Google’s Major Role in Determining a Pricing Model for RCS

Google’s Major Role in Determining a Pricing Model for RCS

Derek: So do you think major carriers, maybe
in the United States, it’s going to be a tipping point once you see one rollout or a couple
rollout, it’s gonna be more and more pricing discussed? Because they can’t discuss pricing… William: No. I mean, that’s… Derek: So they’re kind of waiting for other
people to kind of show their hand, and then maybe follow them, or at least learn from
their mistakes. William: Right. Well, here’s something to consider. Google is a major part. They provide RCS for several carriers, both
in the United States and around the world. Whatever Google will set, will probably kind
of have the other carriers follow. Derek: It’s like it’s a little bit of, like,
a signal to them. William: Right. That would be the signal or the catalyst. Okay, here’s what Google’s gonna charge because
Google’s gotta make money doing this and eventually too. Now, granted, yes, they charge the carriers
to provide their RCS solutions on their behalf, right? But at some point, they will start charging
launched agents or launched RCS platforms a price. And I bet, it will be both event-based or
transactional-based, and session-based depending on the use case. Derek: So Google, you know, they’ve put a
bunch of resource in, but the fact that they’re almost a third-party to this transaction,
they can put out their own pricing, which then maybe would impact or allow the other
carriers to roll out their pricing or just kinda match it without one of them making
the decision, and then going out first, and then everybody just, it’s either too low or
too high. It’s very hard to meet in the middle there. William: Exactly, exactly. Derek: Awesome.

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