what’s up family
my name is Almir Junior and I am traveling the world for exactly 857 days within this time I have traveled to more than 20 countries and at about 100 cities between south america and Europe
one of the most common doubts when traveling
is about the visa how will I enter the country, how long can I stay there and to cross the border to another country, how do I do, do I need a return flight, to prove my incomes to prove my stay
the first thing you need to know its the difference between a tourist visa, a work visa, a student visa or simply a tourist permission for your stay in the country during all of this time I used only the tourist permission the only thing they will do is stamp your entrance and your leaving from the country and you don’t have to pay for this stamps in your passport we were trying to get a ride there but we need to stamp our passport in the Bulgaria’s side yet
this is only the leaving Turkey’s stamp so we still have to make the entrance in Bulgaria Did you know that according to ONU there are 193 countries in the world? and we Brazilians do not need visa for more than 150 of them because the Brazilian’s passport is very good
it’s between top 20 who issues it is the Federal Police it costs 257 reais in 2018 one more stamp here
there are a lot of people that do not have this freedom of traveling that we do, they need to pay for every visa its too expensive you have to pay every place you go and think about that a visa costs, depends, we paid 50 euros you cannot make a road trip we wouldn’t have 400 euros on us right now and there it goes all on visas, money is over
and its exactly what Im doing now during this 2 years, 4 months and 4 days of my life all the period I stay in the countries are less than 3 months some countries will give you 6 months some will give you less
so if you want to be traveling around Europe for more than a year you can
its just staying 3 months in each country on this Europe’s schengen space
its an agreement they have between 26 countries if Im not mistaken
you leave to the neighbor country, stay out for 3 months like Croatia, Servia, Kosovo, any eastern european country after 3 months you come back
i will leave in the description the list of all the countries the brazilian passport wont need a visa to travel to
i will also leave in the description the countries belonging to Mercosul we dont even need the passport just the ID you can enter these countries where are some difficulties and doubts people have when entering the border
it will depend on which border you are the only borders I crossed on a plane were from peru to mexico and from mexico to France normally the airport borders people are more inflexible they make more questions
maybe they request this return flight ticket
maybe they request your staying receipt an income receipt
“oh ok you dont need a visa you are a tourist, but how will you pay for this trip?” so its good if you can prove that you have money you have a credit card for you to spend there otherwise they’ll say “return to your country”
not necessarily your flight need to be back to your country, that is, if you are going from Brazil to France your return flight doesnt need to be from France to Brazil
the only thing they need is that you leave their country before these 3 months
most of the borders I crossed were hitchhiking or on foot
and these borders are much simpler to cross
they dont ask too much at most they searched the bag many time not even that
just said “ok, go on” actually were one of the things that most shocked me you go through a booth
turn in your passports they look at your face, look at your passport, stamp give it back to you, and than you can walk away its different from a real visa that you need to enter USA or other countries you need to emit the visa before you get there
even if its a tourist visa its a doc they stick in your passport totally different from the tourist permission
you’ll have to pay a toll you’ll need to make an interview
each country has a different bureaucracy so if you think about going to a country that requires this visa emitting I’d advise you to google all the requirements to go inside this country and the biggest different between the tourist visa and the tourist permission
is that the visa has all these requirements you need to check to have it
and the permission is a stamp in your passport than you can cross the border one of the things we have to be aware of is are the connection visas
Im here at the Cancun airport yesterday I had a flight to London
but it had a connection in Canada and I dont have the canadian visa
when I arrived to do my check in put my bags the guys said “man you cant board in you won’t go”
even if you do not leave the plane even if you do not leave the plane or the airport
you need to stay tuned to this countries you make a connections
because if any of these countries where you have connections and you don’t have the visa for it when the visa is required you wont even board in Brazil because automatically you will be blocked
when do you need to use the work visa, for exemple? some time ago I applied to the work holiday visa in New Zeland this is a visa which gives you the right to stay legally in the country for a year working, studying, just like a native citizen the work visa is the most complicated of all because it has some different categories
employee work visa countryside work visa
entrepreneur work visa if you go there to open a company
it will depend a lot on these demands and docs that you have to present
one of them is the employment contract generally for a long period of time that you can prove you work there and will apply for this visa one advantage is that you can go with the tourist permission to any of these countries and apply for the work visa there
that is, if you go to Portugal and get a job there
you can apply for the work visa and stay there
some people want to study in other countries for more than 3 months, for example there you would need a student visa or a work visa there will be asked about docs, enrollment receipt and all the requirements the country will be asking
one of the requirements some Europe countries make when visiting the country
is the travel insurance but I never had one and nobody ever asked either but its there in the website
so it will depend on the booth guard in the border
we have a great privilege with the brazilian passport it gives us access to the biggest part of the world lots of countries dont have this opportunity we do so use this opportunity
its worth, everything will work out think positive and that’s it
if you have any doubt or suggestion of subjects we can talk about demystify these taboos about travels leave it in the comment section
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thanks you for sharing your time with us peace out! biggest hug
love you guys


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