• Excellent question, Hermann! Thank you for the answer, Evan… I'm over here taking notes 😉

  • Hermann Hermannsson

    Thank you Evan!

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  • Great video 🙂
    really informational and helpful for newbie developers ..

  • Hi Evan l developed a new app for the stock market check it out at on twitter @icharttop or youtube How to set up a From date & a To date

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    Hi! Nice video! though you missed the most important factor for making an app succesful: Money. You need to invsest money and believe not few in marketing in order to compete with the sharks of this field.Could you please make a video in the following topic: How do someone makes his skills and his talent known? What is the right way to make people/market know in what you are very good at.
    Thank you!

  • Keep doing what you're doing Evan! I love your videos. 

  • Great question, and an even greater response. Thank you both

  • Evan, that was the most informative, practical and useful 5:21 I've spent researching on how to take our educational math app Exam Elf to our target audience.  We have no budget but we have desire!   Thank you very much for your advice.  

  • Im a 17 year old app owner of the app Stack Challenge that just got released on the app store, its doing considerably well but I'm trying to find new ways to improve the marketing, any advice?

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    @Evan Carmichael hi evan im developing a app that is for graffiti coloring in drawing artist it will start of free on the apple store. In my app i will upload a picture weekly which users can color,spray how they please in return every friday i reward the best colored in highest liked picture with a 50$ gift card too one of many online redeemable stores second place gets a 25$ gift card and third place gets a 10$ gift card. Also theyre will be a weekly freestyle draw in color your own portrait section which the same 3 best photos made will be rewarded in the same way. After 1 month of building users,in telling friends family in advertising i would love too charge .99cenrs for monthly use of the app what doo you think of this idea for a app .

  • Great advice. I agree with what you said, App Store has tons of apps but most of them are badly designed. Technically speaking, that's a recipe for taking a great idea and demolishing it with a bad implementation. I'm not sure if you agree with that or not 😉

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    I need some help , i work for a Qatar based Website its called "ezyqatar.com" it is a informative website people promote their business on the website now recently about a month a got they launched an app & i got the job to promote it. The app is good but the response is poor i don't know what to do to make it work. My job is at stake please can you help.

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  • Useless video. What you said is basic rules for the guy who want to make money through his app. But you did not mention how to advertise app. Everyone knows you need build great app first , then target and introduce your app to your customer . But how? If you do not have much money, you can't do advertisement . Personally I think you need to work on Quality of your video instead talking some crap.

  • +Evan Carmichael Your videos are great. Do you think you can make a video talking about a Brand Ambassador Strategy with short budget? My app for example shows users the best locations to go and meet new people. It serves as an Ice Breaker at first, then people have to talk face-to-face. We are thinking what are the best practices to have people helping us to promote the App in NightClubs and Bars to start with. Check it out: www.flrtng.me

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  • Dwight Ruddock

    You really annoy me when u say "make sure the app isn't crap" was flappy birds crap,yes! Was the "Pet rock" crap in the 80's Yes! But it made millions..it's all about how you market your crappy app or product that will determine if its success or not idiot! When you tell people to make sure there app isn't crap,they begin to doubt themselves and compare there app to million dollar apps. What you might consider to be crap the rest of the free world my love it.

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  • How to advertise your app:
    1) Make a great app
    2) Tell your friends about it

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  • what about the games?

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  • I like your suggestions man. I release my app is good but less people installs. I am very upset these days.

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  • Hey Evan, Great video! Ive released my first app and im really struggling to get downloads. Its a reminder app called "Looki". Please check it out and if you like it please do a video or even just share it with your friends. Keep up the good work!

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  • Digvijay Karhadkar

    Its Educative but need to elaborate on the various effective tools that will help in the advertising and marketing of the App

  • Astitv Shandilya

    Hey Evan, I've got an Android app named Bubblr in the play store which is basically about connecting readers who love reading stuff of their interest to people who love writing such stuff…It's in one sentence, a stories app with a few twists…

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    Everytime I tried to learn something from this guy, all I get back is bunch of craps and negativity.

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  • sir i am going to lauch my app on google play…but i dont know how i collect earning money to my bank account when any one download or browse my app……i am begineer…plz help

  • this video doesnt help you make an app

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