7 SEO Experiments To SKYROCKET Your Traffic

7 SEO Experiments To SKYROCKET Your Traffic

hello everybody welcome to the final session of this advanced SEO summit with neil patel i am live right now with neil i’m going to you from san francisco and we’re very excited to have all of you with us today we’re we’re gonna go through a lot of different data on SEO experiments that Neil’s doing how he took the new hotel traffic from a little bit to a ton per month and it’s just gonna be an overall great time so I’ll give everybody a minute to make sure that they’re in the chat we’ve got this thing broadcasting on Facebook live so it’s gonna it’s gonna be awesome if you guys can hear me just give me a thumbs up or a mushroom or a cucumber or anything that’s a positive signal that you can hear me and that and that we’re live like we’re supposed to be okay cool sounds good and I always love finding out where is everybody from tell me what part of the world you’re coming from I’d love to know where people are doing in this from it’s daytime here but I know through the whole summit people have been joining from all over the place I’ve got Jeremy Portland India Australia Wow the Australia folks are up early to listen to you Neil how are you man I’m good great I would say thanks for having me like I do with most sessions but this is kind of like my session it’s great it’s great for you to be here we’re happy to have you the whole audience has been ramping up for it all week we’ve heard a bunch of great people you’ve got some really smart friends in SEO man yeah you know it’s plenty of work with so many of them right like I was talking with you already say yes because of a plane but I was having reduced other day yeah because I was easing his plug and I use the atrium plane stuff and I was telling him I’m like dude I gotta say I’m like I love your XML sitemap cuz the problem with most XML sitemaps are when you have different languages they don’t create them properly so what do you have separate domains or separate does everything automatically for you and you don’t really have to do much and I was like yeah it’s a lifesaver so we were just talking about little things there Andrew you know I’ve worked with him for a while Tyler was the one who told me to change my URLs you’ll see that in my presentation as well and one of the experiments that was a big lift that was like a 40 plus percent increase and I’ve got a question I want to drill down into it if you don’t get to it in your presentation but just so everybody’s sort of aware of what we’re doing here in this session Neil’s gonna go through his deck on demystifying SEO which is phenomenal because it is a process and this guy’s got it figured out so get your pins ready get another tab up ready with a word document or whatever you need to do to take notes I’m gonna let Neil take it away and then after that if you’ve got a question that you want to make sure gets answered just below the screen there’s a QA function take that question in the QA and then do as best you can to get a bunch of upvotes the chat is slammed with people so if you ask it in the chat I may not see it so the best way to get it answered is to write it below and it’s the opportunity to ask Neil anything that you want proposals questions about SEO let’s see if we’ve got time to answer it Neil’s promised us that he’s gonna give us a great long session after 4qa stuff and I’ve done this before with you you love to just get into what’s working for you right now right so screen sharing and stuff exactly can you see me right now pane yeah we can see you now if you want to click on the share screen thing and let’s get the deck going I think we’re all ready alright so we load the chat Jefferson says Neil already tells us everything in the blog which is it’s almost true it does tell a lot of stuff in the blog but I’ve had a couple of sessions with Neil that we’re not official and I’ve learned something every time so that’s the good news let’s see you see that is it coming up I don’t see you coming up the screen share there under the live stream Windows loading a bits for me all right no worries I’ve got Sweden people are still typing where they’re from Sweden Colombia let’s see a bunch of other places London a bunch of people in London Cuba Mexico Vegas Ukraine in the house Harald is from Mars he gets the long distance Award Canada India Holland okay Wow there’s so many people in here man we are blazing on its thing if it’s still loading maybe just refresh the screen and we’ll be here if that’s the best way to do it I don’t share screen so I’m waiting for the pop-up now once it comes up and I will start sharing okay let’s see maybe the question you have for me I wanted to know I see a bunch of people that all have their dates in the URL of their blog so walk us through specifically what you’re removed and did you remove it from the page and the URL and what happened I removed it well pages usually don’t have dates I used it I removed it well yeah actually removed it from the pages and I removed it from the URLs and it worked out quite well so and I will explain that in the last one within my presentation I believe that this experiment number seven so just to speed this up I think I’m gonna refresh the screen really quickly I mean you can add me back will be here no problem okay also just to remind everybody while we’re getting Neil’s screen loaded for the presentation this presentation is going to go for probably an hour hour and a half something like that and then all of the other presentations if you missed any you can view those right at the top by that horizontal radio button right there at the top okay I don’t think that you should click off of this one because this is the most exciting one and then the recordings are going to be available for a couple of hours after that until they get moved to the members area so let’s see Neil’s gonna just say so than in the checks and promote a moans green again or Dylan maybe you could help so let’s just get him loaded up again there is a transcript I’m going to oh hi I’m back there you are alright so now let’s see Thank You bender screaming 2:00 a.m. in India you guys are awesome coming and listening to this live broadcast let’s see let’s make sure that we can get the screen loaded and there it is looks good I’ll just my window so that way I make all this stuff and hopefully away the computers Manu can you see my screen yeah we can that’s great go for it alright let’s play this bad boy you guys ready yes so today I’m gonna teach you guys seven experiments that I ran that grew my traffic from nine thousand twenty nine search visitors a month to four hundred and forty nine thousand that’s a huge increase now to clarify I did that increase through a period of two years from January 2015 all the way to January 2017 and then after some it’s over if you guys still have questions that I don’t answer during the summit you can always tweet at me so here’s my traffic right as I just you can see from the screen January 1st 2015 I had a bit more than nine thousand search visitors a month now if you fast forward to January 2017 as you can see this is four hundred and forty nine thousand visitors search if you can see on the top left you’ll see that it says organic search traffic this is not paid search traffic this is pure organic so experiment one and I ran quite a few but I’m gonna talk about this seven those interesting ones experiment number one does post frequency effect search traffic now you guys already know that when you’re first starting off with a blog or a website and you add a ton of content of course frequency and the amount of content as well as quality fact you know how much you’re gonna get because if you have five pages that Google’s index and then you have a hundred pages obviously you have a higher probability of getting more social traffic but the real question is is there diminishing returns right ones if you go from adding a hundred blog close to 200 200 to 500 500 to a thousand etc what really happens so I decided to test a few things I did everything from four periods of times I’ve blogged once a week only I’ve blogged three times a week I’ve gone all the way up to seven times a week and even 14 times a week that’s two posts a day I believe is the content that doesn’t get a hundred search visitors a month right after it’s been live for six months because you have to keep in mind that just because you know you publish a piece of post it’s not gonna get search traffic right away but over a period of you know six months it should be doing somewhat well in the search engines and I’ve even tested translating my blog into three different languages in total I have over a thousand nine hundred posts I’ve tested quite a bit so and you can just see right currently it shows that there’s 1919 post publish I have English Portuguese Brazil a German and Spanish those are the four main languages that I’m in right now and I have content really on all forms of SEO marketing Hey bless your sorry about that and what I found is the more content that I produce I was like alright this helped increase my self Shoppach right well after you should reach a few hundred blog posts this is what happens to your search traffic and you can see this in other words it’s pretty flat like yeah you may see certain days a bit higher than others but if you look at over a period of a month or two it’s pretty flat right in other words the test didn’t go the way I wanted the more post I publish when I deleted content and I tried all these different types of things I was hoping that my search traffic would go up now again to emphasize when you only have ten Tony Post and you published another 30 40 50 of course you shared traffic’s gonna go up over time but I’m talking about after you have enough content on your site 100 plus posts then what I end up happening was I didn’t really get more search traffic just by publishing tons more pieces of content but I learned something that was really interesting I couldn’t predict which posts were gonna be hits or misses which is why I published them in quantity and I did everything from like using HR X and SEM rush and seeing where my competitions getting traffic from and I’m like okay you know like maybe I should publish posted or just like my competitors I even did stuff like going into my analytics for my own company such as KISSmetrics seeing what posts are popular and try to replicate better versions on neil patel back home to see if that also helped right tested a lot of things and what i found is it was really hard to replicate a success by just publishing a lot of content and using intelligence from competitors and data like that but I learned that when you publish posts and there’s no real logic behind this but when you publish posts just randomly some do well in search engines and some don’t and when you look at your analytics you’ll see like me like number 20 on this page right in that chart is 13 secrets that will boost your Facebook organic reach that was a post that I published in 2015 that naturally just started getting traction I didn’t do anything I didn’t build any links to that page they didn’t get necessarily more social shares than some of my other posts right I’ve had posts I con three four or five thousand social shares and they didn’t get as many search visitors as apposed that got 500 social shares there wasn’t really one specific pattern and I couldn’t predict when I write a page even if I like put the right keywords in there and everything like that that I’m gonna get high rankings but what I found is that we publish content and you do it in mass scale some of your posts just naturally get big search traffic so as I showed on that number 17 or number 20 listing that post has 4159 and what I started doing is I wouldn’t go into google webmaster tools I clicked on search traffic then I clicked on search analysis right when I did that I would get a listing and here’s what the tick boxes look like when I’m in Google Webmaster Tools so lets you log in and you click on that you’ll get this report make sure you click