AMAZON PPC | How I spend $0.00 and RANK on Page 1

AMAZON PPC | How I spend $0.00 and RANK on Page 1

what is going on Amazon sellers or
hopefully soon-to-be Amazon sellers my name is beau crabill in this video I’m
going to go over exactly how I’m able to spend absolutely zero dollars in
advertising ok and it’s going to be more focus on the logistical
process how I’m actually able to still get sales thousands of sales and spend
$0 and advertise now the reason why I’m making this video is because I get a lot
of questions on both how are you able to spend any money pay-per-click ads how
are you still able to get ranked number one in the search results how it does
that even possibly happen ok and and now making this video because you guys asked
all those questions so if you guys have a burning question that you want me to
go over feel free to comment down below with that question ok so I always get
feedback from you guys and I want to make the content that you guys want okay
so first off before I go into the logistical process on how it works let
me first explain in just a general sense ok so the general sentence is that I’m
selling products that already sell on Amazon okay so in Amazon instead of like
an eBay where you have to go crate up a whole new listing if you’re selling
products that already exist in Amazon you don’t create a new listing if it’s a
brand name product that already exists in Amazon’s catalogue and you have a for
us to sell it okay so for example if I want to go sell Madden 17 for Xbox one I
go search madden 17 for the Xbox one there’s probably only gonna be one
listing that pops up ok and I’m gonna put my units for sale on that listing
and now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to walk you through that process process
exactly how it works ok ok so what I’m gonna do I’m actually going to be using
Madden 17 for Xbox one and the reason why I’m using this I know it sounds very
redundant actually in my course I use Madden 17 Xbox one for this example but
using a video game is a very very good example for this and you understand why
ok so if I want to go sell the Madden 17 the Xbox one right I’m going to first
see this product right here that says 1350 ok but if we scroll down you’re
gonna notice there’s this product right here 34.38 it looks like that
addition but you know it’s these are the same ones down here versus these and
they’re 27.80 this one is $36.99 this one’s 1499 now
keep in mind that those listings does not mean they’re all different sellers
okay for example let’s go open up this listing or open the new tab and also
open up this in a new tab and if we notice this one’s 1350 and if we go find
the rank the ranks is 118 in video games now you might have no idea what the rank
really means or what it stands for but I’ll go over that in just a second okay
but we’re gonna know is that this product one sells for twenty seven
eighty has a rank of 13,000 and two and video games I mean heck you could
probably go buy it on this listing and go so and on this listing for more but
no no no that’s you’re not gonna get any sales okay and what I’m gonna be showing
you here you see there’s 23 sellers here and you’re gonna notice there’s 270
sellers here however majority those people are not gonna be my competition
that’s a totally different video but let’s go over the sales volume
difference and how we’re gonna do that is we’re gonna get the rank all right so
if I go to jungle slash estimator which please do not get that
confused with the private labeling research tool I do not do private
labeling if we go out to video games and if we go plug in this rank down here
118 that’s going to turn into C that’s gonna be about one thousand nine or 15
one sales per month if we go look at this right
13:02 actually forgot the two in there let’s go paste that in and put the two a
10 you’re gonna notice that it is less than 5 which means zero sales per month
so we have one listing that sells 1951 and then we have one less thing that
sells zero so you have a choice to either sell on the one that has zero
where your ROI could be higher or you could choose to sell the one that sells
fast ok now you’re probably wondering ok how how do I make sure I’m getting part
of those 951 sales so all you’re gonna do is what I’m about to show you right
now okay so what you got to do is you’re
gonna get the Aysen okay and how you get the asin in you go down to the product
information page what I like to do is if you’re on a Mac or I think you’ve been
on a PC too you can do command or control F and then you can just go type
in asin and this will pop up it would take you down to the asin so I’m gonna
copy that then I’m gonna go in Amazon and then we are going to show you
exactly how you add your units in stock on this listing cuz that’s all what
you’re really doing is you’re just putting your units for sale on this
listing and then you just need to go position yourself to make sure you’re
gonna get the sales okay so let me do that right now
