Hidden Dimensions: Exploring Hyperspace

Hidden Dimensions: Exploring Hyperspace

Good evening Good evening I’m Brian Greene In April 1919 a 34-year-old German Mathematician was in his study sitting on his desk His 9 year old son was on the couch were often being with daddy’s working and Theodor Kaluza was there at his desk doing calculation as he often would when all the sudden he opened his eyes wide he slammed the desk with his hands he shot to his feet and he began to sing an Aria from Figaro The program here tonight will explore what was the Theodor Kaluza was singing about he had found the possibility that there is reason to believe that our universe might have more than the three dimensions that everyday space that we all know about the problem that will be the discussion tonight will follow the variations on that theme that have rippled through physics over the last eight decades and we’ ll discuss where our thinking is today on this possibility of more dimensions than meet the eye now, to give you a sense of where this idea came from Calabi-Yau


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  • do people realize that the 4th dimension is never going to offer a shortcut to anywhere. if your destination is in our 3 dimension, a trip through the 4th would take you a longer rout. this is just the nature of how dimensions work. think if one dimension being wants to get somewhere in his dimension fast; going around in the other dimension only ads length to the journey. this is the same for two dimensional beings, and would hold true in any number of dimensions.

  • I came to hear about science, not listen to crap music.

  • brian greene is my father

  • Great lecture particularly enjoyed the Hyperspaced out 'musicians' twenty minutes in. What were they using?

  • I wondered if a hyper space machine could be created, by creating a vibrating ring, that oscillates – this would push out typical particals , discretely, and leave the void and some radiation between particals, and if the oscillation were right wouldn't it push out radiation as well, leaving hyperspace…

    And if an jet engine were modified would be have somethign like a hyper drive; problem is would this create forward thrust or just create some partical convection like modern dyson fans…

  • Dude kinda reminds me of Willie Wonka with how animated he gets lol


  • Looks like Science is turning into a new Religion. Believe it!

  • Please use subtitles. Thanks!

  • About two theories Einstein relativity and quantum mechanics… Hmmm…. We need not only to change them to connect but we have to create some adapter to connect both.

  • Well, the velocity of their speech is greater than the speed of light and difficult to ride along with it.

  • How would sound or energy pass through these dimensions?

  • Of course he he German they can tap into the dmt inside

  • The music was annoying.
    The discussion was enjoyable.

  • Einstein wasn't that smart..research proves it ..he was a womaniser an he was abusive….

  • So is the solar corona just light From the other side of the sun being bent and seen above the rim of the moon during an eclipse?

  • Lawrence must have had the worst case of acne in the cosmos.

  • If you can really comprehend/sence how big space is in your mind. You can defy gravity.

  • 17:48. I awoke to a terrible sound of discord.

  • Why does everybody talk about what Einstein did , why not mention how many things Tesla created and Infuenced he was far more brilliant that any man the world has ever seen up to that point

  • Watching all of these utube presentations of Quantum Mechanics, I seem to recall that one of the reasons that gravity exists and electro-magnetism is motion. But not just any motion, but rotation. It seems that whether the universe is expanding or not, within the various masses, there is rotation. It is notable that rotation in our universe is often counter clockwise, but it can also be clockwise (moons; planets). With some mention of the molten interiors of cores of planets, making these heated entities involved with both electro-magnetism and gravity. Not only does the earth revolve, our entire galaxie revolves, orbits or rotates. In the largest of senses, black holes are orbiting. In addition of the universe expanding and getting further away from one another, relative to at least one other entity, there is orbiting or revolution. So the question is that when one gets down into the various dimensions where "strings" of energy or matter exist and vibrate, what influence occurs within each string of energies/matter exerts a rotational force. So are these "floating" fields of energy or matter, or are they actually rotating in relationship to something? To anything? To one another? Thus is there anything in the smallest forces that tends to also "orbit?" AF

  • By he way, how many diverse types of "strings" are there? Is this the same as they number of the types of quarks? These strings appear to have a general shape, artistically of these strings which appear to be a connected circle but a circle that is curved like a Hawaiian Lei in a twisting wind. With different characters of these strings, do these strings also have positive and negative poles? Do they also cause one another to orbit? Are they also up and down and they other 4 types? Do black holes move in an orbit fashion even if there is not a second black hole for them to revolve around? AF

  • What effect do the different string types have upon one another? Down to the basic smallest size of things are what exactly are the interactions? Ultimately if at the basic level, there is an interaction or attractiion, then it may explain why and how some of these strings help to form matter out of one of their dimensions. If that happens, their characteristics over time might account for some of them pulling together to form the initial smallest of masses. As more or other strings joined the growing masses via, "migration," caused by the characteristics of diverse types of energies of strings…that is this phenomena could explain how matter eventually over time pulled together in one place from the otherwise, somewhat empty universe. It may or may not include the dark matter or dark energy, from whatever dimension. With these energies exerting their forces, it is clear that matter within a segment of the universe can become increasingly more dense. Temperature changes within the ever-denser matter change over time as the density become more condensed. That can be a move towards the big bank. Once the big bang happens, other forces come into play that affect the initial formation from the tendencies of the energies of the original small types of, "strings." AF

  • Dadson worldwide

    So blackholes feed a hidden deminsion called heavan were 95% bigger than our observable universe (.Krause crys) we are the center of the quantum deminsion since only us as far as we know can make the building blocks change just by looking at it.