on clicks and pages because filters base on pages and it shows you which ones have the most clicks and you’ll start seeing a list now here’s the Facebook one this is a more recent screenshot so there’s way more traffic it’s number four on this ten thousand and keep my Google Webmaster Tools eight it never matches up with analytics Webmaster Tools always reports less than Google Analytics from everything that I’ve seen for Neil Patel calm it ranges quite a bit some months is off by one point three someone’s is off by one point six which is quite a bit so once you click on a page so I clicked on the number four listing then you want to make sure you tick these boxes clicks impressions queries right and then you’ll get a list like this that’ll show all the keywords that what’s an impression count and what’s your rankings that’ll tell you what you should try to get more rankings for in other words what you should try what keywords you should be trying to rank higher for and then from there I would use Brian Beam skyscraper technique Brian Beam spoke earlier in this event if you’re not familiar with the skyscraper technique just google it and it’s all about creating a page that’s more in-depth and more thorough than every other one in this space and has more content in with details etc so I made my Facebook page more thorough that didn’t really increase rankings but I get outreach to everyone in the social media space in a stadium for backlinks right and when I did that over time that page increase in search traffic it went up from four thousand to seventeen thousand visitors so the big thing that I learned from this experiment was published a lot of content don’t expect to get more search traffic just because you publish a lot of search content I mean just because you publish a lot of content but that’ll help you determine which poster Nabby going to be hits you can start deleting the ones that don’t even get a hundred search visitors a month after six months or a year you pick whatever you want and then from there take the most popular posts using the method I described within google webmaster tools find the keywords go build link she’s in Bryan and Dean skyscraper technique and you wait like four or five six months your search traffic on those pages will drastically increase and Google likes something about those pages it could be click-through rate it could be user metrics a good time on site low bounce rates etc and those are the pages that you really want to tweak and fine-tune so experiment number two here’s another way that I really increased my search traffic it’s pretty much to figure out if you can use social media data to figure out how to increase your click-through rate we all know that click-through rate increases rankings right so if you’re number one versus number two versus number three there’s a huge difference in how much search traffic you get you of course want to be number one and when you’re number two and you’re getting more clicks on your listing than the number one listing what happens well google will naturally move you up why because if all the users click on the second listing it tells them that hey the personal listing isn’t as relevant as the second one so they should switch them around and that’s what Google does so the key is how can you create really attractive title tags and you guys have seen some of this stuff out there I know Moz Rand Fishkin did that experiment he tweeted out saying hey you know I currently ranked number seven for our IM ECE lab can everyone go and click on the listing within three hours he shot up to number one and still to this day he ranks number one and this is what ran did right he peed out here to help in my Google Theory slash test could you search for our imec lab in Google and click the link on my blog I have a hunch right and that was in April 2014 work long so let’s go over how most people increase their click-through rate you guys may have heard me talk about this in the past and this is what I used to do it works but it’s a pain in the butt so it’s sign into Google search or sign up for Google search console if you already have it let it sit for 30 days so you can collect a lot of search data then log in select your site click on search traffic and then click on search analysis and you’ll get a report that looks something like this right it pretty much it shows all the keywords that you’re getting traffic from the amount of clicks the impressions etc and then you know you can click on the following boxes clicks impressions CTR and make sure you’re still on queries what they’ll do is show you the tool number clicks impressions and every CTR then I look for keywords that have less than a four percent CTR write such as key terms like online marketing and then what I would do is I would take the pages that have those keywords and the page that’s ranking and I would do a few things with my title tag to increase my click-through rate such as our test using numbers and negative words I would also try using the words what is within the title tag because I found that like if you put let’s say what is online marketing what are protein bars do protein bars work things like that do protein bars make you stronger right I found that those get a lot of clicks I also tested things like including the keywords in the front I also looked at pay-per-click ads for ideas I would use SEM rush to also type in my competitors to see what ads they run in the past to just go see and you know get all the keyword ideas and ad copy ideas cuz you know Google AdWords is largely based on click-through rates right just because somebody bids more doesn’t mean that they’re gonna be on top if they if someone has a high script array by far they’re usually gonna be the highest listing which means that their coffee is really appealing I also would test out different word chance with InTown Tiger I found six words work really well I tried using powers and adjectives which work as well and of course evoke in curiosity so here’s examples of adjectives effortless fun incredible essential strain absolutely cetera right these are all keywords that I’ve tried within title tags and variations of these so here’s an example of a really good title tag and this one evokes curiosity this one’s by Authority nutrition 10 proven benefits of green tea number three is very impressive what’s the number three like I want to know in number three you click and then goes from there right so once you start adjusting your title tags you’ll notice something like this and I see do this with my nutrition site which I don’t have anymore but sold it and I would get clicks keep adjusting the title tags I would use Google search console and over time they would go up it was a pain in the butt it wasn’t a hundred percent success rate sometimes I would fail and then how to keep retesting the page and it could take me months because it takes school a long time to show data right it would take literally a month for me to figure out if the new title tag I’m using is welcome so you know the other thing that I’ve learned throughout this whole process when I was using Google search console I learned phrases like what is best amazing list within your title tag how to free the word you tips why tricks great and even putting the year within title tags right these are all phrases and words that work extremely well to increase your click-through rate but again this process were taking at least 30 days to figure out if it was working or not so there must be a better way to optimize click to rate right and that’s what my whole experiment was can I get results quicker so what I started doing is using Twitter now I have a lot of followers if you don’t you can also try using Google Adwords you can also buy Twitter ads you can use tools like adding a lot of Twitter followers and then unfollow the people that don’t follow you back it works once you get enough followers like few thousand five ten thousand or you’re willing to pay for bit of ads you’ll quickly be able to tweet out a lot of stuff and figure out what’s working and what’s not so if you notice with me and my Twitter account my guys tweet out I kid you not ten plus times a day people think we’re crazy we’re just after the traffic and that’s one portion but what they don’t realize is we’re using too to try different title tags for the same links to figure out which ones are getting the most retweets and likes and click throughs because that’s telling us what’s the most appealing titles that we could be using because if the pictures are saying and we’re testing stuff out roughly at the same time of day we have data on what time of day our users are the most engaged then we know that hey the title affects everything so we would test out doing things like changing up the top tag so as you can see the one at the top says five steps to creating a profitable Facebook advertising campaign I may also test out how to create a Facebook average how to create a profitable Facebook advertising campaign right another variation could be how to create a profitable Facebook advertising campaign for less than $500 right I know test out all these methods figure out the click-through and then if I had to adjust the copy to match the headline later on I would but by doing that over time my search traffic went up and it didn’t go up right away but over time it slowly kept going up and that’s what I learned with click-through rate in which when you test something out on quick news it takes Google some time to figure out where they should place you so if your click-through rate continually increases they’re not just gonna leave you from number 10 or page three to number one on page one they slowly move you up and that’s why you start seeing a gradual increase in search traffic and that’s what I was seeing when I continually tested my click to rate and I realize that Google search console is a slow way of doing it just do it through social media so experiment number three who is Neil Patel some of you guys have seen this some of you haven’t and my big hypothesis with this test was does Google rank brands higher and I wanted to really figure that out right just like Pepsi Coke everyone knows about them you see that glass you like I want a Pepsi I want a coke they have a really strong brand so do these brands get preferential treatment when it comes to Google and well first of all before you can act do that you need a purse figure out how does Google track if a brand is popular you would assume based off of search volume right well for you because they’re not gonna reveal all of that data right then the same format that they get the closest is the easiest thing is Google Trends so you can type into Google Trends any name any company and it’ll show you a chart if there is no data that means your brand’s pretty much non-existent in the eyes of Google and over time as that increases it’ll go up and you see spikes in my name and that’s fine that happens when you get PR or big press and I wanted to see if I can manufacture the quote-unquote spikes and I did these spikes aren’t natural it’s all caused by me so here’s my search traffic before I started doing brand campaigns and after um and as you can see that’s a huge increase 24 point 10% increase in search traffic all from increasing brand queries and I’ve done it multiple times over you know last few years and it’s worth extremely well so I did a few things one I had some friends were really popular in social media they tend to be models I don’t know why they’re the most popular people on social media unlike Instagram but they just are and they don’t make a ton so they’re also willing to do things like science so one of my buddies Dan and his partner I don’t know why blanked on his name what’s Dan’s partner’s name Brandon so Dan and Brandon run a social media marketing company and Dan and Brandon and there was like oh we can get a ton of people search for you so I was talking to Brandon and we were talking on skype his son was a strike who’s that guy you’re talking to who is this Neil Patel and it came to us we were like oh we