BEST OF PC GAMER WEEKENDER 2018 – Gameplay & Interviews

BEST OF PC GAMER WEEKENDER 2018 – Gameplay & Interviews

Hello and welcome to the PC Gamer
Weekender. My name’s Nick from Firefly Studios and
we’re here with our fellow indie developers and we’re gonna be taking you through
our favourite games of the show. Hi, I’m Toby, I’m the PR Manager from Warhorse Studios. Kingdom Come, that’s our game. What is Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Kingdom Come is an open-world RPG that tries
to bring you back in the early 15th century, so 1403 that’s the time where
everything is set and based and if you know Czech Republic, that’s
in the east where you get the good beer, that’s where the game takes place. And that’s where you play as Henry, who is the son
of a blacksmith, who unfortunately loses his family but that’s not a spoiler because
you can see it in the trailer and you are somehow on a revenge
quest where you have to find out, well, you see who kills your parents
so you want to take revenge on him but then throughout the game you will
understand that revenge is not the biggest thing or your personal problems one of the biggest
things happening right now in Bohemia. It has a lot of fighting in there,
but it’s not a Mount & Blade. It has a lot of sneaking in there,
but it’s not a Splinter Cell. Right? So it’s really… we tried to
create some kind of a buffet where you can choose the fighting approach,
sneaky approach, speed approach and it’s actually up to you to find your way. and because people need
me now, I need to go. My name is Kevin, I’m a game content designer at Grimlore Games. We’re showing Spellforce 3. It’s a mixture of RTS and RPG. So if you’re a fan of games like Warcraft 3,
this might sound familiar to you except that we take it a little step further
as the RPG part is a lot more diverse we have a lot of customization options, we have
a lot of options to truly customize your character and make him the commander of
your army but we also have options to leave the player to play it more like a
traditional RPG where the player is basically focussing on creating a diverse
character, creating a diverse party where the counterpart is that we offer
opportunities for deeper RTS gameplay so the skirmish gameplay focuses a lot on conquering sectors, defending them.
Yeah, this creates a pretty unique experience. you can find the game on Steam
and GOG if you’re interested. Endless Space 2 is a great 4X strategy game in space where you take on the role of the leader of the people, one of
the eights factions and basically where you take that story
is entirely up to you, you can play as mindless homicidal robots, you can play
as thefriendly tree people, you can play as space nerds, space vampires, space mafia, space commies, a bunch of other space somethings, there
is space for everybody. There is endless space. Exactly. One of the things that makes the game really special is the fact that we develop it together with the community So we have a forum called Games Together
that’s more than just a forum. he actually has votes where players
can vote on impactful decisions we have game design documents up there so basically the idea has got he tried to
develop the game together with the community with openness, essentially. And speaking of votes, I think
we have an announcement. We’ll be handling new votes on G2G today, which is Thursday? I don’t know. Yeah, wait until Thursday. This
is not on Saturday, but Thursday. And you have to go up
there to vote something that is pretty interesting, so
you want to be there. If you’re interested in taking part in the active development of the game now is your time to shine. Alright, so
that’s where you can find us And we’ll be – oh, it’s Thursday so you
don’t care where you can find us on Sunday But yeah, we’ve been
here, it was really good and I hope we’ve seen you. So Deep Rock Galactic is a four player first-person-shooter co-op game
featuring badass smiling space dwarfs it has fully destructible environments,
loads of terrifying spider creatures, there are four main classes of dwarf. We’ve got
the engineer, the gunner, the scout and the driller and they all have loads of
really cool high-tech tools and gadgets. They work together to collect as many
minerals possible and get out alive. Deep Rock Galactic is coming to Steam Early Access
and Xbox One game preview on February 28th Hello my name is Julian Gollop, I’m the lead
designer for Phoenix Point which is an ex-con style game with turn based tactical
battles and a real-based strategy element to it. What’s really interesting about
Phoenix Point is that it sets you against an alien menace which is constantly evolving and
mutating to counteract your tactics. The threat begins as a virus in the sea,
it starts to mutate various sea creatures It will combine with human DNA and you will
see some horrific monsters and it’s very much inspired by Lovecraftian style cosmic
horror as well as there are sci-fi games like The Thing [???] so if you’re into that
vibe, you’re going to enjoy it very much. It is going to be available at the
end of this year but you can pre-order on our website at Hello, my name is Stefan Ljungqvist, head
of the studio and creative art director for Experiment 101, we’re working on Biomutant. Biomutant is an open-world RPG it’s a post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable. That’s a
mouthful, I know, but it kind of makes sense. Post-apocalyptic in the sense that you’re actually playing as the world is
dying and it has a meaning because you can interfere with it so you can either
take part and bring the whole world down or you can save it. It’s kind of up to you
and that will play into the personal ending The game is not taking itself
too serious, it’s more about that fun factor and fluidity of combat so in
terms of structure it’s more like Zelda and remember what I said
structure it’s more like Zelda than Horizon so we’re not trying to give you
a full linear story it’s focused on your personal experience and
exploration of the world. Check out Biomutant on the internets,
it’s coming out later for PC obviously I’m at PC Gamer Weekender but
also on the consoles. See you later. I’m Paul from Firefly. We’re
here today to show MetaMorph. MetaMorph is an action strategy
game in which you can morph between three heroes: The Rabbit,
a Fire Nymph and an Ogre in order to clear out the dungeons. Each of the characters has their own
special moves and an ultimate move There will be most different types of enemies,
boss battles, loads of traps which you not only have to avoid but also you can use to
kill enemies. We’re also releasing new updates over the next coming weeks and
months, including new characters and new skills and the game is available now on Early Access on Steam Those were our favorite titles
at PC Gamer Weekender 2018 If you liked any of the
games in the video, make sure to check out the
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more video content from Firefly, including information about
Stronghold Next and MetaMorph, our Early
Access dungeon crawler.


  • Wattup #Strongholders! (sorry, I'll never do that again)

    Hope you enjoy our spotlight on the exciting new and upcoming games exhibited at the PC Gamer Weekender! Hopefully it's not too long before we can start showing Stronghold Next at these kinda' shows!

    German, French, Russian, & Polish subtitles will be added ASAP. Apologies to our non-English speaking friends!

  • Still waiting for Bannerlo.. ups not here πŸ˜€ I meant still waiting for Stronghold Next πŸ˜€ Hope there will be added ships and some upgrades for units πŸ˜€

  • Hey Firefly! I've a question for a completely different topic haha. Do you actually do reviews on youtube for maps that fans create for the stronghold series? That would be so awesome if you could start doing something like that πŸ˜€

  • Thanks for sharing this video 🀘✌️😎

  • Nice are you already searching for Beta Testers for Stronghold next? πŸ˜‰

  • All these games are cool, especially Kingdom come deliverance, it don't command armies like stronghold but makes me live the life of that one swordsman unit. Really enjoyable.

  • Priest Guardian

    Stronghold Next will be worth a serious look indeed, but my Hype factor and many of my gaming friends are all about SHK's 2

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