Call Spoofing – How to spoof call caller ID | Spoof Caller ID | Priyank

Call Spoofing – How to spoof call caller ID | Spoof Caller ID  | Priyank

The f*** oh my God oh my God it’s 10 x 0 omygod so what’s up YouTube and am back with another
video in this video we are going to review and application and I am going to show you
how you can spoof caller ID before starting with the video I would like to put a simple
disclaimer here please don’t use this for bad purpose I am showing this for educational
purpose only you are responsible for whatever you do so the name of the application and
the link in the description please don’t check the reviews because the reviews are really
bad and we are not going to believe in on the reviews actually going to try it and a
promise one thing before using this application that if it will work then you have to hit
the subscribe button and share this video with 10 of your friends so if you find this
video interesting or helpful then please hit the like button and share this video with
10 of your friends this application requires some credits that you can purchase from App
Store app Play Store but in my case I am going to show you how you can get unlimited credits
and Thursday make unlimited calls so the application is really simple and there are only two options
available and the first option as caller ID and the second option is for the number whom
you are going to call and one thing that I like about this as you can basically Browser
all your contacts and select them directly into the application and into the desired
fields so let’s give it a try and I am going to use this Nokia device as the victim or
the person whom I am going to call and I am using this kind of device because I basically
want to demonstrate that this works well and the video is uncut so if I am using any other
device and people would believe that I am using some techniques and I am editing the
footage but in my case there is no chance of Editing so I have place the call and as
you can see that the number is 0000 and I am using this number and let me just check
the device and show you that the footage is real and uncut so that’s it with the technique
and the method that I used now it’s time to get unlimited credits by default the app gives
you about 60 credits I don’t know the cost of calling are the charges but in my case
I have only 0.43 balance left and by default we have only 0.60 credits so as you can see
we have 0.43 credits left and what I’m going to do is I am going to who uses application
called phone ID changer and you can basically use random ID and click on apply and now you
have to search for the application that is fake id and clear the cache memory of the
application soldiers go to device storage and click on Clear data this will basically
render the application again and you have to wait for 15 seconds and close application
and reopen it and as you can see the credits have been increased from 0.432 0.60 but for
this you need a rooted device and exposed framework installed and if you want to know
more about the change ID application for unlimited credits then please check my YouTube channel
I hope you like the video and you will learn something new from this video and this week
will walk at works in India I don’t know about other countries but it works in India and
I hope you remember the promise you will hit the subscribe button and share it with your
friends so that’s it for the video thanks for watching guys


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