should just do the campaign call it who is Neil Patel to see if we can get a ton of people searching so we had models both females and males and even makeup artists and a lot of random people do crazy stuff with my name Neil Patel or who is Neil Patel to see if we can get way more search fight so as you can see picture of a model I also had a really buff dude this was my favorite he deleted it was a video the guy was jacked he probably was like 250 300 pounds I don’t know a big bulky muscle builder type of guy and on his chest he put Neil Patel and he was like flexing his chest and then my name would keep going up and down and clear like a media blonde Instagram and it worked out extremely well right so much so them as you can see my search traffic just skyrocketed and I did a few things I had them do it always on the same day so at first I tried doing this in which I had everyone do it throughout a month and I realized even if some was really popular on social media like let’s say Instagram and people post something no really search is it doesn’t really help but if everyone is talking about you or your company on the same day and I would do every Tuesdays I just picked a random day I found that your search volume skyrockets because everyone’s on social media they is continually seeing you and they’re like what the heck why is everyone talking about this person there must be something big there and then boom your search traffic just skyrockets right and it takes usually a few months to kick in but you’ll start seeing your brand queries go up and it works for almost any industry here’s ones from shreds they had a lot of bad press because people found out they’re people doing shreds stuff or something that stuff we’re taking steroids but nonetheless they grew into a company that was doing twenty million dollars a year purely off of social media you know and they paid men and Fitness people you know mothers with family whoever it may be to promote shreds here’s another example Gary Vaynerchuk this is a cool way to get more people talking about him he started putting out ads within New York City with this cell phone number great way to create press as well and you can try anything you can manufacture it like I did through social media focus on crazy marketing tactics you can also use performance-based press companies like Chris from PR serve com he’s paper play there’s another one called Dan from a stranger social in which he leverages a social media like Facebook Instagram and get people who are really popular who don’t make much money to do supper hundreds of dollars and just get creative with your abs right that’s a lot of stuff out that works I’ve done it I’ve tried it and I’ve done it so many times an identity in Brazil and the US and Spanish markets and it’s really helped grow the business so here’s some lessons that will run your campaigns all at once which means that you wanna do them let’s say all on a Tuesday or all on a Wednesday or Thursday or Monday pick a day or a Friday you want to consistently do this over a period of two months after you stop you’ll notice that your search traffic is still way higher than it was before rotate up your campaigns don’t just use the same influencers keep rotating them up and don’t expect to get results right away it literally takes a few months to kick in so experiment number four is content really King and it’s funny right everyone talks about like oh you should do a ton of stuff with content blogging the best stuff and is it really the best stuff right I have no idea I thought it was the best idea but and I cuz I’ve been blogging for so long right quick sprout Neil Patel KISSmetrics crazy except I’m like well let’s really actually see if content is king so I invest so much time and energy into content because I have a team that helps me but I’ll do a lot of the writing of people who edit people who are correcting it of people who put it up into WordPress cuz I write in Microsoft Word don’t ask me I don’t like writing in Google Docs and I don’t like writing in WordPress I don’t know why but I’ve been writing in word for so many years so I’m just used to it and I’m like if I look at how much I spent on content a year it’s hundreds and thousands of dollars like what designers helping make things look good from customized images I’m like this is actually really expensive and of course it can be done and cheaper but I’m strapped for time right so I decided to create a tool the SEO analyzer and I created this landing page I spent money on a tool this tool I don’t know what I end up costing me my guess is around like 20 30 grand I could be wrong I went a bit above and beyond you don’t have to go that crazy and you know here’s a screenshot of what the tool looks like talks about your SEO score your page speed etc and here’s a traffic to the tool over time right as you can see it’s climbing and best of all I didn’t build any links to this tool I don’t really do anything and this isn’t the only tool that I’ve done this with it’s worked really well people love tools the time on site is really high you can see the average time on site is only one minute 11 seconds this is just for the tool home page if you go look at the stats for the tool page it’s all there’s over four page use per visitor and the time on site is well over two minutes exit rate is low bounce rates not too bad overall pretty healthy and as you can see it continually goes up it’s so effective here’s the example of the tool traffic over a 30 day period just the home page and almost all of it comes from Google right as you can see my most popular page my home page then my blog page and then my tool page that’s how effective tools are you should definitely create tools one of the most popular pages and one of my best investments by far and for additional proof keep in mind we’ll search console data is always different than Google Analytics but Google search console shows more people find my site from the tool page than any other page it even beats on my home page this is pure Google traffic that’s how effective a tool is spend your time money effort creating tools it’s the best ROI and it’s not just me right HubSpot the email signature generator I was talking with one of their guys ryan in austria and he’s like your email signature generator generates as high quality leads for our sales team as the content itself and it’s way cheaper and I’m like seriously he’s a site yeah he’s like just from that tool alone we can get over 10,000 beads a month he’s like it’s amazing and it’s way cheaper than doing content so it’s not just me who’s doing this this kind of stuff works even better and b2c like all the tips I’m giving you today they work in both b2b and b2c they work for personal brands and corporate brands and if you look at HubSpot they’re continually building more and more tools right there email signature tool their website greater they’re continually adding more and more to their suite so that way they can capture leads at a much cheaper cost or even capture sales at a much cheaper cost than creating content so experiment 5 does bounce rate impact search traffic we’ve all heard about it and you know there’s a few things that I ended up doing I think the slide is wrong right so that’s right let’s see um just fast forwarding all right miss place but I can go through all right so in general you’ve heard about it and I started testing things out and here’s the general synopsis I improved my load time by roughly 31% I compressed my images I removed the entry pop-up not the exit pop-up I know people are saying like Google’s penalizing for mobile pop-ups all my buddies were running mobile pop-ups and even me we haven’t seen any difference in our search traffic just as an FYI I increase the text size on my blog to make it more readable made my paragraphs shorter improved the design of the I improved the design of the mobile version right the responsive mobile design and I pushed the content above the fold so out of all the changes that I made that reduced the bounce rate the entry pop-up and adjusting the content so it’s more above the fold helped more than anything else and I would test this out per region you don’t have to do it per region I have a lot of does that work for me but when you landed on the blog post page this was the higher above the fold right and now when you go to a blog post page you actually see the title first and then you see a screenshot that’s related to the title so this is a screenshot of Google Adwords and then you see text underneath and that took my bounce rate from June 2015 this is just for Google USA traffic I create a filter this is just search traffic in United States of America and as you can see my bounce rate was 85 0.70% so 13 and visits from Google just USA 85,000 or 85 percent bouncer and then November 2015 I got up to 23,000 visits a month from Google USA right United States bounce rate decrease to seventy two point nine so in essence the bounce rate went from eighty five point seven percent to seventy two point one nine percent and overall the traffic increase pages from Google almost doubled twenty two thousand three and eighty three to forty thousand nine hundred and thirty three and it’s so funny because everyone talks about like oh yeah we know bounce rates and user metrics you know impact rankings like tell me something you know well how many of you have actually tested that out I bet you not even one percent right and there’s nothing wrong with that even I’m slow to test a lot of this stuff out but test some of these things that you continually hear about they really do help increase rankings it takes time you decrease your bounce rate right away you don’t get a huge lift in search traffic but over time as your user metrics continually improve Google Places you a bit higher and they still see if you’re better user metrics still stick and if they do they place you better higher and if they still stick again your rankings keep going up so why do they do this they do it because they don’t want people spam or just creating sites popping up to the top of Google and then spamming a crap out of it and then making a ton of money off of shady stuff that’s why it takes a lot longer to get rankings plus it also encourages more people to just spend money on Adwords so experiment number six does keyword density or thoroughness matter more so I’m assuming you guys have all tried shoving keywords onto a page I know I have I used to do things like aim for a hired keyword density than my competitors use keywords within my h1 tag use a keyword within my URL and put the keyword within the first sentence of the content so I would use a SEO books keyword density tool the URLs there on the screen tools SEO book calm slash general slash keyword density if you don’t want to write down the well no worries this is recorded or you can just Google SEO book keyword density and here’s an example of a page this is on how to start a blog and as you can see I don’t care about keyword density right it went all the way from 873 which is my most popular key term which is reply then kneel then Patel then Neil Patel reply – because I get a lot of comments right and they tested out the density and tried doing different things like removing comments and stuff and I improved the density overall so that way more keywords that were on the page like bloggers domain WordPress blogging blog blogging platform acceptor types of bloggers whatever it may be and what ended up happening was my rankings can you guess what happened when I just did the density they didn’t do much they didn’t really change at all and I even gave it time like 30 days 45 days right but when they made the content more thorough it moved from page 3 to page 2 right and now I’m making a middle of page 1 I mean middle of page 2 and I expect to be ranking on page 1 just a question at a time so here’s what I mean by thoroughness that page that I tested this on it’s called how to start a blog you can see here in the URL neil patel calm slash how – – – start – uh – blogs on neil patel comp slash how to start a blog and that