Amazon Pay Per Click Problem – Manipulating Your Bids to get the Edge Over Your Competition

Amazon Pay Per Click Problem – Manipulating Your Bids to get the Edge Over Your Competition

okay guys I got another good one for you
it’ll be a short one today it’s another tip two more tips simple
ones for Amazon pay-per-click to optimize your campaigns and kind of give
you that little edge so a lot of people have this problem where you know they
set their bids or they run their campaigns and they’re not getting the
impressions when they’re not getting the clicks they can’t understand why their
budgets high they feel like their bids they’re high and it’s just not pouring
the results in therefore they’re not getting any sales you’ll know obviously
if you’re not spending the money but your bids and you feel like your bids in
your your your budgets high then obviously you might want to implement
these two strategies so after you’re running your automatic targeting that’s
what you want to do initially you’re going to want to set up a manual
campaign and most important thing when you set up the manual campaign is
regardless of probably things law regardless of what you set your default
bid for the time being at you know whether it’s it’s you know 150 or 99
cents depending on your niche you know the competition in in your product
category or whatever what have you that will range but you want to click this
bid + button what that’s going to do is it’s going to up a bid your default bid
on those certain keywords that you’re bidding on if a competitor should have a
higher bid than you for the top position in that sponsored ad placement so what
that means is say you’re your default bid is of 150 well it will bid a 50% of
that extra so you’re taught it which is 75 cents added to that 150 so that would
give you the potential to bid to 225 on that and that really makes all the
difference in the world because if your competitor has that clicked and not you
even if you slightly bid higher there’s will automatically bid higher than you
and you’ll be missing on those impressions in this clicks and as a
result those sales so first and foremost make sure you click this default or the
bid + button check that we’re going to jump back into the minimal spend
campaign like I showed you in the last one if you’re not
familiar with last one it’s a great trick that you can use to kind of
optimize your keywords in inorganic ranking – check it out I’ll link it
below in the description but just just for for reference say that this wasn’t 2
cents on your minimal bid say it was this is your normal this isn’t in the
middle bid 1 this is just for reference but say this is your normal manual
targeting campaign and you’re running a 110 defaulted or a you know on certain
keywords they might be different but say you’re running 110 on the keyword that
you’re certain that you’re specifically targeting now and you can’t figure out
why you’re not getting impressions or clicks well obviously your competitors
either have that good plus button clicked or they’re bidding higher than
you and that’s the reason that you’re not getting those results so I typically
what would happen is if say you’re running 110 on your default bid somebody
would up it to you know 150 and be like oh I’m going to get that I’m going to
get them you know and and then becomes a bidding war I’d caution you to just go
slightly above so if it’s normally at 110 or you’re setting these initially
don’t set it at 110 set it at 111 set it at you know 126 instead of 125 111
instead of 110 you know to 221 instead of 220 add that extra cent in there
because that’s going to make all the difference in the world and incentive in
the world where you might not have to use that they’d put up + button a lot of
people just instinctually when they when they type their bids in they’re going to
go want you know what a dollar even or $0.50 it’s just it’s just human nature
to type even numbers like that and you know even 55 because then in the middle
you know so when you’re typing yours in make it you know 56 cents instead of 55
or you know 111 instead of 110 it would could make all the difference just try
it play around with it I wouldn’t jump you know too high of increments to if
you you know if it’s not hitting on the right keywords initially just just up at
a cent off it’s you know ten cents 11 cents but when you’re initially bidding
on those keywords try those ones in those sixes it could make all the
difference for yeah

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