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Paid search works kind of like a brain Brains have a right side for creativity and emotion and a left side for logic and analysis. For example, the right side of a guy’s brain is in control when falling in love, and then the left side steps in when it’s time to buy the ring. Successful paid search requires both creative ads and logical campaign management. Too often companies rely on emotion and creativity rather than data and logic when doing their online advertising. Finch applies science and reason to paid search and powers it with an intelligent bidding machine. Our approach is different and our results are better. We’ll give you a peek inside our head when we give you a complimentary audit of your campaigns and show you how to tweak your keywords for the best possible performance. We’ll verify that conversion tracking is configured correctly because we need conversion data to know what’s working. We’ll help you set a correct cost target so you can be profitable. The cost target is the percentage or amount you’re willing to spend to make a sale or gain a lead. Then we’ll focus on getting the most revenue or leads at the target rate. As we capture more data and keep working with your campaigns, they’ll keep getting better. Finch can also update campaigns with new keywords by adding the search terms that are converting. Finch never needs to sleep or take vacations. We’ll manage unlimited numbers of keywords and react daily to changes in seasonality, competitive bidding, and market conditions. By bidding exactly the right amount for keywords, conversions go up and costs go down. This means higher profits – so both halves of your brain can rejoice. While Finch is working on the tedious stuff, you can use the right side of your brain to focus on writing creative ad copy, designing exciting display ads, and building highly effective landing pages. Use the left side of your brain now and choose Finch for your online advertising. Get started with Finch today by signing up for a complimentary audit at!

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