5 Best Skillshare Courses for Entrepreneurs

5 Best Skillshare Courses for Entrepreneurs

– So what are the best Skillshare courses for online entrepreneurs? In this video, I’m gonna be
sharing five of my top favorites for growing your brand fast, coming up. Hey what’s up, Sean here with THiNK Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video, and on this channel, we
do tech gear reviews, as well as tips and strategy
videos just like this one. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. And hey, at any point during the video, check out show notes and links
in the description below. I’ll list out all of my
favorite Skillshare courses as well as a few bonus ones
and anything else I forgot. Let’s jump into the video. So I’m super-excited to be
partnering with Skillshare for this video because it’s honestly one of my favorite sites on the internet because it’s a learning community and if you’ve been around
THiNK Media for very long, you know that a devotion
to personal development is something I’m super-passionate about. I really believe that lifelong leaders are lifelong learners, but if you’ve never heard of Skillshare, here’s a quick overview
about what it actually is. It’s an online learning community
with over 15,000 courses to choose from, with new courses
being added all the time, and anybody can take
a class, do a project, and even teach a class, which I think is an awesome opportunity for you and the THiNK Media
community to think about monetizing your knowledge, your
skills, and your expertise. And the user interface is super-cool. You’re able to of course play videos, they have a great mobile
app that you can access, and you have the courses on the go, and there’s also the community aspect, so you can engage in the comments and actually really be a part of a group of creative professionals
who are ambitious and passionate about leveling
up their skills all the time. And the reason I’m so
passionate about this is that I really believe
that to stay relevant in the modern age, you have to always be
leveling up your skills. You know, skill development
is so important for you and for me, so that we can stay
current with new platforms, new trends, new technologies,
as well as traditional skills like leadership, communication,
you know, marketing, and those types of things. And so one of the things that I think that we should all develop is a PDP, a personal development plan, and what I love about
Skillshare is it allows you to pick from courses and actually
go through quality content and level up skills that
you want to develop. So I want to ask you a question, and you can even post it in the comments. What is one of the skills that
you want to work on the most that would move the needle
the most for your brand, maybe your business, your YouTube channel. What skill that if you
worked on and leveled up would actually accelerate
you further, faster? Figure out what that is
and start working on it. But with that, I want to jump
into five of my top favorite topics and Skillshare
courses for entrepreneurs. Number one is business
building and modern marketing. You know, we’re living
in such exciting times with the internet, with the
communications revolution that’s happening, and
there’s really never been a better time to launch
a business, you know. I’ve heard Gary Vaynerchuk
say that we’re living in the greatest era of
entrepreneurship ever, and I really believe that, and with that I think it’s
important that we’re leveling up our business skills and
our marketing skills, and my favorite Skillshare course on this comes from one of my
favorite authors of all time, Seth Godin, so when I
discovered this course, I was super-pumped. It’s called The Modern Marketing Workshop, and it really covers the
essential mindset and philosophy of how marketing has changed, even in just the last few
years, in the last decade, and I think it’s critical
information for you and for me. And there’s another course from Seth Godin called The New Business Toolbox
that’s all about helping you launch a business and doing
it right the first time, and so both of these courses
are pretty incredible helping you develop the right
mindset as well as the tools and philosophies needed for
crushing it in business today and modern marketing. Number two is social
media mastery tactics. You know, social media
is such an awesome way to grow your business and get the word out about what you’re doing as an entrepreneur but there’s so many
nuances and things to learn about each platform. So what’s cool on Skillshare
is there’s courses about Facebook ads, courses
about Pinterest marketing. One recommendation is
Tyson Wheatley’s class that’s all about mobile photography tips for Instagram success and growth, and I think that is great for
entrepreneurs of all levels, to be thinking about how
to storytell the message of their business, of
what you’re doing online, and get the word out, but
I think it’s important that we all learn the best practices of just like shot composition,
of taking good photos, better photos with your
phone, as well as the nuances for social media platforms
for how to get likes, how to get reach, how
to get more engagement, how to actually grow on the platform by learning the details that
the average person doesn’t know and so when you take
even just a quick course on some of these platforms, it gives you the accelerated path to
mastery of those platforms so you can grow your
business faster than ever. Number three is email
marketing and copywriting, and I really believe
that online entrepreneurs need to master these two skills or hire someone on their team
that knows these two skills because they’re super-critical
