CSL (Cylinder Shell Loader) – video 42wmv .

CSL (Cylinder Shell Loader)  –  video 42wmv .

We have here a CSL 2 or cylinder shell loader number 2 It comprises two main components The Loading Block, which has a half inch diameter through-bore for the Carrier, and it has an axial slot for the Transfer Wire. And it has seven vertical pin chambers The carrier a half inch diameter It has an axial slot For the transfer wire And it has Seven pin chambers Plus an eighth chamber, that is used by the alignment tool when we are loading a 7 pin cylinder To get started, we enter the Carrier into the rear of the Loading Block, and push it through until their faces are flush and their slots are in line. We can now take the alignment tool and Insert it into the seventh or the last hole of the loading a block . This will keep the pin chambers of the Carrier in alignment with those in the Loading Block. When using this CSL we will enter the top pins, from front to rear, Into the Loading Block where they will simply drop through into the carrier. Notice that I’m actually using Bottom pins. They are from 0.065 to 0.180 inch Bottom Pins, With their flat sides downwards, and their pointed sides up towards the springs. We follow the pins with the springs. Just drop them on top of the pins We can now carefully remove the Alignment Tool and take a Transfer Wire and place it over the top of the Springs and compress them evenly into the Carrier We can now rotate that carrier 90 degrees and push it forward to protrude about half an inch from the Loading Block. We now take the an empty cylinder shell And enter it over the protruding nose of the Carrier, and push the Carrier through until it appears to the front of the cylinder shell Now remove the Loading Block and Move the Carrier forward until it is just possible to enter the Alignment Tool into the first empty hole in the Carrier. We can now remove the transfer wire. Put the Alignment Tool into the vacant hole in the carrier and simply rotate it up 90 degrees and you will hear the springs pop up into the bible of the cylinder shell. Now take the Transfer Wire and place it underneath the pins And raise them up Into the cylinder shell. which is now fully loaded with Top Pins and Springs ,and ready to receive the loaded cylinder Plug. All that remains is to replace the cylinder cap retaining spring and pin and the cap. Using the Cap removal tool

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