Google brings Six-Second Video Previews to Mobile Search

Google brings Six-Second Video Previews to Mobile Search

Hey what’s up guys? It’s Kristin and
Quinton from Studio Nine 13. So we were working through the weekend this weekend
and we came across an article on TechCrunch about how Google is now
introducing six-second previews on their search results for videos this is going
to be huge in our world and if you’re doing video out there which if you’re
not doing video already you should be absolutely what was that study we were
reading about it was a Cisco study? Yeah so we were reading a study on Cisco and
it says that 83% of all content search on on the web by 2021 is going to
be video. So it’s going to be really important for you guys, for everybody
really, to have video content up on the interwebs. Right, and so I think that
this new six second preview that Google is going to be doing in their search
results is going to be huge because if you’re not using b-roll in your video or
you’re not demonstrating something in your video or you’re not making it
visually appealing. There’s nothing wrong with recording video from
your cell phone, absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, the more video content
you can produce, the better right now, but it’s going to be even more important for
that video content to be visually appealing because Google’s algorithm is
going to choose which six seconds of video to display in their preview. So you
can’t choose that, it’s not like your thumbnail anymore if you’re using
YouTube. It’s going to be huge that the rest of your video content is visually
appealing because Google is going to be scrubbing your video content for the
best six seconds to display to somebody. So that’s your six seconds to
grab somebody’s attention to get them to click on your search result. So who are
some of the good people that you see on YouTube right now doing really good
stuff that this is only going to help? Like Gary Vee is doing some really good
stuff right now with his daily vlogs. Casey Neistat is doing some really good
stuff. Who are some people that you think is going to be hurt by it? One of the
people I think that might struggle with this is Joe Rogan. There’s a lot of
standing around talking but not a lot of visually appealing content. Nothing
that’s really going to say if I’m searching for a subject he’s talking
about that it’s going to catch your attention and bring you in to watch the
rest the videos. It’s going to be important for somebody
like him and maybe the Hodge brothers to definitely increase their use of b-roll and get creative with the way that they’re shooting things if they want to
keep bringing people in naturally through search engines. Yeah because
remember Google’s, their algorithms you’re never going to know where
that six seconds is, it’s just going to pick six seconds of the video. So if it’s
just us standing and talking in front of the camera, it’s just going to pick that.
Versus somebody that is talking about a certain subject and has video of them
doing it, or video of whatever it’s going to grab their attention. Right so I think
another great example of somebody who’s going to really benefit from this would
be somebody in our realm, Peter McKinnon. He does a lot of
tutorials on video editing, you know how to capture video and so all of his stuff
is really awesome because it’s visually appealing. So I think that any one of his
YouTube videos are really going to be you know displaying much higher and in
bringing in him more views on his YouTube channel with this new search algorithm
that Google is coming out with. So I would say right now it’s only available
on mobile which I think that brings up another great point. I mean Mobile is the
future if you’re not preparing all of your content for mobile consumption,
you’re seriously going to be left in the dark so it’s really important that you
step up your production value. Maybe at this point it’s time to bring in a
production company to do all of your editing for you, to help you out
with this because you can’t be an expert in everything. And that’s why you have
people like us here, to help you, give you the content and the information that you
need so that you can be successful with your campaign. But I do think that it’s
going to be interesting to see how this plays out over the next year or two. I
think now is a great time for anybody that is currently shooting their own
footage, whether it is on your cell phone, or on a GoPro, or you have a DSLR that
now is the time that you probably want to invest in having a professional
edit your videos because an editor, an experienced editor, a professional editor
will know how to make your video more visually compelling
the end-user and I think that’s really only going to help you on Google search
results which is hugely important. Yeah so if you guys have any questions about how to
shoot better cell phone video, how to edit, what editing software to use, leave
us a comment below and we’ll jump on that and let you guys know what’s up.
thanks for watching guys, and we’ll see you next time. Make sure you give us a
thumbs up if you want to want us to do this again.

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  • Great video. Thought you may be interested to know that publishers and VOD providers can have automated video previews on their website as well! There are SaaS platforms such as that generate video previews to all your video content, without integration (only adding one line of JS). It's becoming the new video browsing experience standard, not only in Google

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