Digital Marketing News 11-15-2018: LinkedIn’s Objective-Based Ads, B2B Survey Results & More

Welcome to the digital marketing news
I’m Tiffany Allen and these are your top stories for this week first big news
from hashtag client LinkedIn they’re revealing the public beta of their
objective based advertising via campaign manager so this rolled out on the 14th
to everybody it’s a complete overhaul of campaign manager which makes it easier
to create campaigns and measure performance within their platform it
also syncs up with their insights and reporting that rolled out earlier this
year this is laying the groundwork for objective based optimization and pricing
coming mid 2019 which is excellent of course we always want to be getting
toward that ROI measurement making sure we’re spending money wisely there’s
other enhancements as well which include easier navigation there’s a new
forecasting panel which I’ve heard is pretty great redesigned targeting
experience faster and more responsive interface and then of course a live ad
preview so if you’re a LinkedIn advertiser this is something you’re
gonna want to look into in the next coming months and of course keeping an
eye out till that pricing optimization in mid 2019 our next story is new
research from show pad that says that b2b buyers listed a lack of information
as the top factor that stalls their decision-making in purchase process but
it’s not just any old information that’s that’s lacking here
37% it was their buying process was slowed by not having enough applicable
info 32% said they just didn’t have enough information overall other key
factors of course to slowing that process and that business decision was
difficulty in showing ROI again that could be lack of information that could
just be lack of business benefits that you have provided to your prospects
finding information confusing is another key barrier if they’re not understanding
what they’re taking in if the information that is provided doesn’t
make any sense typically folks aren’t going to purchase
and not trusting the information they’re receiving and of course as we’ve been
talking about more and more frequently as marketers there is a lack of trust in
marketing that needs to be addressed here so whether that’s third-party
reviews whether that’s influence or contributions if that’s regular
employees from your own company kind of taking the stand for you those are the
kind of things are going to helping your b2b buyers convert and our
final story is a research report from ascend to the marketing technology
survey when they talk to 145 marketing technology influencers to understand
kind of a state of marketing technology as it is right now the top marketing
priorities that have been identified are increasing ROI improving efficiency and
attributing revenue to marketing but big surprise here the big barriers to
success are integrating disparate systems after reading revenue and
increasing ROI so as ROI is a priority it’s also a top
challenge that’s something you can kind of mitigate with integrating your
disparate data systems and those sorts of things so as you’re going toward your
Mart extact planning for 2019 really start thinking about how those things
will work together to give you a whole picture the most effective technologies
as it turns out our content marketing analytics email marketing so that’s
great those are the most effective easiest to implement the most difficult
to implement is data management which is a big one of course if you’re trying to
prove ROI and integrate those systems marketing analytics is difficult to
implement for a lot of folks and of course content marketing is difficult to
implement for a lot of folks so the things that are the most important and
most effective can also be the most challenging as we’re seeing here again
so that’s something to think about as you’re again making your plans for 2019
where do you invest invest where it matters and where you’re having the most
trouble implementing on your own so most of the folks that we were talk to in the
survey are using a combination of in-house and outsourced resources to
make this happen so about a quarter are using only in-house about a quarter are
using only outsourced but the majority about half are using a combination of
both so again if you don’t have the skills in-house to do these sorts of
things definitely leverage a partner to get you there so you can start proving
that success faster up in the next coming year well those are all the new
stories I have for you if there’s a ton more news coming out of MarketingProfs
b2b this week on the topic marketing blog there’ll be live blogging sessions
from Ashley’s Ekman session Lee odden session as well as a host of other
really smart folks so if you’re interested at all in marketing that
would be the place to look on top-ranked blog comm otherwise I’ll be back next
week with Josh for more digital marketing news we’ll see you next week you

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