AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 4: How AdWords works

AdWords tutorial from Google – Step 4: How AdWords works

[MUSIC PLAYING] ALI: Hi. It’s Ali with AdWords, here
with the next step in our What You Need to Know About
Online Marketing series. So far, we’ve looked at
the basics and benefits of online marketing and assessed
the readiness of your website. Now let’s introduce you
to AdWords, Google’s online advertising program. Take a look at this. SPEAKER: Online advertising
has a language all its own. And if it sounds like a
foreign language to you, you’re not alone. But it’s important to get
comfortable with the terms so that you can make the most
out of your AdWords investment. To help make sense of it
all, here’s a scenario. Owen is planning a wedding,
and Brenda is a photographer. Brenda uses AdWords to
advertise online to people who are looking for a photographer. This is one of her ads. Brenda takes three types of
photos, babies, real estate, and weddings. She uses different ads for
each area of her business. Each collection of ads
makes up an ad group. Brenda assigns to each ad
group the words and phrases that are relevant to that
part of her business. These are keywords. AdWords uses Keywords
to help decide which ads to show to people
searching for things online. Brenda’s three ad groups
make up a campaign. The campaign is where Brenda
decides big picture things, like her preferences for the
devices her ads will show up on and how much she spends. Owen types, experienced wedding
photographer into The phrase, experienced
wedding photographer is his search term. He sees two types
of search results. Organic search results located
in the middle of the page are the websites that
match Owen’s search term. No one can pay to
appear in these results. The second type of
results, paid results, are usually located at the
top and bottom of the page. These are ads from businesses
that are using AdWords. In most cases, an advertiser is
charged when someone like Owen clicks one of these ads. Does Brenda’s ad appear
when Owen makes his search? That depends. Whenever someone uses
Google to search, there’s an auction that
determines which ads appear and in which order. Two main factors
determine the outcome– how much an advertiser
is willing to pay for a click, which is a bid, and
something called quality score. Quality score is an estimate
of how relevant and useful your ad and the page on
your website it linked to are to someone seeing your add. Together, bid and quality score
determine where and if Brenda’s ad appears on Owen’s
search results page. Bids in budget are different. Your bids affect how much you’ll
spend each time someone clicks one of your ads. Your budget affects
how much you’ll spend each day on your entire
campaign, which influences how often your ads are shown. As it turns out,
Brenda’s ad appears on Owen’s search results page. This is an impression. Owen clicks Brenda’s ad to
find out more on her website. This is a click. Owen likes what he sees
on Brenda’s website and hires her to
photograph his wedding. Brenda’s ad has gotten Owen
to do something valuable, hire her for an event. This is a conversion. Owen is a satisfied customer,
Brenda is a happy advertiser. These are results. ALI: In addition to
bid and quality score, AdWords uses the expected
impact from your ad extensions and other ad formats to
determine which ads appear and in which order. Ad extensions are
pieces of information you can add onto your ad,
like a phone number or call button, more links to
specific pages on your site, or your business location. AdWords estimates how extensions
and other ad formats you use will impact your
ad’s performance. So even if your competition
has higher bids than yours, you can still win a higher
position at a lower price by using highly relevant
keywords, ads, and extensions, all of which we’ll cover
in the next video guide. So now that you know how
AdWords works, let’s make sure it’s a good fit for you. Click the button to continue to
the next video in the playlist. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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