Google Ads Ad Groups Tutorial 2019

Google Ads Ad Groups Tutorial 2019

Hello. In this video, I’m going to show you
how to create an ad group in Google AdWords a brand new interface for 2018. Keep watching. Hello, thanks for joining in. My name is Uzair.
And in this video are going to show you how to create an ad group in your new Google AdWords
interface. The old one would be sunset by end of Feb 2018, that’s the date which is
going around on the internet, but nobody knows, but it will be early part of 2018. So you
need to get used to the new interface. So let’s get started. So I’ve created a campaign
and then I’m in my ad group. So all the links are on the left hand side as you can see.
So I’m in the ad group tab and then you’ve got two places where you can create a brand
new ad group. One is the plus sign over there and you can either create an ad group or from
here, either way you click on that. You come to this screen. So first you need to put in your ad group
name. So it could be I’m just going to put in ad group
one. You will need to put in a default price. I’m
just going to put in a £1. But I personally tend to bid on the keyword level because it
gives me extra control and not on ad group level because if you have got multiple keywords
in an ad group then all the bids will be the same for each keyword. So bidding individually
on a keyword gives you extra control. OK. Now it’s asking you enter your keyword or
phrase per line, so need to enter one key word or phrase per line, then on the right
hand side you have your get key word ideas, so you can either enter your website and Google
will give you some recommended key words or phrases to target or you can enter your product
or service. So I’m just going to put it in over here.
Digital Marketing. Now at the bottom are here. Google is showing
you the match stops for various keywords. So you’ve got your broad match. The phrase match is within inverted commas
and the exact match is in square bracket. So if I wanted to target digital marketing
as a broad match then I would it like this, in phrase match, I would write like that. And the exact match would be in square brackets. So let’s very quickly go through why they
are different and which one you should use and which one you shouldn’t use. I would never
use a broad match keyword afraid because it’s not very targeted and it wastes too much money
and budget. So I would always recommend that you avoid
broad match because, it’s not targeted at all. I would rather go for a phrase or exact there
there’s one more match type which Google has not put in there which is the broad modified,
so broad modified is with a + sign in front of each word, so let me quickly go through
each one of these. So this is our broad match. Don’t use, unless it is for a branding exercise
and you’ve got a big budget than fair enough but most of the time. Ideally you don’t want to be using broad match, especially
if you are on tight budget. So next is the phrase match which is in the
quotation marks. So the way this works is, just going to make some space OK. So on any
phrase when someone searches digital and marketing needs to be entered in the same order. So
if somebody search for Best Digital Marketing, your ads may trigger if somebody’s search
for digital marketing videos your ads may trigger. So as you can see that digital marketing is
in the same order as the phrase match which you are bidding for and in here as well. Digital
Marketing if somebody were to search for. Marketing videos for. digital training or something like that, then
your ad would not trigger because marketing and digital marketing is not written in the
same way as the phrase match has been. So let’s delete that one. OK. So this is the exact match. And as the phrase suggests, exact means that
if someone puts in digital marketing as the only key phrase or key words then your ad
will trigger. So it will not show for that one or for that one or anything else which
has been that in the digital marketing. With exact match you get very targeted traffic.
But the number of impressions which you may get will be greatly reduced because it’s an
exact match. So I’m not too concerned about the fewer impressions because I know somebody
searching for this phrase digital marketing and my ad shows up, it is for the right person
who is seeing my ads. Then we move on to broad modified. Now this is one of my favourite
match types because it gives me a great amount of flexibility. So unlike phrase match where
digital and marketing were in the same way written, digital marketing with the plus sign
means that as long as these two words are on that phrase, my ad can potentially trigger. So to give you an example it could be top
digital marketing videos or it could be that say marketing for digital printing company
or something like that. So now my ad will potentially trigger because marketing and
digital are on the key phrase. So adding a plus sign in front of these two words makes
it a broad modified, so I’m just going to delete all of these. And create my ad group.
So I can have multiple match types in an ad group, so I could have these three match types
or I could have a match type in individual ad group and then split test and see which
one is working out the best for me. Put them in an exact match. OK. And then I
can save and continue, but just to give you an idea about what ideas are here to delete
that and put in a video marketing. Oops! that is for the URL, I put that in the
wrong place okay, now Google is giving me a list of key words which are potentially
good for for my campaign so I can click on it as I’m adding them Google puts them up as broad ,match so you
need to change the match type if you wish to change the match type. Otherwise you can
carry on using them the way they are. Save and continue. So now your ad group has been created. All
you need to do is to create your ads. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please don’t forget
to subscribe share comment below. I look forward to seeing you in the next one by for now.


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