what is up back here with Kale what are
you doing I love dancing at the beginning I’m excited man we’re in the
kt9 studio and we got a hack for y’all I really just hope you keep dancing and
then we never put music in the background so you’re just an there’s no
music playing right now anywhere but so what we’re doing today is remember all
those times in previous videos where we’ve said we kind of like to go against
the grain well today is one of those days where we’re gonna share something
that we do on every single one of our products that I’ve never seen anyone
else say or recommend or are we how did you even figure out how to do this I
really just trial an error all right I hate spending money on PPC so I’m sure
you’re gonna hate it too so so what this basically does is it’s a little hack for
PPC where it does take some time it takes three to four or five weeks to
really get ramped up but once you get it gets ramped up it’s insane how low the
ACOS is in fact one of the ones that we’re gonna show is like 1.6 percent 6
what if your campaigns were 1.6 percent would you make more money yes that’s a
fact so what we’re gonna do right now is kill you’re actually gonna pull your
laptop he’s gonna hop on his laptop he’s gonna talk you through gonna show you
right now how to do it so kill take it away what’s up welcome
to my Mac so this is how you get a very low a cos auto campaign so as you can
see here this one has 11% this one down here actually has 1.6 percent
acos so if you can get acos numbers like that you’re really doing well and
you’re really selling a lot of product for a low cost so this is how I created
those campaigns I went up here to create a campaign obviously I want to leave
this page I usually call these low bid and then the product name for the daily
budget I would do at least $50 you won’t spend anywhere near that don’t worry and
then click automatic targeting so continue to the next step for the ad
group I would type low bid again and then the product name and then find your
products so say your product is this we’re probably going to blur this
out but this is the product we want to use we’ll click that and then down here
at the default bid this is where it really comes into play so as you can see
here in the bid range it says point four four two one point eight two so 0.44 is
the absolute lowest that Amazon recommends but I’m telling you that you
should do a lot lower so if you have if you have time to burn like say you just
put the product up and you’re waiting on some reviews and you really want this to
be a really low ACOS I would even start with point one so start with point one
and then hit save and finish so right now as you can see there’s no
impressions there’s no clicks there’s no spend but if you leave this here for a
week these impressions will slowly start to creep up so I’d say if you have a
point one after a week you’ll probably have 50 or 60 impressions nothing crazy
maybe just a couple clicks I know that doesn’t seem great but it’s weird
because Amazon really is working in the background so after a week I would go
ahead and raise this up to 0.2 or even 0.25 so raise it by about 10 to 15 cent
increments every week so next you raise it to 0.25 and then wait a week I know
this requires patience and you can be running other PPC campaigns at the same
time which you should be doing but this is one that’s just kind of on the back
burner and really gonna get you those low numbers that you’re looking for in
the ACOS category so you raise this one up after another week raise that up to
0.35 and then the next week after that raise it up to 0.44 and that’s basically
it honestly it was pretty simple I think so
it’s the only thing that’s really annoying about it is the time so make
sure you take the time make sure you do a couple of three weeks of it and it’s
gonna pay off yep so takes a little bit of time sorry
about all the blurring on that we want to be as transparent as we can but we
have to be careful sometimes but hope that was helpful and I’m really excited
because it’s been working like wonders for us in PPC and I’m pretty sure
they’ll do the same for yes and when it works out for you guys
comment below share it with friends subscribe
we really just want you guys to benefit from it and I think this is a really
good hack so KTnine signing off is it over


  • Hey man I have a question. If I sell on amazon already – used books- in college around 25 hours per week and make around $30/hr on average.. do you recommend jumping into PL as of now regardless of the competition? I can only put in about 20-25 hours per week for the next 2 years of my degree. (I'm 19).

    Love your videos, thanks so much for the free info you put out!!

  • Thanks for the video. This is going to sound silly, but why would one increase the ppc by "0.10/0.15" each week. Doesn't that mean you are spending more money each week. Why not just stay at a fixed ppc at 0.10 or whatever it be.

  • I have heard of people putting high daily budgets and doing low bids in the past, and always wondered what the purpose is, if it never reaches that amount. Do you know if higher budgets are treated differently than lower ones? Enjoyed your video and energy!

  • Comment here if you have questions – we think this is an AWESOME hack. Would love to help you get it set up.

  • So are you running this along side a higher bid ppc initially for same product different keywords? Sorry PPC still confusing.

