely to just sit down and try to crank it out yourself. Write the best you can and
you can find a freelance or outsource to some kind of editor to help polish it up a bit. The more expensive option definitely the quickest one as well, is to hire a ghostwriter, which is someone that can take
your words and your stories, and translate that into
an actual physical book, that you can then call your own. Now you don’t need to write 30,000 or 40,000 or 50,000 pages here. In fact, you could even
start with a small handbook or a guidebook or a playbook. Just make sure that it’s
professionally packaged, and it looks really nice
and you’ll be good to go. The next guerilla marketing tactic I wanna share with you is
something that I’ve never done, but I have heard that it’s one
of the most effective forms of local advertising available today. And that’s a car wrap. Well, essentially what you’re doing is you’re wrapping your
car or getting it designed, so that your whole car or truck
or van or whatever you drive becomes an advertising in and of itself. Now, I’ve never done this
myself, as I’ve just said, but I do see how it
can be a valuable tool, especially if it’s done well, and especially if it’s done creatively. The only caveat here is if
you drive like a crazy person, in which case, don’t do that. There’s nobody knows who you are. All right so the next
guerrilla marketing tactic I wanna to share with you
is one that has proven incredibly effective,
is also very cheap to do and makes a meaningful
and powerful impact, and that is handwritten notes. Now, sounds really simple to just write out a handwritten
note and mail it to somebody or give it to somebody. But there’s something really powerful, about the act of actually
handwriting something, especially in today’s
economy where we’re emailing, and we’re texting and
everything gets printed, and very little gets handwritten. Now, even if your handwriting
is as terrible as mine, I still recommend trying your best to write out a nice, simple
and clean handwritten note. Mine’s often illegible,
but I often take a second really step back, take a few deep breaths, and do my best to make it
look as nice as possible. Because the impact and
the rewards that you get in forms of connection and appreciation, and really showing someone gratitude, well, the rewards are
well worth the effort. If you’re looking for someone who’s definitely leveraged
the power of handwritten notes and talks all about them, I recommend the book
Bluefishing by Steve Sims, I’ll make sure to link it up
in the descriptions below. Steve is a great guy, and he’s
got some really cool stories. So definitely check out the
book if you haven’t before. All right, so our next
guerrilla marketing tactic is a great and totally free
way to get massive exposure on some pretty big name sites. And that is HARO, or help a reporter out. Essentially what HARO does,
is that it links up reporters who are looking for experts
or information or kind of news or content that they can
add to their articles. And it links them up with
experts just like you, who knows something about a certain topic. How it works is really simple. Basically, you subscribe
by putting in your email, which is totally free,
they’ll send you a list of different articles or different topics that reporters are looking for. And then you write to the reporter and let them know, “Yeah, I’m interested, “I’ve got this content to
share, I’ve got this story, “I can find this for you,” whatever it is. And in return, when they use your content, you get to be featured
on magazines like Forbes, or the Huffington Post, or Entrepreneur, whatever is relevant to your niche. If you’re working with a low budget, or you’re just getting started and you you want that publicity, this is a great place to start. Now my next guerilla marketing
tactic is less of a marketing and more about accepting the marketing, and really kind of
facilitating all the leads that you’ve been generating up until now. And that’s by having
multiple contact methods. You see, your goal as a
marketer or business owner or entrepreneur, is to
really smooth things out and to remove any friction from someone trying to give you money. And one of the biggest ways that I see businesses totally mess this up, is by making it really
hard to contact them. So my advice here is to make sure that you’ve got multiple contact methods. Meaning, someone can send you an email, they can call you on the phone, they might be able to message you through a app on your website, or
they could send you a message through your Facebook
page, or an Instagram DM. Whatever it is, make sure that you’ve got multiple contact points, because
each one of your customers is going to have a preferred
method of communication, and you wanna make it as smooth and easy for them as possible. All right, so the next
guerrilla marketing tactic we have to talk about is press releases. Now, this is pretty old school, but the beauty of the press release is that most of the time, they’re free. You see much in the same way
that HERO hooks up reporters with experts in order to get
content for their stories, well, newspapers also need
content for their newspapers. So if you can submit a press
release about something that’s going on in your business, or something that’s going
on that might be relevant to them and to their audience. Well, they’ll often print it and distribute it to all of their readers for absolutely free. Now, this press release strategy isn’t just limited to the newspaper. Also applies to TV, and
probably even more so to radio. After all, creating audio
content is a whole lot easier. The key here is to make
that initial contact and make sure that you’ve
got something newsworthy going on in your business. Also, you’d be surprised how low the bar is for
what’s considered newsworthy. So just do something
interesting or valuable, and they’ll pick up the story
with a little help of course. The next tactic we’re
going to talk about here, is free trainings, which is essentially putting on educational, mini
seminars or mini trainings for your local area area, in
the area of your expertise. For example, let’s say
you’re a photographer. Well, you could put on an evening seminar and teach people how to switch from auto on their camera to manual. Or if you happen to be a dog trainer, you could put on a weekend seminar on how to train your puppy
or the first eight weeks with your puppy at home. If you’re an engineer,
