Add a sitemap for more than 50,000 URLs – SEO Snippets

Add a sitemap for more than 50,000 URLs – SEO Snippets

is about sitemap files. Mike from India asks,
how do we add a sitemap for more than 50,000 URLs? Sitemap files are
a great way to make your content known to Google
and to other search engines. However, they’re limited
to 50,000 URLs per file. What do you do if
you have more URLs? You can generate more than
one sitemap file per website. You can either submit these
individually, for example, through a Search Console, or
you can create a sitemap index file. A sitemap index file is like
a sitemap file for sitemaps. You can list multiple
sitemap files in it. If you use a sitemap
index file, you can just submit that file for
your website in Search Console. Even if you have fewer
than 50,000 URLs, you can submit
multiple sitemap files. For example, you
might want to do that to keep track of different
sections of your website, or just in general to make
maintenance of your sitemap files a little bit easier. When it comes to
creating sitemap files, we strongly recommend that you
have these made automatically through your server directly. That’s the best way to make
sure that your new and updated content is highlighted to search
engines as quickly as possible. Most modern content
management systems will take care of this for you. Often, it is just a
matter of flipping a switch in your control
panel to turn these on. [MUSIC PLAYING] Check out the links below to get
even more helpful information.


  • Can a site Map index contain one site map file on the primary domain and another on a different server at a subdomain? For instance my client has a WordPress site at that WordPress generates, and we have a NetSuite ecommerce site that is located at, and that host allows us to autogenerate a sitemap to a 3rd subdomain at I recall trying to do this in the past and it didn't work even though all 3 domains belong to the same subdomain. Before I try again I just want to know what, if any limitations I have.

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  • is there a file size limit too?

  • Hello!
    Forgive me for my English, I'm from Ukraine, I do not know English well, so I use «Google Translate».
    Question: since recently, as everyone knows, the tool for adding new pages to the index «Submit URL» has ceased to work, does this mean that you will no longer support this tool and close it?

  • Can you please show in video how its done or provide a link that we get how to fix it !

  • Retail Coupons Deals

    Can we add one URL in two different sitemaps links for multi-country targeting?

  • Shabbir Sadriwala

    Can we add more than 50K URLs in a single sitemap file? As google does it for its sitemap.

  • thank you, sir, for spending your valuable time, this is very helpful

  • Will there be more of these? These are great!

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