Alain Deng – PPC Candidate for Vancouver South

Alain Deng – PPC Candidate for Vancouver South

This is Alain Deng Peoples Party of
Canada candidate in the riding of Vancouver South the same riding of
course that Canada’s defense minister is vying for welcome Alain and thank you for
running for the People’s Party can you tell me why the People’s Party and why
not some other party oh I used to support you know the CPC Conservative Party
of Canada and I was a you know the big supporter I donate all the money some to
the party and I been to two conventions of Conservative Party one in Vancouver
and one in Halifax but you know the convention in Halifax make me so disappointed is not like a Democratic Party
we cannot allow to debate for a you know supply management and also abortion
issue and really make me frustrated it’s the Andrew Scheer’s keynote speech in that
convention is make me sleepy and that’s why I decide to quit the party
and it’s a good time you know Maxime Bernier created you know party called
People’s Party of Canada and this is fit my principles and my value of
Canada that’s why I choose the People’s Party of Canada of Maxime Bernier what do you
think of your opponent the minister of defense oh he’s the
candidate of Liberal Party and he’s a sitting defense minister but he’s a liar and
his false claim that you know he was an architect of Medusa operation in
Afghanistan in 2006 yes that made all the press yeah and he tried to apologize
to the public but not sincerely and actually his you know false claim is
totally insults our ally soldiers and also men and women in uniform of our
country so you don’t think it’s a good representative to be the National
Defense Ministry and support these troops absolutely not
your impressions of Justin Trudeau and the way he’s been running the country Oh under regime we call regime of Justin
Trudeau it’s a disaster for this country and you can see this country’s totally
change in this four years and we have a very high deficit in fiscal and also
this country rush in so many like illegal refugees across in border to
sector as limits from in Canada but it costs a lot of you know it makes a lot
of burdens of financial in this country and also create a lot of problem of
safety and security of our country the People’s Party’s immigration
policy is quite distinct from the other parties who have bought into the
globalist agenda of open borders and is that something that would attract
yourself to the People’s Party oh of course yes because we have
our rights to decide who were coming our country it’s not the UN you know
called a migrant impact compact to choose the refugee and immigrant from
from any countries and we have our sovereignty of a country and we need to
cut the quota of the immigrant quota and especially you know we don’t need
you know the economic refugee come here the refugees should be for the people
who persecuted by politically or religiously and these peoples have their
lives threatened so you know the Canadians so generous and we need this kind of
people to have the priority to apply for refugees in our country it’s not the
people who cross the border illegally from the United States as you know the
United State’s a safe country it’s not the country of a war so I mean it can’t help
but notice that you do have a bit of an accent would you have any immigration
background yourself oh yeah I’m the immigrant from China and I Communist
China or Hong Kong oh it’s Communist China the socialist
China communist China as well yeah yeah so some people might say well why
an immigrant like yourself defend a policy to restrict the numbers of
immigrants that come through as you know we every year the you know the immigrant
or refugee come here only 24% people they do that you know the contribution
to the economic of the Society of Canada 70 almost 74 percent people they shared
all our resources of for example for health care or school or whatever and
this added heavy burden to the taxpayers to let you know that in Canada’s you
have financial problem so you’re in line with Maxime Bernier’s policy that if
you’re going to be an immigrant first of all come through the front door and not
the back and secondly you have to be able to offer something of an economic
benefit to Canada yes unless of course you’re a genuine refugee yeah as
our policy as you know the policy of the you know the law whatever for a
immigrant and refugee should contribute the economic boosting and
also receptive of the country and all immigrant and Refugee should go through the front door is not from back door as you say and we need to as you know very
very strict vet background of that refugee Africans and also the
you know the migrant African because this concern the problems of the safety
of this country well Alain thank you very much and we wish you all the
success in your campaign thank you very much


  • Every PPC candidate express their concerns for Canada and Canadians. Libcons don't give a damn about our Country or US!
    GO PPC GO 2019

  • PPC all the way. lets keep sharing the message to the 80% who dont follow politics.

  • It is really interesting to witness the growth process of the People's Party of Canada – as Candidates are bravely coming forward to create the human " intelligent – diverse platform and authentic foundation of this timely movement * much gratitude for your videos and respectful approach to the sharing of opinions on many pertinent issues ~

  • Why does Canada, the USA and Europe have to take all the "Refugees"?.. There are plenty of safe countries in Africa, Asia and the middle east who can take themand they have a similar culture, religion and language.
    ALL of the Syrian's who Canada took in were all safely in Lebanon and Jordan. there was no reason to take them at all.

  • In B.C. PPC is only polling at 2.9% while the Greens are polling at 18%

  • Save Canada for Canadians and our future generations.We have an obligation to our country to keep it Canadian. Vote P.P.C, and we will decide the future for Canada.

  • I thought PPC was all about white supremacy! MSM lied to me!

  • What do we have to lose when we vote ppc nothing I am all in with ppc it time for change

  • Good speech keep up the good work

  • Okanagan Awesomeness

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    🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦🇨🇦2019

  • yes …People's party #1

  • Perfect example of diversity that unites instead of divides us 👍

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