3 SEO Tips for Voice Search Optimization: Get Ahead of the Competition NOW

3 SEO Tips for Voice Search Optimization: Get Ahead of the Competition NOW

have you been optimizing your website for voice search well if you haven’t you’re really gonna get screwed because in the future everyone is starting to use devices like Alexa from Amazon to perform voice searches hey everyone i’m neil patel and today i’m gonna share with you how you can generate more search traffic using voice search so the first if i have for you guys is make sure your site is compatible with the HTTP framework if a website is HTTP from what we found it’s much more likely to generate traffic from voice search we’ve noticed that over 65 percent of the results from voice search are from sites that have HTTPS the second tip I have for you is to build authoritative domain this isn’t gonna happen overnight you’re not gonna be in the next Forbes or Huffington Post or Business Insider but you can still be Authority within your niche when we found this site to have a lot of links a lot of amazing content social shares good user experience over all their authority because they deserve to are the ones that are getting the lion’s share of the voice their search traffic and if you yourself don’t have an amazing site or amazing experience and you don’t feel your authority that’s okay just do something to fix it make your content better make your design better outreach to people who link to your competitors and ask them for a link go above and beyond with your marketing to be the leader if you’re not willing to be the leader you’re not gonna get the traffic from voice search the next tip I have from you and this comes from my friend Brian Dean if you want to do all on voice search you need to make sure your website loads fast it needs to be precisely 4.6 seconds or faster that’s more than 50% faster than the average webpage so if your website loads fast you’re more likely to get the traffic from voice search if it loads slow probably not gonna get that traffic do you know how fast your website loads leave a comment below if you don’t go to Google PageSpeed putting your website let us know what your score is and how fast it’s loading last but not least you need to have short answers within your content here’s what I mean by this if you want to go after voice search similar to normal SEO pages with over 2200 words perform better than pages that are 500 words or 600 700 the more content you have the more Google can index you for different terms the more traffic you can potentially get within that content you want to have quick short answers for example if I’m writing an article that breaks down SEO and a whole beginners guide to it maybe I’ll have a heading called what is SEO and then I can have a one or two sentence answer to what SEO is that’s an example of in-depth content right how I can use headings and end up content and use short answers because that makes it easier for Google to give people the answers so if you follow all of those tips you’ll be able to generate a lot more traffic through voice search I know it’s not popular yet I know won’t make up the majority of your traffic but you need to get on top of things because eventually become way more popular and you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to get that extra search traffic so thank you for watching if you enjoyed this video leave a comment like share subscribe let other people know about it and thank you very much if I can do anything to help you let me know in the comments and I’ll respond I’ll try to get you the most traffic possibly from voice search


  • Sorry to say..but it's Alexa..i think you typed it wrong..anyways amazing video as always..
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  • I use CloudWays + DO + BunnyCDN = Managed to get 900 milli-seconds loadtime with 9MB page size.

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    I remember you mentioning alexa will be more important in the future. I didnt even think about this. This is a completely different ballgame from what Ive already been researching. Now I have to shift my mindset all over again. dang.

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  • Mobile speed 95/100 google pagespeed insights.destop 93/100 time in secs 2.3

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  • Page Speed: Mobile 84 and Desktop 79 ๐Ÿ˜ 

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    Ever since 3 years ago I found his blog, I've kept my eyes opened for the latest digital marketing tactics.
    Even though Neil has been cutting down on blog post production, I can see that he's been doing other great things like teaching us the latest SEO tactics.
    My page speed is currently at 3.7s, not too fast, but I am in the middle of optimizing it now!
    Definitely going to try to get Alexa to show my answer!

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  • Love this one. I added a Q&A to one of my sites last year to help protect me with this. I also added HTTPS this year. You rock my man. P.S. Do the Alexa device use answers from Google search when showing results? What platforms must your content or service be on for them to give the person asking the answers?

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    Image optimization (deleted most of them)
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    And only keep plugins you Actually use (i have 6 active) and else something about a 'lazy load'?

    I'm brand new just winging it honestly.

    I even deleted all 200+ revisions but apparently that doesn't really help anything haha

    Anyway, I'm on a journey and i was just thinking about getting in contact with you, as I'm in San Diego and look it here!

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  • HTTPS will do so much more than improve your voice search rankings. It's basically a must now, even if you're not a tech person you can set up some basic stuff with cloudflare or letsencrypt, and the best part – they're free!

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