Garden Spiders

Garden Spiders

Garden spiders are harmless and fun to watch. They are superb architects and play an important part in controlling insect populations. Black and yellow garden spiders are easy to find. They are common in gardens, fields and urban backyards. This spider is big, with fully-grown females reaching an inch or more in length. The spider commonly weaves a characteristic zig-zag band in it’s web and eats a variety of insects, including grasshoppers and katydids.


  • Federico Serpietri

    Once I've seen a spider like this rolling a lizard…
    That was obscene…I've not slept for two days!!!

  • i hate these damn things. they will put up webs between trees in my yard that are 10 foot apart. i go crazy when i walk into one…

  • the first time i saw one i was like 7 or 8 im 12 now and it was so funny how i reacted i even scared my mom at first but then she explained and now i adore em

  • Every time I come home after dark I walk through one of these damn webs. The Spiders are scary looking when you first see them, but since they are so common, you begin to get use to it.

  • I have arachnophobia.

  • this spider's very pretty

  • Even though Dad and I both have major arachnophobia, we used to toss grasshoppers into these spiders' webs all the time. Kinda funny how they'd scurry over to their prey, like you were throwing a dog a bone or something.

  • i have one in my backyard but im scared of it. i know it aint harmless but it looks creepy

  • So, they *aren't* harmful?…I won't freak out if I ever see one then, lol. Actually, they are very pretty…although spiders kind of freak me out a little, I figure if you respect them, they won't have a reason to come after you…unless they're those nasty ass Widows or Brown Recluses 0_0 I'll run if I see one of the Browns!

  • in 2001, I was surveying in Wytheville VA and went through an entire field FULL of these. so awesome

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