  • hey just subscribed. Michael recommended me to check you guys out. im losing a lot of money with ppc right now

  • I am still trying to understand exactly what a campaign does for you and where do you find this at is it on the Amazon sales page?

  • Hey guys do you do this for each key word?

  • Wassup KT NINE. So you only need to do Auto campaigns, no manual? And this trick only works on Auto campaigns?

  • Hmm interesting. I'll be trying this

  • Great video guys! Is this run on Automatic or Manual?

  • I don't understand how this is supposed to help. Maybe I'm missing something. If your bids are low, you're less likely to have a sponsored ad displayed. Let alone a sponsored ad on page 1. Wouldn't it make more sense to put a higher bid to get displayed in more favorable locations which would in turn increase sales and ranking?

  • We can automate the annoying weekly increase for you guys! Let's have a chat! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ecommerce Optimizer

    Great Vid guys. What you guys are absolutely leaving out is that this is about long-tail keywords. The money is in the long-tail. Any off Amazon SEO knows this well. Why? Because no one bids on the longtail. Go do a google search for 2018 Camaro, tons of ads. Now do a search for 2018 Camaro convertible zl1, again a lot of ads, but no one is bidding on this specific term. I can be in the first position all day long for 1 penny. Current Amazon specs recommend that you do not optimize for voice. Voice search is the future. Voice search is long-tail and voice search includes buyer intent words like buy, find me, who sells, etc… You are throwing money out the window competing on high dollar 2-word phrases. Is it fun giving your margins back to Darth Bezos? You cannot compete against businesses with bottomless budget. Why increase your bid amounts from week to week if no one else is bidding on the phrase?

    I wouldn't slowly increase my budget at all, instead, I would create at least 1000 long tail phrases (5 or more words each) per keyword set(keyword set being two or three similar, relevant 2-word kw phrases), bid 1 to 2 pennies each and set it for an exact match. The goal is to have 20,000+ phrases per product. Long-tail converts at a much higher %, you rank faster and it costs a fraction. On top of that, new accounts on google get 75$ credit after you spend $25 and bing gives a 100$ credit. Research your converting keywords before launching using your competitors listing. then go to askthepublic, soovle,, etc and develop out your long-tail phrases. This is no secret and has been common knowledge off of Amazon since 2004. All of you sellers that only know Amazon need to step back and realize there is a lot more business out there.

  • great tip. one question: do you run another โ€œregularโ€ auto campaign apart from this low bid one?

  • If im using ppc how does Amazon know which of my products the keywords is assigned to? Do I click on one of my products, add keywords and then start the ppc?

  • Thanks for making those videos! Enjoyed listening to you two and finding ways to help us save and be successful in this business. Question? Would you consider meeting with me and mentoring for an hour or two? It would be just for one day whenever you are free. Iโ€™m willing to pay for your time. Appreciate any help!

  • I'm slightly confused on this. I have not launched yet. In this example are you bidding on words that are not your key words? Are they other words in your title/description/backend key words? Could you give me an example with say a garlic press (not my product)?

  • Thank you guys!!

  • TresCuties Designs

    Hi, yes, interesting… thank you so much for sharing. I am finishing my Launch today, and my total ACOS is 122.38%. ( running several campaigns) No PPC yet. This is pretty high I will imaging. I was having the default bid for $1.05 , already having impressions 4,428 ACOS 43.95%. So, I have just reduced it to $0.10 will check after a week and will increase it little by little, will my ACOS decreases within a week? Thanks a lot!

  • William Franco

    Ay just did this and generated first sale on new listing. Thanks guys!

  • lmfaooo

  • Lol this reminds me of the YouTube day traders.. they'll say they made a 1000% return, but it's only ever on like 50 bucks. 1% ACOS is nice, but you purposely blurred out the campaigns that ran like shit so we only see the good results, and it's only $100. Let's see a campaign under 20% with at least $10,000 in sales and I'll subscribe to learn more.

  • ?i have the quation what's the powerful sell in amazon is facebook ads or amazon ppc
    thank you

  • Taylor has a great shirt :)))))))

  • Thanks for the tip! I created this campaign. Question: whatโ€™s my cap on the bids and how many weeks do I continue to go up?

  • Im here in the philippines.. and we are using owned by alibaba here in the PH. I wanna know how similar is Lazada with Amazon.. thanks…

  • Does this still worK?

  • this is considered manual ppc right?

  • So the purpose of doing this is just to collect keywords with low ACOS?

  • Why does this work???

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