post is pretty much breaks on how you can build a blog using wordpress and they started making the page more thorough by doing things like covering all aspects of blogging like how to start a blog how to write your first blog post how to promote a blog post I even started poking holes and doing things like talking about every single blogging time because I’m like wait I’m only covering WordPress ones if someone wants to start a blogger blog or a medium blog or uh blog using Wix etc I also looked at all my competitors and see what they were covering using the SEO book keyword density tool and I didn’t look just like keyword density I looked at all the words that are mentioned and then I look out all my competitors who are also on the first page so the first 10 listing and I also looked at all the keywords they were mentioning to see if there was any commonalities I did a lot of this in spreadsheets it was a pain in the butt but it worked well and that helped me rank higher and if you go to the page now you’ll see that I covered every single blogging platform it’s more thorough it doesn’t have the best word density compared to the competition but it’s cause my radians to increase and it’s continually gone up and hopefully one day get high up on page one so experiment number seven do URLs really matter so I changed my url and in one month my search traffic grew by 40% Tyler from Canada who was giving his speech I think yesterday he’s the one who told me about this we got introduced by a mutual friend Tony from Expedia and Tyler was like I’ll do it I can improve the on-page SEO and improve semantics and I didn’t you about a lot of this stuff he was gonna do and he’s like dude URL can really change your rankings I never heard that so many times well I didn’t want to go and have my devs do a 301 cuz I was like alright I’ll probably get like a 2% lift a 5% lift which I didn’t care for but he was like no you’ll get a huge lift I tested this a lot so I’m like what do you want cuz I don’t believe anyone should ever do work for free so he’s like 20,000 Canadian so literally that night went back to the hotel room after being in networking a bit without a contract I just PayPal him 20,000 Canadian dollars and he tried to give me a lot of changes I was like alright whatever right and a lot of the changes that you weren’t gonna impact my ranking but I’m like all right let’s make this URL change so here’s my search traffic in December 2016 before the URL change right this one thing that he taught me brought more attention to because I was like all right yes everyone says URLs matter but how much could then really matter there’s over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm well my rank is what and my search I’ve gone from two eighty three to four forty nine literally in one month all because of removing the dates in the URL so what you are all change I went from neopentyl calm / year / month / day to post title – Neil Patel calm / blog / post title now this comes down to semantics relevance when Google reads this URL structural this is my old one this is the post time let’s think about the post title it works in a hierarchical fashion right so what is this telling Google this is telling Google that the post title is relayed to a specific day and that day is related to a specific month and that month is related to a year and that year’s related to a blog well my posts aren’t related to dates I’m not a new site this hierarchical structure URL structure shows Google that hey this post title is relevant to an online marketing blog do you see how it’s more semantically relevant the old way a post on today a published one on 27 SEO essentials for blogging right and that post title is if I did it in this old way like all right well that would be relevant to April 20th 2017 that post has nothing to do with April 20 of 2017 has everything to do with online marketing blog oh so Google is now like oh cool this is an SEO post oh and it’s from an online marketing blog it’s still relevant you’re not bogging about everything your website’s very relevant and my search traffic went up and I learned a fewer things right as I mentioned it’s all about topical relevancy the less folders you use the better and that again helps keep it towards the root domain and when you’re doing this you also need to make sure you add bread comes a lot of people don’t do breadcrumbs because I’ve test this out a few other times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and I’ve learned a few things so you need to add breadcrumbs you need to make sure there’s schema markup you need to change all the internal links from the old URLs to the new ones so you can’t just 301 your URLs but if internal link from one blog posts another one is using the old URL structure you got to go through each blog post and update the you need to do a 301 from your old URLs to new ones as I mention and most importantly you need to change all of these things at once I’ve done this around 6 times now since then every time I make these changes one by one the search traffic never goes up every time or technically it goes up and then the next week it goes down but every time I make all the changes at once the search traffic goes up and it sticks I don’t know why but for some reason in Google’s algorithm they want to see you making a lot of changes at once so that’s it and now let’s get into some fun Q&A and as you guys are asking the questions I’ll do my best not to answer them but show you stuff that I’m doing as well so you can see more okay amazing man thanks so much let’s just put us both back on screen here I guess if that’s okay with you and let’s look at the questions Wow so what a great journey through that traffic increase over that period of time amazing stuff there was a ton of people in the chat having awesome positive content comments asking lots and lots of questions so I’m just gonna get started with some of the most uploaded ones let’s take it from the top now we’ve noticed over the last four days that the audience is sort of spread out beginner intermediate advanced while I’m asking this question I’d love to know what you consider yourself type it in the chat beginning intermediate or advanced SEO but the first question Neal from the audience is that and the most up voted button is from Diana it’s changed from the one that we’ve previously talked about her question is what’s the fastest and safest way to get a brand website or blog to rank on the first page of Google and how fast can I get there following your advice sure so all comes down to topical relevance and what I found is that can you still see my screen clean yeah so what I found as that all comes down to topical relevance Google likes ranking small mom and pops just as much as they’d like ranking the big dawgs so I’m gonna give you guys an example right real TOCOM slash how to start a blog and this is what I mean by topical relevance its whoever goes more in-depth like in other words topical cover if not roll-up looks like he got disconnected there just hang on looks like he’s reconnecting we’ll just have him there the seal if you’re watching maybe you could create a poll beginner intermediate or advanced that would be a cool way to sort of calculate who’s in the audience oh we need Neal to to comment again you know comment again guys we’re coming let’s see Neal comment here sorry guys I’m just putting Neal back from the live stream here Neal okay cool thanks so here we go so Neal’s just refreshing his browser but until we get there looks like there are a bunch of intermediates a bunch of beginners and a bunch of advanced which is pretty cool it’s interesting to see the top voted question out of everybody’s questions what would you do if you had to do it again let’s see the seal can you maybe call Neil on the phone and make sure that he’s refreshing and then we’ve got a bunch of other ones from Craig a couple from Craig Wow Craig you’ve really got good questions it looks like yours are getting a bunch of up votes there is let’s invite Neil again yep will do okay there’s Neil again let’s see if he’s gonna get added alright so we were talking about topical relevance we were answering Diana’s question what is the fastest and safest way to get brand new website to rank on the first page of Google and how fast can he get there following Neil’s advice let’s see he’s not there but I think he’s trying to connect now so just hang on one minute we’ve got the crowdcast guy working on it now didn’t accept ok invite here we go all right now I think he’s gonna be joining us I was able to successfully send the invite out thanks everybody for bearing with us sometimes technical issues happen as I’m sure you know and we’ve got a ton of people that have been joining us on there just wanted to remind everybody while we’re waiting for Neil to join us that we’ve got a couple there you go how are you are you guys I was going to Abraham Lincoln did you guys see the Abraham Lincoln stuff no we just saw the the Google homepage that’s time to answer the question again all right all right so the best way to increase your ranking is purely through topical depth right topical relevance going more end up on posts right so you can still see my screen yep all right so here’s what I mean by this on my how to start a blog page I cover how to start a blog picking blog topics all the way to choosing a domain name hosting blogging platforms like t-bob I’m covering wordpress.org calm lager tumblr medium ghost who the heck uses ghost you know what I mean like that’s how in depth that I went to increase my rankings from page 3 to page 2 and it works on everything that can be heard of the abraham lincoln example no alright so wikipedia he’s happy abraham lincoln page there’s only like four or five thousand words there rain keys keep shooting up because that page is kept getting more and more detailed like they cover everything right it probably even talked about his beard like this page as you can see I’m like continually scrolling it’s never-ending I’m like now halfway through the page that’s how in depth that they go and because of that Google like all right we should rank this page higher now to give you example let’s say you have a pizza shop right and you want to ear in New York City pizza shop in Manhattan you’re talking about the best pizzas and you want to rank for all pizza terms in New York City if you’re talking about how you make a pizza the difference between New York water and Chicago water and how that makes a dough tastes different how you preheat the oven the best times the day to eat pizza what they go with does it go with red wine white wine what kind of toppings should there be market fresh how you make the best tomato sauce or pizza sauce or whatever you want to call it how much chilli flakes should you ideally place ruining the play like you’re going so in-depth that everyone’s like wow this is amazing content and I found that when you’re in new site and you don’t have as many backlinks but you go way more in depth Google skyrockets your rankings eventually to the top what I mean by that is I they start you’ll start seeing jumps so you’ll go from like page five to page three or page ten to page five five to three and then you slowly start climbing and you go from page three to page two you’ll be a bottom page in jump to middle of page two etc it’s awesome okay I’ve got Craig asking so speaking of niches and starting any advice for somebody that wants to put a new site in any random niche do you have some favorites or any advice there alright so I’m loading Google Trends here’s how I pick a niche these days it’s purely through Google Trends so it’s loading you still see my screen yep so pick the biggest niche that you can find that doesn’t have marketers like when we started that nutrition blog Mike and I and he was a nutritionist or a nutrition person cuz I don’t know anything about nutrition it’s so much more popular than marketing like so let’s say I go nutrition as a topic it appeals to everyone and I’m competing with blogs that don’t know very much about marketing compared to