you could teach people how to build a bridge or a skyscraper. No, don’t do that one, I can only imagine the liability issues, but you get the point. Basically, emphasize your
expertise and teach people how to do what you do. Obviously, don’t give
them the entire system, but give them the first few steps and then let them know where
they can learn the rest, which is obviously from you. All right, so our next
guerilla marketing tactic is the giveaway contest. But there’s a couple nuances
here that can really prevent you from getting burned and
actually make an effective. First off the reason giveaway contest work is kind of self evident. And people like getting free stuff. Where so many businesses get
burned, is they give away things that are irrelevant
to their target market, or the appeal to a broad mass market. For example, you’re well, we’ll use the photography example again. Let’s say you’re a photographer, and you’re giving away a free iPad. The problem here is that
you’re gonna attract a lot of people who aren’t photographers, because who doesn’t want a free iPad. On the other hand, if you
were to give away a lens or lens cleaning solution
or something camera related, well, then you’re probably going to get a much
more targeted audience, of people interested in
what you have to offer. Rather than those freebie
seekers who just want free stuff. And therein lies the key. All right, so our next
guerilla marketing tactic is easily one of my
favorites on this list. In fact, it might be my second favorite, my first favorites coming up soon. But my second favorite here is
all about content marketing. And this was one of the core pillars of how I built my first business. The beauty of content
marketing is much the same as putting on events or
seminars or teaching people. And then it allows you
to share your information and your expertise in a friendly, knowledgeable and approachable way. Now whether you’d prefer
to do video or podcasting or good old fashioned writing, there’s a free solution available for you. For example, if you wanna do video, well, you you’ve got YouTube
where you can host your videos. You wanna do a podcast, well, you can do it through an anchor. And if you wanna write a blog, well, there’s a million different options, including WordPress,
which allows you to host all of your articles for free. Now I could go on for
days about the importance and the beauty and the
magic of content marketing, but the reality is, is
that we’ve been conditioned to associate teachers and
people in positions of authority that educate us as experts. And so we tend to give them
a little bit more weight, a little bit more trust and a
little bit more credibility. You wanna take advantage of
that by creating content. All right, so our next
guerilla marketing tactic is a form of barter or
a form of partnership or a CONTRA deal as it’s often known. And essentially, what
you’re gonna do here, is you’re gonna to find somebody with which to trade services with. Now this is an absolutely
amazing strategy, especially if you’re good at what you do, because you’re gonna to be able to clearly demonstrate this to another
entrepreneur or business owner, and provide value to them, which means that they may
be more likely to share that with their audience. And in return, you’re gonna get whatever services they offer to you. Now, the key here is that your obviously not gonna want to pick
a direct competitor, because the goal here is for both of you to kind of work in a
symbiotic and synchronous and synergistic, symbiosis, cooperation. I’m getting off track. The beauty here is that
it’s going to allow you guys to basically work together,
so that everybody wins. This is basically what I did when I first started my
social media marketing agency. I partnered with a local print shop, so I would do their
social media marketing, and in return, they would print my flyers and my business cards and other promotional items that I needed. In the end, I saved thousands
on printed materials, and I got a ton of really good experience and access to all of their clients who, well, if they need printed
things like business cards and promotional items, well, they tend to be
my target market too, because they’re most likely gonna be entrepreneurs or business owners. At the end of the day we both won, and it was a fantastic deal. All right, so our next
guerrilla marketing tactic definitely crosses the line from guerrilla to more traditional, but it’s
definitely worth mentioning, because it’s just so incredibly effective, and mostly in regards
to guerrilla marketing, it’s cost effective. And that tactic is Facebook ads. Again, so easily one of the
most cost effective forms of online advertising available today. Now, the reason I’m mentioning it here, is because of a couple different factors. Number one is the targeting, which means that you can dial in on exactly who it is that
you’re trying to reach, including their demographic
details like their age, gender, income, occupation,
things like that. Their geographic details,
what city, state, province, country or wherever they live. And their psychographic details
what are their attitudes, their interests, their behaviors, their organizations or teams
that they’re a part of. The targeting is just
essentially so detailed, we really can’t miss. The other side of the coin
is that it can be done for really just a few dollars a day, making it by far one of
the most cost effective forms of advertising available. Plus, seeing as everything’s online, and everything’s tracked, we
can figure out to the penny, what something’s costing us. So rather than spending
thousands on a newspaper Ad or a radio Ad, and really
not knowing how it worked, well, with Facebook Ads,
we can track exactly how much a click costs,
how much a lead costs, and how much a sale costs. All right, so the next
thing you want to do here is definitely check out the
video I’ve got linked here, on the top 20 digital marketing strategies for small businesses. In it I’m giving 20 of my
absolute best tips and tricks to really help grow your business. I’ve also linked up a video on how to get more clients and
customers for your business. So take your pick, choose whichever one you think
is going to be more relevant to you and definitely dive into that now. All right, so thanks so much for watching, and we’ll catch you next time
on The Modern Marketing Show.


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