Google Ads Help: My ad doesn’t show up in search results

Google Ads Help: My ad doesn’t show up in search results

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: This video will
explain some of the reasons why your ad isn’t
showing up in Search. Your ad won’t appear every
time you search for it. And that’s because it depends
on a number of factors, like your budget and other
ads competing to appear for the same search phrases. The best way to
confirm that your ad is showing for customers is to
look at your ad statistics. If you find out that your ad
isn’t receiving any clicks or impressions, it could
be due to a few reasons. Ads appear for customers
located in the areas where you want to show your ad. If you’re not in your
selected location, you won’t be able to find
your ad by searching for it. Try using the ad
preview tool instead. Make sure your ad is active and
not deactivated so it can run. If you repeatedly search for
your own business on Google but don’t click your
ad, you may stop seeing the ad after a while. Click the tool
icon and then click Billing & Payments to check
for billing errors that may have caused your
ads to stop running. If the budget for
your ad has already been met for either the
day or the entire month, your ad won’t run. Disapproved ads won’t
run, so check your email for disapproval messages, which
may have information about how to resolve issues with your ad. Pick a bid strategy that
best serves your goals. Use target impression
shares to show your ad on the absolute top of the
page, on the top of the page, or anywhere on the page
of Google search results. If your goal is to get
more clicks or conversions, you can use target
cost per action. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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  • I want to put ads in my videos and no paye for me ☝️🔥🔥

  • Oh my goodness, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard this concern, I'd be so much more financially stable!

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