let’s say go to niche like marketing Marc right like get the comparison nutrition versus marketing it’s more popular by quite a bit and there’s no competition so what I mean by that is there’s no competition compared to marketing but you’re not competing with other marketers so pick niches that are big like a subset of nutrition and don’t go after like weight loss go after stuff that is up and coming new edgy but stuff that isn’t breaking down like that all the markers would go for markers will go after weight loss supplements cuz they know they can make quick bucks and B affiliate marketers marketers won’t go out for something like green tea yet green tea is really popular like let’s go look at green tea green tea right so if I quit green tea it’s probably decent it’s a subset of nutrition tea healthy drinking etc and you don’t compete with too many markers I so rank on page 1 for this without building any links on our brand new nutrition website just because we had a nice article with pretty images and it wasn’t even that thorough feel like there’s gonna be a lot of people starting websites in the tea niche just make sure you guys give me a cut all right Craig with 59 up folks is asking what’s the number one tool that you can’t live without and if it’s not one maybe give us a couple yeah there’s two so the first tool that I love using is SEM rush and I’ll show you the main way I use it I just plug in like competitor URLs here I got a login that’s alright we would love to see how you setup your SEM rush so we’re happy to wait it’s pretty basic yeah they they have a lot of cool information especially in the project section I don’t know my user name Paschal let’s go back to the home page let’s see if SEM rush is watching or if they can give us uh I know I have a username and password it’s just saved on the home page for somebody you click login from that ok when I click login from here password should pop up yeah that’s the browser right mm-hmm okay again no what about black tea and white multi niche is being saturated today he’s made good money I know someone who makes a hundred thousand a month in profits online really talked about that once are they what like a drop shipper or what if they is it like the young guy I think he’s like in his late 20s he didn’t want to create his own tea products so he just sells others and here’s one deal with inventory so you get someone else are cut to deal with it all like a stopped shipping company and so someone else’s product and weight pulls it yeah so here’s SCM rush I put in a domain like moss and what I really careful is top pay worse because and I look at this every single month in SEM rush because I want to see if it changes these companies in general don’t spend an arm and a leg on pay-per-click unless they know it’s converting really well and let’s go to pull keyword report and I’ll show literally every single owner of the keywords that companies like latane Moz or paying for which is amazing because if I’m trying to rank for the some of the same keywords and I don’t want to spend the pay-per-click cost I know that hey these keywords and priority tend to be the best now I know I’m not gonna rank for laws that her name but good keywords and I look at the volume SEO SEO keywords Google algorithm update keyword tool keyword tool let’s see these are actually the same I don’t know I shows up twice or two different pagans Moz SEO open site Explorer that’s their product technical SEO that’s a good keyword to bid on and I look at congenial variations Google SEO free SEO tools so I’m looking at all this stuff to determine what I should end up putting and what I shouldn’t put on the page – or within my web pages within my keywords within my coffee to figure out you know should I be going after these keywords and then since I’m using the paid data to figure out which organic keywords I’m just gonna drive traffic but reverb because if someone’s spending a lot of money because it give you the estimated CPC like local SEO called dollars and forty three cents per click must convert really well doesn’t matter if the volume is lower must be amazing keyword so because of that I’ll go after those keywords through my blog post do the fact that I know that hey Benji those visitors are more likely to convert into customers then the other report that I use on SEM rush so after let’s say I put in Moz com is this one here what you thank you I’m like all bundled up inside with the blanket and my heating turned on to 80 degrees Oh God you’re getting a lot done yeah I’m so productive like you won’t have a right store there’s no excuses the best time to work it’s not like we’re doing dishes here yeah exactly all right so I’m scrolling this is moss that you’re looking at five hundred ninety four thousand backlinks yeah this is on SEM rush again I know this I don’t care about that I care about the most important part is top paid keywords by far that’ll tell you what keywords you should be targeting and then I do the same thing for all the main competitors so then I’ll go from spy food to SEM rush to optimize me because they show like the competitive level how how close they are relevant to Moz and I look at all of their keywords and I start copying them as well and they look for similarities because of all my competitors are bidding on the same keywords that tells me that that keyword must be converting they all can be done if SEM rush spyfu and Moz are bidding on the same 20 keywords as are the main ones I know those are the probably the most lucrative ones in the space and that’s what I try to buy for organically absolutely and one other tool you said yeah the second tool that I use a lot and I use these tools probably on a daily basis so it’s hrs and I tried buying the other day search engine watch right my visit I Andrew hit him up and we couldn’t even get to offer outs willing to pay 2 million bucks for it but this website and here’s why I can see over time that their traffic just tanks they suck because it was founded by Jocelyn or he was part of the team I don’t know how it worked using an amazing job and over time their search traffic has just tanked right like look at the organic keywords it just keeps going down like they’re just the guys who bought it are doing jack with it and they were owned it for years so I’ll go into hrs I’ll type in a URL like my competitors and I go into top pages that’s the main feature I use it’s not the backlinks it’s the top pages in the left sidebar that tells me what pages are dragging all their traffic and they go create similar content on my site and then if I go and click on this URL I don’t mean to do that there you go when I click on the keywords not the URL it shows me all the keywords that drive the traffic in order search engine search engine a search engine alternative search engines etc search sites internet search engines better search engine than Google unfiltered search engine great this all helps me determine what pages are driving my competition the most traffic and the keywords so that way I know what type of content to create and I make sure I include all these keywords within my content and what I do is I just export them right and then I go into Microsoft Excel start export all right I’m gonna load this for you guys so you can see some load in here do you see it yep that’s the trick how do you see it I don’t even see that CSV file oh yes be file you screen there it is I like you sleeping ha me claim hey so now I know all the keywords that I need to include in my content I need just take the top hundred okay so then I take the top hundred there’s usually duplicates and I remove the duplicates and they remove the misspellings and I’ll take the top hundred after misspellings and duplicates and then I integrated them within my content for the page that I want to rank and I find that it obviously Drive amazing search traffic cool awesome okay anybody that is wondering about tools in this sort of category that do similar things got SEM rush and a eight reps people are asking a bunch about spyfu and SERP stat and stuff like that I I have a really special deal with them I pay for one of their api’s and with SERPs that the data is just not as good as SEM rush I pay SERP stat thousands a month I don’t know what the number is I think like twenty five hundred five grand or whatever it is it’s not a bad tool I like it the data is just not as good as SEM rush okay this is a neutral you plant right so yeah these guys awesome we got a bunch of insight from marina their president a couple of days ago on what the trends are after collecting so much data so SEM rush it’s not even the trends or the data like I don’t really care what they do on their back end what I like about assume rush is they’re a big company and they’ve been around longer so they invest more into like data crawling so like when I go to search stat again good tool for the price is amazing well I’m limited on regions as well so like if I go to here you can see Google United States Bulgaria United Crane South Africa pretty much it right and again I’m not trying to talk I pay for the tool so it must be good enough I’ve been coming as well SERP stat guides yeah but if I got a cm rush and this is the reason I prefer it the keyword data is way more and they have data on pretty much every single region out there so let’s say I type in a keyword like let’s go to their homepage forget this yes all right it’s putting their dashboard oh well so uh so if I type and keyword analytics should be here overview you see this 114 more countries I can get data on everything from UK Germany France Brazil Afghanistan Albania Algeria Australia right like they have data on pretty much everything now for Moz they may not have data on you know all these regions but I can have been a keyword and I can get data literally on all these readings that’s why I use SEM rush absolutely okay let’s switch gears a little bit Wes is asking about site structure what’s the best site structure and strategy for a local service based business targeting multiple cities any advice sure so you gonna hear me for a bit and I do apologize because even I hate hearing myself all the time yeah that’s good we need these long answers this is what we’re all here for okay so I’ve tested a lot of things with site structure when you’re a local page few things to keep in mind one make sure that your home page has the right keywords right so it’s like neil patel atados like helping you succeed through online marketing i mentioned online marking there I’m not trying to rank the homepage it lets Google know that this website is about online marketing and marketing and everything around that having video keeps a user metrics really good have some keywords in their visitors dollars ads then I talked about growing business talk about Who I am which is related to the domain name Neil Patel right and then I go into the main pages and factions of the site I know this is a local website but this works for local as well and I can show you I actually rank locally so Neil Patel I cleaned my address look at this you got a little cookies there some cup of tea what we get if we come over yeah seriously gonna come over I’ll buy you that and look my hours of operation 24 hours the day there’s no name it something amazing what ain’t a name what why didn’t you name it something else the funhouse or something out of them I actually don’t want people to come I was just experimenting and testing now right okay cool last link to your main sections okay so once you link to your main sections you have improve your knowledge you know my blog my podcast a webinar start a website main pages and really importantly right and then you have each subsection this works in the same as it’s a local site or not here’s a blog page link to all the blog posts let’s go into a blog post page you have the breadcrumbs right as you can see I’m linking to the categories that’s ideal structure sidebar this is very very important most people don’t think about this this works really well for localized pay decides to link to your most popular pages on all your blog and