Google Wallet Overview

Google Wallet Overview

This is your wallet. It tells a story. What
you buy. Who you love. What you keep close. But what if your wallet was
engineered rather than sewn? What if you were struck by a better idea? What if your wallet was a Google Wallet? It would start with your cards. Credit and debit. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. All stored securely in the cloud. All your
cards, all together, in a virtual wallet that goes anywhere. Use it on your phone and tap to pay for a
double shot macchiato at your favorite cafe. Or a taxi ride to the club. Or gummy bears
at the theater. And when you go online, your wallet goes with
you. So it’s easier than ever to order everything you need for your next vacation. And that new song from your favorite band
is just a single click away. Whether you’re shopping in-store
or online, Google Wallet keeps all your payment info safe and secure. It’s everything you love, all in one wallet. What possibilities will it open for you?


  • Felipe Fujimori

    Well, it's a shame it's available in few places for a very limited variety of devices.

  • Hey, did anyone notice clear strings pulling the wallet open?

  • great… now work on geting rid of my id, loyalty cards and so on.

    I dont want to have to lug my wallet around anymore

  • My only concern is, why put all the eggs into one basket?? Kinda risky…

  • glass record shitty idea

  • It is very iconic to describe the wallet overview.

  • Money is worth absolutely nothing the federal government backs it by nothing they have stolen the gold and silver from the people & continue to run us in the ground with debt!

  • I Need to choose a safe password… MHHHH..
    YES: qwerty12345

  • Oh no oh no, very convenient but noo. Don't go there Google…. at least not yet, the cloud is still an infant, bright but mischievous.

  • What if there is a storm in "the cloud"? Does our money start falling from "the cloud"? Does Google reimburse us for that? I think Google is trying to play monopoly with the world…

  • you know youtube is owned by google right?

  • This is retarded. Now money becomes even more virtual than it already is. Remember that you go to work 8 hours a day just for a few digits on a computer. Think about this for a second to let it sink in. We must realize just how ridiculously dependent we are just because we accept all this crap. And just how bad it is to give up every aspect of your privacy, step by step. Some people might not care but those people usually have no concept of what freedom and independence really means.

  • And don't give into the happy "everything is great" music they slap on there that makes you feel like their target audience consisted 6 year olds.

  • wach IN TIME a great movie .gives more sense to your few diggits on a computer

  • google is the one company i woulld let take over the world. they are 20x more useful than any other company in history.

  • UninstallingWindows

    Thats a nice and well made add, it didnt come to me, i came to it 🙂

  • Can I use this on the Note 2?? Or is this just for the Nexus 4??

  • Gregory Carnegie

    when does this come to the uk

  • Ben Nagelmakers

    No other company would bring free wifi across a developing country with cellphones attached to balloons. Google is basically the Willy Wonka of technology xD

  • Well, banks do too, but the FDIC by law requires to give the money back. But I agree, I don't really want to.

  • I thought this was an old April fools thing…

  • If you are outside your country, does it need to connect to the Internet? That will be costly after a short period of time!

  • so then when someone steals your phone, you wont just lose your phone, but also everything you own oh joy

  • Really useful, thank you

  • wish they would expand the usability of it to europe or asia

  • GOtcha§

  • Jonathan Trevatt

    And do the credit cards already in your wallet completely replace cash? No.

  • if someone steals your wallet…..isnt your cc in there as well….so not any different than loosing your wallet? right. which gets lost more a wallet or a phone. anymore I will not leave my phone anywhere. I know where my phone is way more than my wallet. Just saying….

  • I can't get it

  • nice animation

  • armanketigabelas

    true, I want to see the behind scene, I think they prepare this 1:30 video in weeks.

  • Not any more since they only returned 900 of my 1800 dollars/JJ

  • Will we lose our oil to China, Germany, Japan?

  • Sprint is the only cellular carrier that supports Google wallet

  • I've used Google Wallet and so far it proved the most efficient and fast way to buy something on the Internet, where it is supported of course.

  • Cool

  • why would they need to steal "your money" if they already own your identity ? and besides nothing is 100% hack safe so putting all that info in one place is just asking for it

  • Simply amazing technology!!!

  • Google wallet gmail integration I can send you a penny send me your email address to [email protected]

  • What if your phone dies?

  • So some fat nerd can hack into my wallet in the future, cool stuff.

  • When will this be available in Canada, I've been waiting for 1 year

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 on AT&T and only 3 days ago was able to even install Google Wallet. I have my bank accounts etc. on it and guess what? It is totally unusable. Yes, NFC is enabled. Maybe they just want me to transfer money from my checking to the wallet because the first screen I come to says my Wallet balance is 0, but there is no way I'm going to do that just to buy a cheeseburger at McDonald's. That's the only place I've seen the NFC terminals. Thanks but no thanks Google.

  • The app is not available in Singapore 🙁

  • Not available in Uk 🙁

  • No thanks. I already have a wallet.

  • Says the guy with the name Hacks4Hire. -_-

  • No, you can send money through gmail.

  • My name is a joke, people accuse me of hacking on a game all nthe time so to troll those people I chose this name

  • I wish this was available in Australia!! 🙂
    I do have my card stored on the Play Store and it's very easy to use.
    Just today for the first time in 3 years of using Google Wallet, I went to rent a movie and I got an error message instead of the confirmation of payment message.
    I just clicked on the 'rent' button to pay again and it said confirmed, and as soon as the thought went through my mind 'what if I get double charged', I got an email from Google Wallet confirming that I was NOT charged for transaction code xxxxx.
    I think this is amazing.
    I'd pay for everything with my phone if I could!

