Business! Art Books! Graphic Design?!

Business! Art Books! Graphic Design?!

Hey guys! It’s been a while again since
my previous video I don’t really like going so long in between my videos but I
have been doing a lot of work so I just wanted to give you guys a bit of an
update and just let you know how everything’s been going. So in my
previous video I talked about my kind of business idea that I’m wanting to do and
I actually started drawing up some concepts around the idea that I had and
I actually found that the ideas I had were great in my head but when it came
to actually trying to draw them and put them onto paper and actually get to the
execution of them, I didn’t really like how they were feeling and I found that
they weren’t really translating well into like the t-shirt design aspect of
what I’m trying to do. So when these kind of situations happen it doesn’t
necessarily mean that you have a bad idea it just means that your ideas need
to probably need a bit of tweaking just to fit the specifications of whatever
you’re actually trying to do. So the idea that I had, I just felt like it was a bit
confined in what I could do and what the idea was, so I haven’t really altered it
a huge way, I’ve more just expanded it so that I can fit, like… it can cover a much larger area than what it previously was, and so I’ve actually
taken a few ideas that I’ve already had in the past and kind of conglomerating
them into the idea that I’ve got for my business. And one of those ideas that I
am taking from, like that I’ve had in the past, was my pin-up girl idea which I’ve
actually done videos of… or, I did videos of last year,
and I’ve had a few friends ask me whether I was going to finish that or
anything and it looks like I’m probably going to kind of continue it on kind of,
like, in a similar way with what I’m doing now. And I think that’s a good idea
because like that pinup idea I had, I still really like the idea but the
drawings that I was doing, I just didn’t really… I just wasn’t really into them, so
it’ll be good to just kind of refresh them a bit and explore that idea a bit
more. I’ve actually been on a little bit of a roll with my drawing in the last
couple of weeks, I’ve been pushing myself to a draw like more drawings through the
day. So, rather than just drawing one drawing and then finishing that, I will
draw one thing move on to the next thing, whatever, and probably spend about 4
hours a day drawing, which i think is a pretty good time because it’s enough
time to get stuff done and it’s like a shortened time period so that I don’t
feel like I’m being overworked and I’m not getting sick of what I’m doing, which
is really important when you’re doing creative kind of stuff, or probably just
anything, but creative stuff especially. It’s great because I can feel but I’m
learning a lot quicker than previously when I would not really draw that much,
and I’m just really enjoying drawing more and I feel like it’s a lot easier
to get started on drawings, like I won’t really overthink it that much and I’ll
just start scribbling down whatever is in my head. Something that I’m wanting to
incorporate into my art more is graphic design and like graphic design kind of
elements because this is something that I haven’t really learnt that much myself. In the past I’ve kind of had a bit of a bad attitude towards it like “oh no, I
don’t– I’m not a graphic designer, I’m an artist! I have
skill than that!” which is obviously completely stupid because graphic design
is a skill and it takes a lot of studying and practice to actually be
good at it and to actually get that kind of eye for what looks good, and also
staying up to date with trends and fashions and that kind of thing. It’s
also really important because it’s literally everywhere and it’s one of
those things where even the untrained eye can pick up when things are designed
poorly or when they’re designed well. And I think it’s actually pretty common for
a lot of artists to not have much skill in the graphic design kind of things and
I think you can pick it when artists haven’t really studied much graphic
design kind of stuff. So I actually went and bought some more graphic design
focused books last week just to give myself some inspiration and reference
and just get an idea of what’s out there and how things have been done in the
past and how things are being done now. So I actually went to Kinokuniya which
is in the city in Sydney as they’ve got a huge collection of art books ranging
from graphic design, illustration, architecture, interior design, photography,
fashion design, all that kind of stuff. And it really opened my eyes to how much
graphic design there really is, like how many categories there, I guess? Like
there’s things like menu design, store design, stationary design, posters,
advertisements, and product design – that’s a big one! And obviously everyone’s aware
that there’s a big design process when these things are created but I don’t
think many people are aware of how a lot of the design elements are considered
and decided on, and as such I think when it comes to
actually doing graphic design yourself you’ll really struggle because you’ll
come up with a blank and you won’t really know how to start, or where to
start, and that’s something that I was feeling myself. When you haven’t actually
studied it yourself you can like picture graphic design in your head but then
when you’re trying to figure it out on paper you’re just like “wait… what is it?
Like how does it work? I don’t know!” So obviously books are really good when
it comes to collecting reference and will obviously help when I do come up
with a blank because they’re on hand and then you can just go through the book
get an idea and get inspiration of what you’re actually picturing in your head
of what you want to do but you can’t really translate it yourself
because you don’t have that skill yet. Anyway this is the first monster book
that I got I have to actually go backwards so I can get it in the frame. So this is
actually The History of Graphic Design and this is only Volume one and as you
