BEST Real Estate Apps 2018 for Finding a Home

BEST Real Estate Apps 2018 for Finding a Home

How’s it going everyone, Matt Leighton welcome
back to another video. Today is going to be a little different as
we dive into my phone and take a look at what I believe to be are the best real estate mobile
apps on the market for finding houses that are on the market. Okay I’m here at my desk right now and what
I want to do is go through the top 4 apps. I am currently on the Google Pixel XL so that
means that this list is going to cover those apps that are compatible for both Android
and iOS. There was only 1 app that I wanted to review,
but couldn’t because they don’t have an Android version and that is the Compass Real
Estate app. I’ve heard good things about the app. And with 1.4 billion people in the world using
the Android platform, you would think that they would have an Android version, but I
guess it just wasn’t meant to be. With that being said let’s take a look at
the first app which all of you should be familiar with, and that is Zillow.


  • Thanks for the info, downloading homesnap now!

  • Virginia Kingsford

    Great info as always Matt. Never even heard of redfin before, will definitely check out.

  • Your videos are preparing me for my first home purchase in California. Thanks for the time you take to do these videos for us new buyers. Keep on educating us with your professional expertise. 👍👩‍🏫

  • I personally like redfin. It shows the price of the homes, taxes, and even hoa, which in some other apps don't show it.

  • Good videos. Keep them coming out.

  • Hi Matt. I am a computer guy looking for a home. I tried home snap with PC there are homes selling in this city/town… Conroe TX. Zillow has them try home snap maybe I am messing up.

  • WHATS UP WITH YOUR SOUND GOING UP AND DOWN. please fix your "Intro Topics". I keep having to adjust my volume. Im watching at night kids are sleeping. EARPIECE would have the same issue. VERY INFORMATIVE THOUGH

  • Thanks for making this video, I had no idea about Red Fin and Home Snap, I love both of them but I gotta admit Home Snap is Awesome! it even has results that Zillow and Realtor didnt show me that are only on Home Snap.

  • Both redfin and homesnap are very lacking when it comes to searching in my area. redfin doesn't work here at all and homesnap for whatever reason is missing most listing :/

  • I have both Zillow and but I prefer using

  • I love Homesnap because it's easy to use and the zoom in feature on houses that are forsale/open house in your neighborhood

  • I like trulia a lot! It fixes a lot of Zillow’s problems

  • Apps like Zillow but you can look internationally as well as locally?

  • Trulia bro hands down

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  • The only two things I see it needs is the single-family home option and how many acres. I'm looking for homes with some Acres and I don't see the option for it Two separate from the rest. Other than that nice video and a nice app

  • Have you tried trulia?? What do u think?

  • i downloaded home snap punched in 08723 that is brick nj  got 1 listing checked all the settings changed to 1+ bedroom 1+bath and still only 1 listing  this app sucks sticking with redfin  and zillow

  • Mantraprenuer Network

    Great apps!

  • Not sure why but, the sound from this video goes from normal sound level to blowing out my speakers then back to normal…… my ears are bleeding😡

  • I was just looking up Homesnap on my Desktop..yes Desktop lol and I love it! Favorite one was Redfin but Homesnap takes the #1 spot!

  • Hi Matt
    Will you be willing to take me under your wing and teach me what it takes to be a real estate investor. I want to learn but im scared to move forward. Can you help me?

  • I loveeee this video😘 google and YouTube are freaking scary…I just did 1 search on which apps to use to buy home and ur video was recommended to me hours later…I love everything you shared bc Newbie like me can relate to most of it..and it’s alll very helpful info!!!😘😘😘😘 ur my top fav video person…learned so much from you, I feel so empowering with all the knowledge I learned from you! knowledge is power 😘😘😘😘

  • What about homespotter?

  • Zillow = Like

    Trulia = comment

    I’m on Zillow c:

  • Redfin is limited to larger areas and does not cover most smaller towns and communities. NOT GOOD!

  • diamondwolfpack 6

    Thxs man after the US army I'm purchasing a house wish me luck

  • On HOMESNAP where are he HOA fees? REDFIN shows the HOA fees right away.

  • What do you click and where? Thank you.

  • HOMESNAP calls it Assessment Association Dues Dollar & REDFIN calls it HOA Dues

    Therefore Assessment Association Dues Dollar EQUALS HOA Dues

  • I have a question , are some of these homes for rent ?

  • Dont forget: “LandGlide”

  • Sallah El moussaoui

    What name applications please i need fast someone help me

  • Im so glad i click on this app. The apps were giving me so much issues. He clarified evwrything. Thanks

  • Thank you for the information. I appreciate it!

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  • Also the host on hot ones

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