A Garota Sem Celular – A TRANSFORMAÇÃO – Cap.: 2 #ClaraCorreiaTV

A Garota Sem Celular – A TRANSFORMAÇÃO – Cap.: 2   #ClaraCorreiaTV

Calm! Calm! Before you watch the video. I have a warning for you. Now, Clara Correia TV has an Instagram. And it will be here on the screen. So follow me on Instagram. Because it will have enough content. If you want me to follow you on Instagram. You have to follow me and follow my cousin. She is who edits and takes the photos with all love and affection. So you follow the two and I’ll stalk you. Introduction – Music Music Heim! What are those things? Music The Stars uniform! Am I now a cheerleader? I have an idea. Glad we won the game yesterday. I knew right. It was obvious. We went to do the choreography. Someone stepped on my foot and it hurts so far. My God! I can not stand. Aghata. It was awesome. That’s your team. Wow, I really want to be a part of it. Your goal! It was the best of them all. It was very show It was super incredible. Everything amazing I’m very happy that we’re friends. Oops! Oops! Oops! You can stop there! Since when are we friends? You gave me the last ticket. You were so nice to me. I thought we were friends. At! At! Nina! not! I have nothing to do with this. I just gave you the ticket to be jealous of Mel. So you used me. Just to make my friend jealous. Wow you’re very bad. And I believed in you. I thought we were friends. But everything is just appearance. Since when I would be friend of you and Mel. Two excluded. The only ones without cell phones in the whole school Face! Of course not. Please! Do not talk about Mel like that. Do you know why? Because she’s better than you and everyone else in this school together. She is better on the outside and inside. You still do not in the mirror. You can have all this beauty there. She has one thing that is far more important. Love and affection. Aghata. I agree with Rebekah. Do not create confusion James. The truth hurts is not Aghata. If she actually were his friend she would be here, Rebecca! I want to know if you ,,,,,, on this pom pom. Me of! Music…………… I do not believe. What’s it? Music Mel you look beautiful Did you like my new look? I like Mel, it’s fine. Mel what happened to her? You look beautiful. Welcome to the team more “divercheeleader” And I hope you do not disappoint me. Not even Julia. Seriously? Now I’m your friend? Of course you are my friend………. and you are still on the team. Good! Since I am your friend and the team…….. I will not need to do your homework right! Of course not! Rebekah will do everything. Not! But to Rebecca…… We’re not going to say that because we have to train. Wow, did you win a cell phone? And he is handsome It’s the newest brand out there. Everyone is talking. My God girl, what did you do? I had my little secrets. We need to record this moment. James take a picture of us. Now one of Mel Agatha’s. Is good………… You know what I was thinking Mel? Not what James? We could have an ice cream any day. Ah! I accept ……… Could it be Friday after class? Let’s take a selfie on your camera. What’s up? It’s nice? Yes, it was cool. Thank you! License! License! Mel! Are you ready to do the Stars choreography? I am. I saw the choreography on “Face” Wow, that was really cool. Let’s do this….. So let’s go…. Choreography music Stars! Stars! Stars! Ufa! We made it. The whole school is envious. Good! Now I have to go. It’s time for math. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodbye! Hi Mel! Hi, Rebecca! Did you like my new look? IS. It’s beautiful, but it’s like Agatha. Are you mad at me? If you exclude your friends. Do not talk to me any more. And start to walk with that patricinha No, I’m not mad at you. But you supported me. I had said that I really wanted to be a Stars cheerleader. You said you would support me. But How could you become like this from day to night? I found this magic cell phone in the trash As well? Magic. I watched the cell phone and found a lot of my photos And I also found photos of myself and Agatha. As if I had gained a new life iT’s good, so how is your new little friend? Music……… Will the powers of this cell phone bring me several problems? To be continued………….. Bloopers.

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