can see it’s very thick and this goes from 1890 to 1959. So I thought this was
obviously a really good book to buy because graphic design is something that
varies a lot over time because it’s kind of like fashion design – there are trends
and they change with decades, times that go on, and they’re influenced by things
that are happening in society at that time and blah, blah, blah, blah! And I also
think this is really good for what I’m wanting to do because a lot of graphic
design started as posters and they were also mostly illustrated by hand, and it
was kind of more as there were technological advances in printing and
that kind of stuff that they kind of moved away from
illustrative stuff and moved more towards simple graphics or photography,
whatever. And another book that I got which is slightly related is this one
called Vintage Modern Design with a Past and I got this one because it’s got a
lot of like modern designs that are influenced by vintage kind of graphic
design and so I thought this would be really good because it’s it shows how
like old vintage design can be adapted to suit modern trends, modern
graphic design, and still look modernised and fresh. And then for something
completely different I also bought this book Lord of the Logos Designing the
Metal Underground, and this one will be kind of random compared to the other
ones but it’s basically just all metal, like heavy metal band logos which are kind
of a niche kind of graphic design logo thing, in a way. And this might seem like
a random purchase but when you kind of get into studying the designs in this
book you can really appreciate how much thought and design goes into these logos.
There’s actually an incredible variation in a lot of these logos, like some of
them have very Art Deco kind of influences and then a lot of them are
kind of more natural and almost Art Nouveau-ie, some of them, like the fluid
lines. And the thing about the these logos is even through the sheer
complexity of some of them there’s still a balance to them – they’re kind of
symmetrical in form and they’re still nice to look at even though most of the
time you can’t actually read what they say.
But thankfully at the bottom of each page they actually have what the logos
say in plain text, so that’s probably good! So I saw the value in this book
basically through the diversity of what’s in here. And I think it’s good to
buy books that are different to what you normally do– like that the kind of art
that you normally draw, because you can learn a lot more from different books
than the kind of stock standard stuff you usually do. But for me, and for what
I’m wanting to do with my business idea, and with wanting to do t-shirt designs,
I think that this book is gonna be really good because since most of it is
kind of poster design stuff — oh my god it’s a big book — like, poster designs or
something that I think I’m good for me to focus on because they’re confined to
a similar kind of dimension that t-shirts – like t-shirt designs – are in,
like that portrait kind of print size. And so obviously you can get an idea of
how the elements are designed in that space and the composition, and a lot of them
have text and I think t-shirt designs with text…
I think they they’re probably a bit better than just graphics themselves…
sometimes, anyway, like there are a lot of text-based t-shirt designs. It’ll
be very helpful in many ways, I think. But basically I’ve got some ideas that I’m
wanting to do and I’m just trying to keep in mind what I think will actually
sell because obviously that’s the most important thing is… because I’m wanting
to make a business out of it, and that means making money, that means that I
have to actually make stuff that I think people will want to buy. So, obviously
aesthetics are a big thing that goes into it but I’m also trying to think
about things that people will connect to, like pop-culture references or current world or local events, because a lot of the
time when people buy t-shirts with graphics on them they’re buying
something that they understand, or something that’s kind of funny, something
related to what they think what’s important to them, so I think that’s
something that’s very important to keep in mind, as well as designing something
that looks good. So basically I’m trying to keep those things in mind while I am
coming up with these concepts for the designs I’m coming up with. And most of
all I’m making sure I am creating something that I enjoy, because
obviously that’s important too – you have to enjoy your own creations otherwise
you won’t really want to sell them, you’ll be a bit embarrassed or
reluctant to, maybe? Anyway, that’s all I had to say for this video.
I am thinking my next video I’ll actually have some kind of concepts to
show you guys and I’ll be able to talk about my thought process in them and the
actual like process of creating them. So if you guys are interested in watching
more about that then please remember to subscribe to my channel and hopefully I
will be able to keep these videos kind of consistent. I am actually going
overseas at the end of this month and I’m hoping to do a little bit of
videoing while I’m there and like go to museums and art galleries and that sort
of thing, so still collecting lots of inspiration for my art, but… yes, that’s
obviously… I’m going to be away from home and won’t have as much time to work and
do that kind of stuff, so bear with me. And if you’d like to stay connected with
me in between these videos then I have left a link down below in the
description box of my social media channels so please follow me on those!
But that’s it for now, I hope you guys have a wonderful day,
and I’ll see you in the next video! Bye!



  • All the best and want to tell you that I got ipad6 2018 recently and I this its good for drawing illustrations comics etc .

  • I love how you put so much heart in every video. It's so inspiring!
    Keep up the same energy and I wouldn't be surprised if you get a million subscribers in no time 😉

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