category restaurant pages could be your most popular menu items your food pages like look I linked online marketing here you think it’s a fluke that I rank for also online marketing on Google probably not know I’m number one or number two Anil Patil that come from number one clicks probably close enough either way to book my sites but you see right and both of them on quick sprout to cliques Broadcom slash blog what do you notice here to look in the sidebar what’s that a link to the guides right that’s how you might as my site structure and then I really important on localized pages make sure you cross link within your menu or within your content your pages and then on your contact page I don’t undo this cuz I’m not really that localized but have all your locations and addresses there so that way you can claim up multiple listings within maps and then go submit to Moz local god okay all right Wes I hope you heard all of that if you didn’t you can replay this session and for everybody else that asked a similar question about local rankings or psyche structure for local businesses I hope that site architecture helped out a lot let’s move on Adrian’s got 23 up votes with this next question he says the benefits of SEO are sometimes hard to explain to clients or bosses because SEO is so complex and often doesn’t have instant results how do you address misconceptions about SEO when you consult so I don’t really consult I haven’t had to deal with this in a long time but here’s some ideas right I’m sure yes a system was but let’s go even further let’s assume these guys don’t even have case studies and testimonials right so go sign up for a free go sign up for a free trial of SEM rush okay and then go type in your competition let’s say your competition and I’m gonna use this as a broad example cuz it’s easy for everyone to see let’s say your competition is leaving a site should I use Amazon I’ll see you something smaller all right so let’s use rules can we use what’s a small site I’m running blanks here claim let’s do growth marketing comes I can that’s a conference that’s too small of a niche we can do growth marketing accomplished you actually want but you guys don’t really do any SEO or marketing or anything on that for gaming stuff i growth meeting conch calm yep all right let’s try this out so keyword overview right it’s loading no data sorry a real thread re al eh Rea deeds t-shirt company alright much easier are they decent size they don’t have to be good yeah in the industry yes alright so what you want to do is you how the heck sleep alright let’s get a domain overview real thread calm it’s pulling it’s pulling all right you can see this right organic search 7.1 they don’t really do much paid search they’re not a good example let’s pick Amazon right this one’s easy to do and you guys can see so here’s how I explain it to clients we should have asked the audience they probably could have given good examples sorry good I know actually should have but alright let’s use Amazon for example right so as I’m pulling it up they probably get a ton of organic search traffic and these probably spent a nominal like I’m paid advertising alright so traffic costs nineteen point three million dollars right organic search traffic it also shows you estimates of these sites the keywords they rank for and traffic costs SEM is estimating with all the sites what the traffic’s actually worth or like even if you go back to real thread it’ll show you what they think these keywords are actually worth and how much you would have to pay if you wanted to buy that traffic right and it would show if you’re a real threat for example that these keywords would cost roughly thirteen thousand dollars a month so you can show your boss in like look they’re getting traffic based on the SEM rush data a lot of people are bidding on these terms that’s how they know they’re a good chance they’re profitable and they’re worth $13,000 so we should be going after them so then I had to sneeze but it’s not coming out all right so and then there you go bless you we get like 300 blessings every time that happens yeah you’re very blessed right now I really feel like I’m so happy everyone’s here and like learning and stuff like that right raising some of the stuff the corners and points that people of the speakers have uncovered and like broken down have been incredible yes so like when I go to organic keywords I click the wrong thing but this shows me all the keywords that companies like real thread are ranking for and it shows me an SDM rush I’m using two tools a tres and SEM as I mentioned I love both of them this tells me what organic traffic is worth so I tell my boss if I had to work I’m like look here’s how much it’s worth and look our competition they’re ranking for all these key terms you know they’re a bigger business than us so they’re doing it why aren’t we it’s worth at least this much here if not more an SEM rush and and this actually a bad and a good thing but their number and my opinion is lower than what it’s really worth so like you can actually tell their boss that or your boss that hey you know if it’s 13,000 I actually usually feels for like 3 to 4x that so it’s probably worth somewhere in the 40 to $50,000 range conservatively why are you factoring that double and triple in there what are you accounting for because what I’ve seen is everything from SEM rushing a chart shows that the traffic is way higher than what they report so they report that at seven point one visitor x’ the numbers way higher by far and the traffic tends to convert better than pay traffic from what I’ve seen zooming it’s targeted keywords so you can easily say it’s three to four X that number yeah this is my roof SEO value to a boss then a case because everybody comes with case studies you know yeah no one gives a about case studies I just wanted to know what your Bosley cares about why your competitions being here he’s beating you what that traffic’s worth and the keywords that they’re ranking for and be like look I wish I can hurry we’re gonna rank tomorrow I can’t there’s no way Google tries to make it hard for people to rank so that way you spend more money on AdWords but I can tell you one simple thing every quarter your search traffic should go up assuming there’s no seasonality if it doesn’t that means we’re not doing a good job with SEO and making changes are moving fast enough yep absolutely okay great answer the next one from Scott with 35 votes is about website Authority or page Authority he’s asking what are the best practices on a low budget to increase website authority ratings sure I actually have a bot puts on this and you guys can just go and read it it pretty much teaches you how to increase your domain authority on a budget I think I published it last week Oh perfect Scott that boosts your domain authority by five points in two weeks and it’s pretty much teaching you how to do it on a budget assuming you don’t have any money all my blog posts are written based on if you don’t have any money so it’s called how to boost your domain authority by five points in two weeks and they’re pretty much teach you what to do to grow your domain Authority follow it it works I use it and it’s step by step in long form I’m guessing right yeah like use a scroll bar it keeps going and going that’s a really long one I love it Scott check out in the open telecom that blog is gonna be your guide for the next couple of weeks man Quora you see the screen mine you guys want to see some cool stuff yeah who wants to see Cora stuff alright so we have issues with the quorum moderators they hate us but I don’t care because so what we do is we go answer all the questions within the marketing space and we go take content from our blog posts so like let’s say how to market yourself on Instagram I’m literally taking it verbatim and to answers right Instagram is the most recent yada yada and in fact like this is literally straight up for my blog okay and then a lot of the internal links some of them go back to my blog this one’s quick route which is one of my blogs right and I’m leaking out and I kid you not like my post get decent books see five uploads when I started this on Quora is finnaly like two months I had no real followers on Quora I wasn’t an influencer on Quora and my answers get tons of views and it’s an easy way to get more Brent awareness traffic to my blog and I just copy my blog response like here check out this one how can I create strong back into our website it’s 220 of boats 245 votes 83-71 356 what are some of the interesting psychological marketing tactics right and b2c and like I keep Enoch I just straight up copy and paste where’s my posts hundred answers why isn’t mine at the top here you go I’m high up enough this one was written February 17 look at that I had my guy grant does this for me he’s amazing he had a bland America so uh he popcorn saw ten rock marketer etc and then just started taking stuff from the blog and boom copying and pasting same old routine this works so well like nine comments what are the comments that people are saying view other comments but she great insights Neil color me stunned dude you are brilliant I think James all teacher this guy’s very genius no wonder when I post images I’m smiling on Facebook when I get more likes right like I’m just taking you straight up or my guys are taking us straight up from the blog and I kid you not as a great traffic source for us we put UTM variables Onix Cora doesn’t let you track the links so we started going back into her corner post and changing our links at UTM variables are within course that we can track you within Google Analytics and it started working we did it for a hundred post and we realize it works so then we just stopped doing it because we got too lazy but if you look like last 30 days two hundred and nineteen thousand views on answers and check this out most recent as you can see I haven’t done anything since April 13 and everyone so all quarter monitors will give a for copying and pasting our blog post and then they delete them and then we argue and they put it back and then some of the moderns are really nice like ya know calm our mistake you can keep doing this right so it’s like so effective and driving traffic we’re gonna scale this out and we think we I think I can get to like around four or five hundred thousand views per month if not like a million views amazing LinkedIn just gonna add everyone some people are asking why doesn’t why don’t we get penalized for duplicate content it’s a Korra thing oh no Google doesn’t penalize for duplicate content duplicate all day long like have fun with it Google’s never do that penalize for duplicate content at least I know once a guy in trouble or they said they did him but my blog KISSmetrics got hurt and they fix something on there and then we’re good to go GigaOM also about her which no longer exists a few others so uh where’s my home I haven’t even logged into LinkedIn in ages I don’t even know how to use my profile interface double or David does this for me so every time my blog post gets published my guys I think David does it David’s amazing so um yeah like I share their content I’m like trying to find LinkedIn I’m sorry guys I’m yeah okay I think it’s under me or I I’m not sure familiar with it either see all activity see 172 more articles on LinkedIn I think David did this today I publish this post today I soon this is post where’s the writing you can write a post there you go come on load yeah I’ve heard good strategies about how to do this and then like tease them with some of the content and then put like to read more click here and they can drive them to your blog yeah that’s what we do I’m trying to find it I know these guys do that because I see it in my referral logs and like LinkedIn on up drastically once I started doing that I don’t know where to go interests it’s summer here should be under articles the seal says 172 more articles geez and then click there it is Wow yeah I don’t even know – views hundreds likes this is just the they’re saying Home icon Neel home icon the home icon I