  • Kenneth Shanafelt

    Just another Pre-paid. card. Does not connect to any of your accounts. Talked to Google on the pone and they said the same thing. Take money out of your regular accounts and put it on he card which means  no more access to the money. I cut mine in half after talking to a Google rep. And yes I got through (wonder). Does not connect in any way to your accounts.

  • Please PLEASE Google Wallet please come to Canada I'll be waiting to use this for like the longest time and PayPal sucks and Google Wallet awesome I use it all the time for online payments but I can't go in the store and use it just please please make it happen I know I'm not the only one that wants in Canada so I'll be another person asking you to bring it to Canada please like it's not hard most of Canada's stores have it like business retail stores I just wish that you guys would bring it to Canada already because I would use it every single time just please please please please please please please please please please please Canada please Canada Canada Canada Canada please Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada please Canada

  • I'm quite happy with PayPal.

  • this is so cool!!

  • A verdade The truth

    Aproveitando o espaço. 

    Gaston Schwabacher teve a idéia de carteira eletrônica, quando ele teve que enviar dinheiro para os seus filhos, as crianças que não tinham uma conta bancária. 

    Daí surgiu a idéia poderia ligar ou enviar uma mensagem para uma pessoa que poderia dar o dinheiro aos seus filhos. 

    Pulando de alegria, poderia patentear sua idéia e assim o fez, n.PI9500345 patente. 

    Agora há tantas belas imagens, como demonstrado pelo Google, muitas alegrias ao ver o funcionamento do Google Wallet, invento patenteado de Gaston Schwabacher.

    Gaston Schwabacher, também faz parte da história de Sergey Brin – Larry Page e Google, ele não nega os méritos do Google,
     mas Gaston Schwabacher devem receber seus Royalties Carteira Digital (Google Wallet), patente n.PI9500345 

    E Gaston Schwabacher tem inúmeras outras patentes que o Google poderia desenvolver.

    Obrigado pelo espaço!

  • Hope this in Indonesia

  • I like this new product that Google has put out. It is a very original and thought out. But, what happens when the cloud goes down? You probably aren't going to buy anything that day. Or maybe you lose you're phone when you're out and someone finds it looks into it and finds you're information. I truly like this idea and it's a very good idea but I suggest you think about what could happen if these things occur.

  • Nothing, since it's only remotely convenient in the US.

  • Hahahahaha

  • все это было вчера — сегодня в тренде биотехнологии

  • it was yesterday – today in the trend of biotechnology

  • I HATE THIS FEATURE!!! google wallet sucks soo bad because Ive transfered all my money into google wallet, and now it froze my account and cannot use my money. 

  • I HATE THIS FEATURE!!! google wallet sucks soo bad because Ive transfered all my money into google wallet, and now it froze my account and cannot use my money. 

  • When do you think its gonna be released in the UK

  • When do you think its gonna be released in the UK

  • if its the best then why wont it let me pay anything then says "invalid credit card" to all my credit cards, ive tried everything i can to buy a nexus 7 and some other games from the store but i cant seem to buy anything. so pointless this… -___-

  • Ramon Chi Nang Wong

    Hello Wallet?
    And why the fucking Cancer doesn't this Cancer Wallet Work in Cancer Suriname

  • Konrad Bartlett

    It's a good idea, but I can only see somebody's phone getting stolen or broken and now that person is screwed over and whoever stole the phone can just tap away! Same issue I have with tap credit cards. Also I'm sure there's going to be some big problem down the line with credit card information being stolen. Sorry google, you're not going to be my wallet, or e-mail, or even social media. But you are still my one and only search engine.

  • look that the wallet it for watch dogs CTos -CTso

  • Now that #ApplePay  has been announced, it's appropriate to re-watch this video from 2012.

  • It sucks that everyone sensationalizes Apple, thinking that they invented NFC and mobile payments. My hope is that even though Apple may take credit for popularizing mobile payments, Google may still benefit from the future widespread adoptation of NFC.

  • I live in the UK and have a nexus 4. I cannot use this feature at all because the Google wallet app is not available here, barely any stores use this type of technology and I think UK laws currently prevent such use of this technology.

  • Can I use google wallet to buy an Iphone 6?

  • Readed the reviews and seen other users it,I am going to try it.

  • Wallet not available in UK, alas. Something missing, therefore, from our Google experience. Pity.

  • And if your battery runs out, you are fucked. 🙂

  • I like apple pay better but this is really cool they should make a wallet with a touch screen and you can choose what card you want and pay using google wallet 

  • Nice I like it

  • Wallet is another revolutionary idea from Google, they continue to set the bar when it comes to 21st century technology.

  • Apples working on wireless charging. Imagine going into a room and it's at "smart room" because they're a wireless charger station near your phone.

  • Gleison Bandeira

    Não disponível no Brasil, #chateado

  • 0:30 seems legit

  • 1:29 so legit

  • Apple pay though…

  • It is very usefull thing in the videos

  • Tiffany Davis


  • HateFire - Game reviews, tutorials and more!

    Excuse me sir, where can i buy those wallets that presented on this video?

  • hay dây vào đây để xem

  • Okay goggle you gone to far with your products

  • Bruh I thought this was a legit wallet…..

  • 2012 Smart wallet…

  • i scrolled through the comments and almost nobody gets that this is a joke

  • Leena Chaudhary

    I lykkkk this alpp. .its awssum

  • Jamison Bullard

    That wallet is a masculine version of Nanny Mcfee's purse

  • Alin Constantinica

    Can I send euro currency with google wallet using IBAN code ?
    I have mastercard with euro and I want to send euro
    from Germany to Netherlands to another person in his bank account
    using IBAN code of receiver for example.
    If yes, I would like to know how to to this.

  • This is a late april fool's joke, right?

  • 2019. Google Wallet is now Google Pay. Amazing video though.

  • For a second I thought this was an April fools video

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