Google Opinion Rewards: Get Paid Money For Your Info! (App Review)

Google Opinion Rewards: Get Paid Money For Your Info! (App Review)

I don’t think I know a single person
that has used technology and has never used Google.
Well now Google is actually willing to pay for the information they gather
about you, using their app Google Opinion Rewards and that’s what I’m going to
talk about today. I’ve used Google Opinion Rewards for over a month now, so in this review I’m gonna tell you what kind of surveys you could get, how much I
earned, and in my honest opinion if this app is worth it for you. So with all that
said let’s jump into the video. The app itself is actually super basic you
honestly don’t ever have to even intentionally open the app just whenever
you get a notification for a survey you can open the app this app is available
in 26 different countries I’ve listed them all in the description so this is a
very global app. So far I’ve gotten three types of surveys with this app. The first
one is just random surveys and topics Google is interested in the second one
is surveys based on your search so for example one time I searched the
difference between a rat and a mouse and I actually got a Google survey on it but
by far the most common type of survey is the location surveys. So if you do a lot
of shopping or traveling you’re gonna get a lot of location surveys and more
opportunities to earn with Google Opinion Rewards. The minimum to withdraw with this app is $2 and they actually send an automatic PayPal
payment to you once you actually reach that $2 so that’s really nice of them. It
took me a little less than one month to reach that $2 mark. I think you
could earn 2 to 4 dollars with this app per month and it just really depends
if you do a lot of shopping or traveling. Something that you should know, these
surveys are very simple they’re three questions long, they’re three-part
surveys with multiple-choice questions and do not lie on these surveys don’t
just rush through them that would be stupid anyways they’re really easy but
if you do Google will suspend your account for a month or two and you won’t
be receiving surveys from them my opinion
Google Opinion Rewards is a great survey app low minimum payout very easy you
never have to go out of your way to actually use the app so I do recommend
it so if you found this video helpful leave a like if you want to see more
money making methods I use consider subscribing thanks for watching and


  • xXShadow Night81Xx

    I've had Google Opinion Rewards for a while then I deleted It cause I barley got a survey but now I' ma keep it, thanks for the info over it.

    oh yeah congrats on 200 subs btw.

  • How do they pay via Pay Pal? When I started the app, they ONLY seem to payout via Google Play Store Credit.

  • My guy this video was very helpful but I can't get over 2 things. 1, in the thumbnail, review is spelled wrong,and 2, when you crouched the mirror showed it.

  • Hello I am from India.
    And in India prolific is can't work.
    Also in swagbucks, very few survey available.
    So I request you to make video for india people and tell us any useful website for us.

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