don’t know oh right there um I think that’s just the stream though no idea what racism right an article now ok so when you write an article well my guys do is they take the article they click write an article they take the first tube three or four paragraphs you pick and then at the end it says click to continue reading and that goes over to my blog post that’s how I get my LinkedIn track Thanks okay ready for the next question yeah let me find it okay it is from eat I am guessing is Israeli eat I says just launched my e-commerce website what are the first things to do for driving traffic and more sales because he just says here’s an example there you go I found it you see this yeah new website look they’re taking the first few paragraphs step one click to continue reading yeah exactly 9 comments to like you know I’m getting clicks and engaging from it works really well yeah alright so what was it eat eyes question ecommerce how to get more ecommerce sales just generally speaking sure so your checkout pages on e-commerce should always be two-step do not do a one-step checkout page in which like ask for a main an email or email password and then on the second page ask for their credit card details doing that is a great way to increase conversions there’s something cool what is it called uh and then when the people that what does that service called you know I’m talking about know it like recaptures I’m trying to think I should know the name I’ve used it before oh well you can do it manually okay so you capture name and email for all the people who don’t purchase you then send them back to that page to then buy you can also do something really interesting with one signal com have you guys heard of one signal let’s see I’m assuming a lot of people don’t use this it’s personal notifications are you guys familiar with push notifications I’m sure they are yeah I’m getting yes Jack knows it all right so push notification for those who don’t know first cruise the example of it I know their interface a bit better one signal works better with e-commerce though and what you end up doing you can end up sending a message right so see it in action so you click yes right you see there click me and I’ll take you to a real a shooter this is a push notification okay stop yeah so let’s exit out this stuff and one signal is a free version you don’t have to pay for it like literally a hundred percent free right and what you can do with e-commerce is everyone who adds up to their shopping cart but doesn’t continue you can then do a push notification and get them back to your site that helps with sales the other thing I’ve done is is it signal feed signal what is it feed single feed there you go not signal single cream com this is ecommerce feeds and what this does is put your products everywhere so you’re selling a more than just on your website single feed com this helps get your products out everywhere they’re one of the four google shopping partners it’s a great way to get more sales because they’re putting on other really popular ecommerce sites use it check it out I love it it works really well ok cool Craig’s asking what tools do you use to research writing an epic blog post or how-to guide buzzsumo com I may type in things like it’s loading I may type in something like online marketing let me login first so that way you can see more data sign-in all right it’s loading I’ll show you add the exact process I’ll even show you how I promote the content – that’d be great by the way Simon’s saying he’s got one signal implemented on his site so some people do know about it yeah and Simon was one who asked the ecommerce question right no he was a different guy but still interesting all right so I’ll look at all my marketing and here’s an example how Google is remarketing let’s say how I write I’ve been had an article called how Google Analytics saved marketing seriously and check this out Facebook engagement LinkedIn Twitter etc so then I’ll go look at their article and I’ll just create a way better version so how Google Analytics for marketing and there’s this content it’s like alright it won’t be too hard to write away better post than this right yeah and like TechCrunch has great editors and mutters but they’re not marketers themselves so you know it’s probably short not a lot of step by step in it that’s correct okay so I’ll write an article called how Google Analytics saved marketing just go look at theirs make it more in-depth and then from there because that one did really like click on view shares and it shows me every single Twitter user that shared this article and it tells me how many followers they have so now I’m then gonna write a better article and then I’m gonna Google Marshalls Marcia’s name Raja’s named Sam Hurley and you can find a lot of their websites like when they have a website you click on it because then you can find their email from their website right and then once you have their email like I would I would Google I would email let’s say Sam right and my email would be like hey Sam I noticed you shared an article called how Google Analytics ruin marketing by so-and-so author from techcrunch.com actually have a similar article coming out called how Google Analytics saved marketing and it breaks down a B and C that the original article did it and it actually goes in-depth on if you’re a company or even a marketer how you can use Google and step by step to save you money and improve your marketing so your business can grow faster let me know if you would like to check it out Cheers Neal that’s it people like Sam 20 to 30% of time will respond back and then you’ll email Sam really like here inhales usually respond back with something like sure then you’ll email him back with like here’s the article Cheers Neal PS let me know if I can do anything for you PPS if you share this article not only to make my day it’ll make my decade right and you’ll get a ton of show so shares on your article and then I also do this every time i link out to people in my blog post I do the same thing I’m like hey Sam I gotta say a huge fan of yours so much so that I even linked out to you my latest blog post called X Y & Z if you’re pretty check it out if you like it let me know your number one fan Neal PS if you share this now that’d make my day it’ll make my decade I love it that’s great ok and some other people are saying all top and some other areas where you can get good ideas too mmm-hmm next one is site speed a med is asking how do I make my website site and uh how do I’m sorry I don’t make my website fast and I mean very fast practical advice yet so there’s Google PageSpeed you don’t have to be perfect everyone thinks you have to be perfect I don’t think Google actually uses speed to improve rankings as people think I know they mentioned it as a factor here’s where I think they use fear I think speed indirectly affects rankings I don’t think speed directly x rankings right attempting to load the page reach limit number of three directs last batch dismiss it’s not redirecting itself I know the paper works it ranks in Google alright so let’s do do crowdcast dust io or there you go quick sprout even better so it’ll tell me what they’re ranking the page asks and this is really important because what you’ll notice is suggestions you fix these suggestions on mobile list I’ll try to get as good as you can you’re not gonna be perfect but what I found is it’s not about making your website fast cuz you don’t have to have the fastest website I know Amazon wrote up he’s talking about how the slower their site loads the more you lose but it’s not about being the most fast it’s about being fast enough where people don’t bounce if your site looks too slow what I found is user metrics show that people bounce more and when they come from your site from Google and they bounce and they go back eventually go –gel tanks your rankings so if your site loads fast enough and you can do you can use PageSpeed yes that tool call not Pingdom there you go so you can do Pingdom type in your website here right and type in all your competitors who rank on page one and just make sure your website loads in roughly the same amount of time as theirs and you’re good enough that’s the trick cool I love it there you go I don’t know how to fix it you type it into Google PageSpeed that tool tells you how to fix it from Google’s perspective cool sounds good okay next question let’s keep rolling we’ve got a little bit more if you’ve still got some time Jeanette is asking about keyword research or keywords specifically how difficult should my keywords be having a hard time determining what’s too broad and what’s too difficult yeah when you’re starting off the on target keywords target pages so I would go and you can use href as I showed before right type in your competitors URLs and just go look for the pages that do really well so if you type in Neil Patel and keep it Atrios is a sample size it’ll never show you real traffic ape better it’s getting your competitor will always have more than whatever aatrox is showing by a magnitude of whatever two three four X right it’s somewhere in that range is a lot for industry but go to top pages and it’ll show you the type of pages that you should be writing similar content on your end and then when you go to top pages you can use that export that I showed earlier with the CSV export the keywords into CSB and you now have keywords for that page that you should be going after assuming you’re willing to write a similar page right or create a page that similar but can you see powder Bali uh it’s really off right so this is twelve thousand five hundred and seven my Google Webmaster tool shows thirty nine thousand and Google Webmaster Tools is lower than Google Analytics so they actually give the idea of how off it is but it’s a good indicator of if a page is popular and that is still correct that page is still the most popular page the second most popular page is this one this page was really popular for a while but the keyword tool I mean the blog is another page right but it generally shows what’s the most popular page gotcha okay awesome next question is it’s actually a variation of a few different questions that people have asked you’re going over a bunch of stuff that seems kind of time-consuming how do you get so much marketing done on Neil Patel dot-com I have a hundred and fifty people through all my companies there you go Vignesh up endure there’s the answer to your question either a few people asked different versions of the same thing so I just paraphrased also works for us on this but it was also asked by people that are just in the audience that have no connection up in door was asking how do you get so much of this stuff done yeah I’m a big team so like I’m now doing something called meal knowledge or Neil Patel we’re gonna create videos where I do a video a day of me giving a marketing tip and the video could be like three minutes to like 10 minutes long and it has screen captures and all that so David will come up with the topics I go through him to make sure I like the topics then I redo whatever ones I don’t like and him and I go over to the titles and we’ll do that in two to three hours the next day we had a film guy come over Pasquale Pasquale he came over and then I kid you not like we shot 16 videos in three hours like I just crank them out and then pass Chloe and David will do the editing game they’ll make sure the right screen captures are there and then we’ll start uploading them to Facebook and YouTube once we have like a backlog of 30 to 40 videos and then I’ll start publishing them once every single day and I’ll launch it by sometime and May but my goal is to do literally one video a day for the whole year even if it’s a holiday that’s awesome yeah we just heard Eric sue this morning share with us how you guys hold each other accountable and do you know bulk sessions and and keep up with just the massive demand to produce a podcast every day yeah and think about it right I’ll even share the cost so Pascal he will cost me 4500 that’s a shoe 31 videos a month are do you pay David