Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business – 6 Big Tips

Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business – 6 Big Tips

Today we’re talking about six of the top digital
marketing strategies for you and your small business. By the end of this video, you’ll know six
different ways where you can help get more clients, more leads, more business. Stay tuned. Hi, I’m Mike Mancini. If you’d like tips on how to more effectively
market your small business, do us a favor, hit the like button below the video and subscribe
right now and then hit the little bell notification as well, right next to that and you’ll get
notified when we release new videos each and every week. Having a digital marketing strategy is so,
so essential these days, not only for big corporations and companies but also, and especially,
for the small business owner. The reason being is, if you’re not marketing,
you’re dying. You are going to be washed up inside of six
months. You need to understand how to go out and find
business, especially in the online world these days. The six strategies we’re going to talk about
are a mixture of paid and free strategies. The free strategies, one thing you need to
remember, are not always free. What I mean by that is, if it takes you time,
time is money. Therefore, they’re not technically free. But they can be free as far as you not having
to put any cash forward. The first one we’re going to be talking about
is content marketing. What is content marketing? Content marketing is content that you put
on your website that is related to your business. What your content marketing should do is talk
about your service, talk about how you have a solution to a particular problem that your
ideal client might have. Here we are, one of our website’s, PPC Video
Training, and we have our content down here and what you talk about … content is what
you might have on your blog. These are some of our blog articles. How much do Google Ads cost? What is quality score in Google Ads? If you click on these, they are articles,
and we do some videos as well. It talks about specific things, or questions,
that our clients might have. What it does is, it gets them into our ecosystem. Then we can market to them in other ways. If they have interest in our articles, then
they also might have interest in the services that we offer. That’s content marketing, is number one. The second one we’re going to talk about is
search engine optimization. That one gets a little tricky because, while
you can do it yourself, it is a science to learn how to optimize your blog articles and
your website. What do we mean by search engine optimization? What we do is we take all of the content on
your website and your blog articles and you optimize it and it lets Google and the other
search engines know what your content is about. There is a very, very specific way to do this. While I am a total proponent of search engine
optimization, because it brings us in a ton of free traffic all the time, and more and
more and more throughout time, it does take a lot of time. It does take money if you’re hiring someone
to do it. Also, there’s no guarantee that it’s going
to get you on the first page of search results in Google. The question is, what is quality score on
Google ads? This is not in the first page of Google. This is optimized for that keyword, what is
quality score? However, over time it may, but this was also
just released a few months ago. Over time, it may really bump up there, depending
on how people experience this page, once they get to it. When we talk about optimization, we’re talking
about things in the headlines. We’re talking about titles of images. What is the content inside the article? Is it related to our headline? Is it related to the rest of our website? Is there a good description for it? That is what we’re talking about when we’re
talking about search engine optimization. The third one, local marketing. What you can do with local marketing is, not
only get out there and do it in a grassroots campaign, but when you’re talking about digital
strategies, you’re talking really about Google maps. We’re going to use our old trustee search
of a plumber. If you scroll down, these are obviously paid
ads in Google and if you scroll down here and you see the map, this is Google Maps. What this is, this is a Google business listing
and you can go ahead and Google that, Google business listing, and you can follow instructions
on how to set that up there. The Google business listing is a free tool
that allows you to put your business online. As you can see, it does come up on the first
page. But what you want to do is you want to follow
all the steps. You want to add some images. You want to fill out your address. You want to fill out your hours. You want to fill out your services. How far of an area do you serve? You want to go ahead and optimize that listing
to be the best that it can be. What I mean by optimize is, follow all of
the steps, fill out all of the information. To verify this, Google will send you something
in the mail to your business address. They will basically say, oh, ABC business
is yours, we’re going to send you this little postcard in the mail. They say it takes up to 10 days, two weeks. I’ve had it happen in literally just a couple
of days, two, three days. But once it’s verified, you can see it’s got
links to your website. It’s got directions to a business. Your name, your phone number. It also allows you to get ratings from your
previous customers. When people go here and they see, oh, this
company has almost five complete stars, that’s awesome. It’s really, really important for local service
businesses, especially, to have one of these. Take the time, go through the process, and
do it correctly. I can’t even tell you how much business this
can get you when it’s done right. Number four, social media marketing. Here’s our social media page for What I would suggest for a business is, you
don’t have to update these daily. In fact, I would suggest not spending as much
time on that. It is a great idea to have a social media
marketing presence, and the reason being is, a lot of people want to see if you are a real
business. It’s more a legitimacy check than anything. You might … used to say, you know what? We want to do business with a company that
has a website and has a social media presence. It shows that you are more legitimate, that
you have clients. This is another great place to get ratings
for your business. But, as you can see, we post a lot of our
articles here that talk to our potential clients who … and also, you could put all your information
here about your business, links to your webpage, so on and so forth. If you’re wondering what type of content you
should be putting on your social media profile, we have another video called our Top Five
Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses. There’ll be a link to it up in the upper right
hand corner, right about now. Go ahead and take a look at that as well. Number five. We’re email marketing. I get a lot of pushback on email marketing
because people say, well, I don’t have the time to do a newsletter. I don’t have the time to be emailing, and
I don’t want to email my clients each and every week. That is not what I’m talking about. Email marketing is still around because it
works. I can’t tell you how many times I have pushed
back myself against email marketing, and then all of a sudden decided, you know what, I’m
going to give it a shot and you make three or five sales like that. People that are already in your ecosystem,
they know who you are, they know what you can do, and especially, especially with service
businesses, this is key. You can do promotions. You can do reminders. Hey, we haven’t cleaned your carpets in six
months, would you like us to come out again before winter? Or for lawn service companies. Hey, we’re doing our fertilizations right
now, would you like us to put you on our list? There are a number of different ways. We work with a number of pest control companies
and we will help them with their campaigns. I think a lot of them are usually like, hey,
it’s time for our quarterly visit, do you want to schedule our calendar? Or you know what, it’s ant season, are you
having any problems? Let us know. What that does is it sends a reminder to somebody,
oh, I did see an ant the other day in the kitchen. We’ve had problems with them before, I’m just
going to schedule right now. I promise you, this stuff works. Email marketing is extremely important, but
you don’t want to do it too often. Our last digital marketing strategy for small
businesses is paid marketing. Here’s some examples of paid online advertising. In this instance, we’re talking about Google
Ads or what used to be called Google AdWords. Right here you can see these green boxes,
these are paid advertisements. These are free right now to have on here. However, once they get clicked, it will charge
the company. It may charge them $2, $3, $4, whatever it
might be. But what is so key about this is, these clicks
have intent. People need a plumber. They’re going to Google typing in things like
plumber, plumber near me, emergency plumber. They having a need, you have a solution, put
your solution in front of them, right when they’re looking for it. This is so important and so impactful for
small businesses. This is how you scale a small business in
the digital world. Paid advertising can do that for you. It needs to be done correctly, but it 100%
works. Alright. Do you have other digital marketing strategies
that you like that you use that work really well for you? Do us a favor, let us know in the comments
below. We’d love to hear them. If you enjoyed content like this, perhaps
you’d enjoy other content related to small businesses. Over to the left hand side, you see a couple
of videos, Google Ads Versus Traditional Advertising. And another one titled 10 Huge Small Business
Problems That You Will Probably Face. Thanks so much for watching. See you next time.

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