after first what’s actually here’s my Amazon sales for today I’ll refresh that
so you can see that but it’s not bad it’s January 8th right now so pretty
slow time of the year and this is off one account do you keep in mind I have
three accounts so pretty pleased with that
right now but now let’s go through this product okay so how this process would
work is you copy the ace in you paste it in you hit search you then hit sell
yours then you put the condition is new and say I mean say if you want to sell
these FBA than what you could do you could go hit advanced view then you
would hit I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service um you would do
I’m gonna put about fourteen bucks right now and then match the buy box later but
yeah just keep that in mind and say save and finish do that and then you go
through the process of sending aprox to FBA if you bought this from an
authorized supplier this would be the point where the supplier gave you the
shipment directions and the weights and dimensions everything you go plug it in
and go through those steps okay however now you’re probably wondering okay so
now my products are for sale there now how do I make sure I get a portion of
these sales because the rank was one or an eighteen how do I make sure I
position myself to get 1951 the sales now just keep in mind you’re not gonna
get one all 1901 of the sales what’s going to happen is you’re gonna be
sharing them okay so we’re gonna realize we’re not gonna be selling on this
listing so we can just exit it out right now actually if you’re wondering why
there might be multiple listings it’s going be for the reason because most
people have no idea how to sell on Amazon and that’s the short answer
okay you know you know that right now however
let’s figure out how you position yourself to get these sales and how you
do that his first we need to understand what the
buy boxes by box price is $13.50 I have other videos about explaining the buy
box however what you want to do is you need to understand who’s going to be
your competitors ok now who your competitors gonna be are the people
selling FBA people selling new and people at the current buy box price
everyone else I do not care about again most people have no absolute idea how to
sell on Amazon ok and how I figure this out quickly is first I’m going to filter
out only new so it’s gonna only care about the people sound like new and then
I’m gonna go throw up to prime because I felt out to prime that’s going to be FBA
sellers however there can be some times where the FBM so or sound prime but
that’s a different story but now we’re gonna notice all the sellers who are
selling new selling FBA and now let’s go see how many those sellers are at the
1350 mark all right so we got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 at 1350 ok so I would say right
there if I add in my units in stock right now I would be the 8th seller so
I’m gonna get that 1951 and we’re gonna divide that by 8
okay so 1951 you divide that by 8 hit enter you’re gonna get 2 & 4 2 3 sales
from however do need to keep in mind right that these people could become my
competition at any point they’re only 50 cents off the market they could go match
at 1350 at any point okay now reasons why they’re not is
maybe because they just have a couple units maybe they’re doing arbitrage just
they don’t have a lot of Units and maybe their profits aren’t as high so maybe
they’re waiting for people to sell out sometimes not a bad strategy but then we
see people up here when it gets past 16 bucks or so that’s gonna say those
people are probably not my competition because their profits are probably gone
already so that’s why they’re saving it there they’re probably doing arbitrage
and everything so these people down here and everything else is knocking my
competition if they do match they probably should be losing a bunch of
money and then they won’t be in business for much longer but yeah that’s all you
do because now once you position yourself and make sure
you’re at the 1350 mark what’s gonna happen is that amazon will equally share
the sales okay so if there’s eight people selling 1350 at new at FBA
they’re going to share these estimated sales now these are estimated sales so
the rank could be a hundred tomorrow the rank could be one hundred and fifty
tomorrow it could vary however that’s gonna give you a good estimate and
that’s how I you don’t have to spend any money on advertising okay because you
walked through the process that you’re not having to go to do run pay-per-click
ads to go get those listings because you don’t have to go create the whole new
listing when I add the proc like here that’s all I did to make the listing
that’s it so I hope you like this video thank you so much for watching this
video now if you want to stay up to date with all of my new content to be the
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me okay


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