but let’s say this takes you know two thousand dollars worth of David’s time and then me my time it takes three hours of shooting twice a month so that’s six hours and then to come up with topics that takes me roughly two hours of my time cuz David already does some of the grunt work so for roughly $6,500 and eight hours of my time a month right six hours of filming broken down into two sessions and then two hours of topic generation for $6,500 I’m creating 31 videos my cost per video would be two hundred and nine dollars that’s really affordable the stuff doesn’t is as expensive as most people think thanks for sharing that okay next question is this is a softball but it’s got a bunch of upvotes so I’m gonna ask it SEO instructors often share good information on how to rank but fail to provide step-by-step blueprint to success do you offer a step-by-step instructional manual at an affordable price they have an amazing program called a MP Neil yeah it’s so funny I don’t like selling and I don’t even want to sell a MP and there’s no good money but like I don’t care to make the money maybe you know what I’ll do is actually take those videos organize them and just shoot like 4050 videos on SEO and this making step by step and order them for everyone and then release it for free if they like that I can do that I don’t care don’t care for any money or anything and I’ll include screen captures and I’ll show people how to use the tools to do everything step by step we’ve got yes from Melissa yes from Alex yes from Heaney basically yes from everyone all right sounds good I’ll do that it’ll take me a while to crank it out but I’ll release something for free sure sure well we’ll be reading I’m sure the audience will be reading your blog well into the future okay one question that keeps getting asked here it’s pretty cool it’s had some good results is what experiment are you running right now and what results are you seeing yes it’s not an SEO experiment mr. right it’s a a Vitesse let’s log in continue so I use crazy egg tests you can sign up for crazy calm you won’t get the test feature it is a paid product even the free version or the craziest but if you email support at and crazy egg calm and UCC meal at crazier calm and you ask for access to the test feature just say Neal said I can have access they’ll enable it and it’s a WYSIWYG test feature but it’s called something like bandit testing where you can continue just make changes to your website without being a marketer I mean without being a developer or designer so I’m testing stuff so as you can see here’s my control four percent two hundred and twelve leads this one’s to 79 so I’m testing stuff where I change the copy and what I’ll do is like I’ll just click add variant let’s see it’s loading come on crazy it’s gonna load the whole site and then I can make edits to the whole site without any developers or designers or anything like that so I make all my marketing changes or a lot of them through here and I mean it’s more and more and you can see let’s go to one to view only loading the control see this is why people don’t have access to yet it solely in beta for people like me but it’s an easy week here that will pop up and once the WYSIWYG pops up I’m then able to make changes to my site in whatever way right like I can’t like variant and then from add variant I can literally just go click on the text make changes and then just my marketing in whatever way that I want and then I can see the stats within krazy-8 on if something causes I can pick whatever goal I can have more pages per visit I can have you know more email capture or whatever and I can track all this within clicks of a button without being technical sad it doesn’t work right now but you can always sign up and then the support team will give you access and if it doesn’t work for you they’ll make sure it works or refund the money but I used to do a lot of my testing and what I found is simple little words and phrases call my blog page if you guys all load this up right now many people will see a different variation here’s the variation that I see the variation is from ah to OSHA I’m sharing everything on my dream to a hundred thousand monthly visitors some of you guys will see a variation that you are all still the same Neil Patel calm /blog I bet some of you in the chat are seeing variations that talk about online marketing and how I rank number one on Google for online market and the goal is just more email collections and I track that through crazy eggs I just run a ton of tests by tweaking text changes or simple design changes or removing stuff got it okay Michael’s asking what do you recommend for ecommerce sites that have a bunch of products that are similar but different variations should they be trying to come up with original content for each description or any advice there they should try to create templates that’s what we usually do for commerce sites and these templates you can just plug and play words or phrases or content areas etc and then you optimize for the best template and that’s what we find that works really well for e-commerce okay what do you say is the most important SEO factor for non article based sites most important SEO factor for non article based sites is click through rate and time on site and user metrics like are they bouncing right off so like I would look at a video really high quality images let’s say for ecommerce or video showing products for e-commerce or if it’s a lead gem site you know maybe create quizzes or funnels where people go down them and take a quiz and interact and then at the end you collect their lead but user engagement metrics like that like time on site people bouncing back or staying on your page how long they’re staying how many people are searching for your keywords click them through are they logged into Gmail which you can’t control but I bet you those are factors like Google is using and do you know the user metrics and click-through rates they have to be using awesome ok let’s see Tony to ask in how important our category spawn a blog categories are very important because it helps Google with semantics relevance if you look at my 40-plus percent increase in search traffic not only did I switch up the URLs make them simpler I also added blog categories as you can see the URL here blog slash category slash SEO now this category should say at the top I’m kind of lazy but I’ll have one my guys they should say category SEO what is SEO and I should give it just general description of what SEO is cool in your presentation in the demystifying SEO you talk about going back and deleting some old posts that were over six months or over a year why did you do that and do you think it helped or do you think you can just leave it there and it will also grow it didn’t help so what I did is I actually like unpublished them in WordPress so then they disappeared and people couldn’t see them and then when I realize after a few months I didn’t do anything then I come back ok got it so there’s the answer we are time that’s all the question time that we have for questions today we are going into a new session right after this to wrap everything up and to announce the winners Neil are you ready to do a one-on-one session with the the winner of an SEO consultation I am actually will love to help someone out all right cool let’s do it so listen I’m going to just click off of here turn my camera on again and maybe we can just get a final word from you thanks so much for being with us today you’ve been a huge help we had I believe our record number of people in this session and forgetting all of this stuff together I’ve got some people asking are we gonna do it again what’s your plans next where can they catch you what’s the story where should people find you yeah we plan on being another summit you can just find me on the neil patel blog i’m even thinking about doing like a live chat room on their interpreter on a software to do it and it’ll just be free where people can go and we chat and we just help each other out and I’ll be in there on a daily basis trying to figure out a web-based version that works for me like when I’m traveling so I don’t have to have an app in case I’m on the plane and a lot of these planes restrict apps for Wi-Fi but I really do appreciate everyone for coming if I can my team or anyone can help you guys out with anything just head up support at Neil Patel comm and I really do want to see you guys succeed thank you guys for being here if you guys have issues or just need help we don’t need money just shoot us an email thank you very much absolutely Neil thanks brother see you another time soon and I’ll say goodbye to you now for everybody that’s still on the phone call listen we have got a special session coming up right when I go off the air here we’re going to put everybody inside of the raffle section so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to call out the winners for Neil’s insider Club and that’s coming up in a couple of minutes hang on one second let me just make sure that Neil’s gone here for it so for everybody that’s inside of this crowdcast system right here you’ve signed up and have been added to what we call Neil’s insider Club Neil’s insider Club offers you the opportunity to win some pretty cool prizes the first-place prize is a private free consultation with Neil 101 you can talk about SEO you can talk about growth marketing you can talk about different things but whatever it is he’s gonna do it for you I’ve heard that people go out of these sessions and triple double and triple their business second place prize is a group of people that were in the second place and also third place is a group of people we’ve got amazing discounts and some exciting prizes for you there the seal is gonna join with me in a couple of minutes just a few short minutes along with Joe who owns the the this platform that we’re doing all of this social contest stuff one and he’s going to draw the name out of a hat virtual hat and we’re going to announce those winners so Kevin mark Simon Bren Amir West Rebecca all of these guys that have been in a lot of the chats thanks so much for staying here let’s see if you guys win in the raffle contest that’s coming up right now I’m gonna stop this broadcast and join us there because we’ve got some bonus sessions and some additional exciting information that we’re only going to give out to the people that join us in this last section so hang on and we’ll be right with you so if you like this video like comment share I do appreciate it and if I can ever do anything to help you out genuinely even if it’s you know giving you some advice I don’t care for the money just leave a comment below and I will do my best to try to help you out and answer all your questions thank you for watching


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  • Olá Neil! Você diz da necessidade de um conteúdo profundo, ok. Mas o meu nicho, por exemplo, é sobre chá. Os sites que estão em primeiro lugar não escreve conteúdos detalhados e profundos. Outra coisa é que quando uma pessoa tem interesse em pesquisar sobre chá ela não tem paciência de ficar lendo um conteúdo muito grande, ela quer informações básicas. Será que essa história de conteúdo detalhado não serve apenas para alguns nichos?

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    I liked the idea of answering QUORA's questions with excerpts from the articles and adding the link.

    Can I use the same excerpt to post on all social networks: Blog, Facebook page, Facebook post, Facebook comment, Youtube channel, Youtube vídeo, Youtube comment, Instagram, Tumbler, VK, Medium and Pinterest?

  • I'm from india rajasthan bikaner my educational blog not growing so I find u as a mentor but I don't understand english as well as hindi and not find auto translate subtitle in hindi.
    Please also add hindi subtitles. Thanks.

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    Is it good for our blog?
    Can I add another youtuber video link in my blog?

    Please reply

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