for the modern age of reaching people and
growing your business. Now when I say copywriting,
what I’m actually talking about is writing marketing copy, which is also known kind
of as words that sell. You know, these are the type of words that go on landing pages, that are actually written out in emails, that can persuade people
and help people understand products, services, and
offerings so that they can make an ultimate buying decision. Good copywriting can
make or break the success of a lot of products
online and can even help when it comes to social
media and getting people to take action. One of the courses that I
love is the copywriting course from Alison Esposito, and
she’s written copy for Google, for Foursquare, for other
brands and it’s great to go through these courses to
kind of wrap your head around what are the best practices
of persuasive writing in the modern age, and again, this isn’t just for writing
emails or writing a sales page for a product or writing a landing page but I also think that really
learning how to write good copy even as a video influencer is important because it’s things like
a headline for your video, writing good titles,
writing good blog posts, writing tweets and Facebook captions, or the first line of text
that creates interest, that gets people wanting
to click on a video or go through and click through the tweet to go to your website. Copywriting is a huge
skill and something that even if you eventually delegate it, I think every modern
entrepreneur should have a little bit of mastery of. Number four is digital content production. Now this is kind of a big idea, and there’s a lot of great
courses and skills to develop underneath this, but what I’m
talking about is things like video editing, or design, or photography, even if it’s just mobile photography, because these are the
tools and the ways that modern entrepreneurs are
communicating the story of their brand, of what
they’re trying to build, and so leveling up these
skills can really accelerate your success fast. On Skillshare, there’s
courses for Adobe Premiere. Caleb Wojcik, who we did
a collab a while back, has a course on Final Cut Pro, so almost any video-editing software that you would want to
learn and get better at, they have a course on it. And even more advanced training
like Drew Geraci’s course on how to shoot timelapses. We actually interviewed him
on THiNK Media a while back. He did the opening for House of Cards, where there’s all those
timelapses in Washington DC. He’s got a whole training
breaking down how he shoots timelapses on Skillshare. One of my favorite
designers, Chuck Anderson, has a great course on creating photo art with your smartphone, super cool. And then there’s tons of
training on things like Photoshop if you want to level up your
design for social media images but also even just training on like Canva, which is a great free
online design platform that also has a paid aspect to it. And so you can see that almost
any kind of design skill or digital content production
skill that you’d want to level up, you’ve got
training inside of Skillshare to do it. Number five is communication. Now that word itself is
not really, you know, sexy for digital entrepreneurs
but it’s actually one of the most important skills
that we all need to master for success, right? Even as a YouTuber or a content creator, we’re talking about communication. As an entrepreneur, if you
need to pitch or get funding, you need to be able to
communicate with people, and so mastering and always
working on your communication is one of the most important
skills that I like to focus on continuously throughout my
life and the different seasons I go through as an entrepreneur myself. And so there’s a great
course on Skillshare by Simon Sinek, the
author of Start with Why on presentation essentials,
how to share ideas that inspire action. And then there’s also some
great courses on leadership and another one called
Crucial Conversations that’s actually a book I’m
going through right now that’s all about how
to talk and communicate when the stakes are high. Lots of cool training to choose from. So those are just a few of the courses that I would recommend
for online entrepreneurs and actually it’s super-cool
because Skillshare is hooking up the THiNK Media community with a two-month free trial
to check out Skillshare, check out the courses I recommended or any of the other courses on
the site for a limited time. So if you want to get access
to that free two-month special, there’s a link in the description below. Just click that, go over to the site, and you can register
to get two months free. Normally, the courses
actually sell individually or if you love Skillshare and you want to do a premium membership, you can get unlimited access
for as little as $10 a month but the cool thing is that
whether that’s right for you or not, anybody can do that free trial, check out Skillshare,
check out the courses, and start leveling up
your skills right away. Question of the Day. What is the next skill
that you want to work on for growing your influence,
your business, or your brand? Let me know in the comment section. And if you checked out Skillshare before, let me know if you have a
favorite Skillshare course in the comment section as well. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this. To get access to two free
months of Skillshare, link in the description below, and if you want to watch
another video on THiNK Media, check those out on screen here. Until next time, THiNK Media
is bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.


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