BOLO DE CENOURA: FOFINHO 🎂 Cobertura de Chocolate (sem Leite)

BOLO DE CENOURA:  FOFINHO  🎂 Cobertura de Chocolate (sem Leite)

It is mouthwatering this is the carrot cake cuddly wonderful very beautiful before we know how to prepare this wonderful cake I’m going to ask you guys access below the video the channel signup button and also activate the notification bell to receive my new posts Let’s now know how to do it. the delicious carrot cake Preheat your oven to 200 degrees in cups measuring 250 ML I cut two large carrots in small cubes shelled cut into cubes and also a cup of oil I’m going to use cooking oil. it can also be soybean or sunflower oil in the blender to grind the carrots Let’s go for a cup of cooking oil and the two cups of carrots and chopped mix for one minute then four eggs mix for one minute now in a separate container Let’s go for three cups of wheat flour and two cups of sugar optional, a pinch of salt, half a spoonful now let’s mix the blender mix which contains, cooking oil, 4 eggs and diced carrot with the wheat flour and sugar mix very well mix lightly until well blended finally we will add the baking powder, a spoon mix very well with lightness until well homogeneous there is the point of mixing the shape, or mold is already prepared greased and lined with a sheet of buttered paper measuring 22 CM wide by 10 centimeters deep you can use other molds, square, rectangular round any template fits the carrot cake put the mixture we made in the mold and wait 10 minutes for yeast to act and grow finally take to roast the oven is preheated to 200 degrees for 45 minutes always keep the oven closed now let’s prepare the cake topping with 4 tablespoons of chocolate powder a can of condensed milk and a spoonful of butter or margarine melt the butter over low heat in the pan add a can of condensed milk and finally the 4 scoops of powdered chocolate or chocolate I’m using chocolate powder which gives more color and flavor in our chocolate coating simmer for 3 minutes and let cool very well, our cake is already roasted It was wonderful, super grown now it’s show time I’ll take the cake out of the way. I’ll also remove the paper I’ll see you again finally I’ll apply the chocolate coating already cold a wonder to see to fill the eyes Mouth watering I’ll cut a slice for you. and I’ll invite you to have a delicious coffee with carrot cake extremely cute grown wonderful with color and flavor of carrot chocolate cover this is the carrot cake I hope you enjoyed this recipe. give tips and suggestions below the video do not forget to give your liked (LIKE) and enroll in the channel activate the notification bell I will now leave links on the screen for other recipes thank you all


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