  • atheist4thecause

    This video really turned me off with the American hate. The USA has (and is) invested an incredible amount of money into science (including physics). We have a ton of discoveries and inventions in our short history. Physicists can whine all they want about not getting the particle collider, but it turns out the USA was incredibly intelligent for not investing in it. Europe ended up building one anyways that the USA can use, so we can use our money towards other things. Lets not forget the paper describing the Higgs Boson was rejected by European journals and accepted by an American journal. So keep hating on the USA all you want, but we have nothing to be ashamed of. Oh, and btw, CERN hasn't found anything really outside the Higgs Boson, which was expected to be found.

  • propaganda bullshit!!!

  • Plutoswife Life

    I watched this and it taught me ☝️ thing I am dumb af 😩…..It totally opened up my eyes and revived some dead brain cells 😁

  • I never liked the way of explaining the reason for gravity. If we keep a ball on a trampoline, the trampoline bends because of the gravity itself. Explaining gravity through gravity made me filled with doubts about the theory. They should find a better way to explain it or just tell the same thing but with more explanation.

  • Brother Maleus Praetor

    Cool video, about a drunk guy looking for the toilets and finding the stage right wings.

  • Question Question

    Currently at work listening to this.

  • Vardaan Tiwari

    Why everyone especially the anchor looking over expressive and some what behaving like actors of Sci fi movie.

  • He forgot to say "theory" when talking about Einstein's gravity.

    This sounds so funny for Germans xD

  • Beethoven? What does Beethoven has to do with science? Did you have to find a job for your worthless unemployed violinist nephew so you squeezed in some completely irrelevant symphonics?

  • I'm sorry, I'm not buying the "4th dimension is time" statement, anyone agree with me?

  • 16:30: Greene is a showman par excellence.

  • Delightful discussion of the details of String Quartet Theory…… love it!! Probably the very first time the entire Grosse Fuge has been played during a physics lecture in the history of the planet.

  • aywan krekorian

    I don't care if it is written by Beethoven that is the noisiest music that I have ever heard

  • Space-Time has Five Dimensions which includes both Time and motion.. Space is not curved, motion is curved; a straight line in Space-Time is not straight, is geodesic in nature.,
    A measurable particle having angular momentum, velocity of speed and direction a triangle l does not become a square, a square becomes a Triangle.

    Electromagnetism is generated by the insignificant innate inner motion, vibration, the oscillation of a quantum particle

  • Translate in Hindi plzz 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • I’m always amazed at how mainstream physicists try to explain space-time & gravity in 2 dimensions with all manner of dark matter, gravitons & other mythical dark Stuff, rather than at least Consider the actual plasma physics and the electromagnetic effects within an Electric Universe. Most of their theoretical conundrums are easily solved using the EU model! No need for all their imaginary “Dark” Foolishness that will never be proven. They realize that only by measurement or observation do the wave functions collapse into specific realities, yet never consider Consciousness into their equations! The entire universe is easily understood using these variables. Quantum fields Forever Man!

  • I feel depressed that I am so stupid to understand all this ! Wish I can understand the world I am living in more !

  • Well i agree with the sophists and think theyrd all full of poop. Only the art historian was interesting.

  • Virtual particles supposedly pop in and out of existence. Seems analogous to the 3D sphere moving through the 2D surface from the perspective of a flat lander.

  • jamietrickett4real


  • I don't think it's correct because it's not dynamic. The universe is expanding, but this idea looks like an atomic crystal.

    Love the violins!

  • plumbermike Tracey


  • charles snowden

    How do you spell that damn shape I want to look it up

  • Brian Greene is the embodiment of awesome.

  • Gravatron ….. someone has a red face

  • Leixa ღ Shipper

    We humans have a world of our own. We have cells inside us, and other things coordinating inside of us. They have a world of their own. Is that possible? Maybe they can think, and have a world of their own, where only they matter and they don't even see us. What is inside of us, don't even know we exist.

    If I can say that, then can I also say we are another dimension inside a dimension, so we can't see the other dimension 🤨🤨🤨🤔😕

    Sorry, if thag doesn't make sense 😅

    Edit: maybe the other dimension is in the centre. But I am the centre, idk, I'm crazy *🤪my 15 yr old brain😶*

  • Leixa ღ Shipper

    Tesla already said told the world to see the world in terms of energy and the world would progress so much more than it had already.

  • My plan was not to see the whole thing but It was too much interesting and I watched the full video

  • Plus one upvote at 4:00 for the required reading joke alone:)

  • I simply leave it to the consideration of readers😂

  • theoretically a being in the "curled" dimension is just as unaware of its own dimensional placement as the beings of the dimension larger to it. We're really just assuming were in the 1st dimension. Hope were not in a netflix show.

  • What if space isnt constantly expanding out but merely in a rising oscillation phase due to the forces of a dimension larger than us? Does that mean space is bound to collapse in on itself? is there evidence to support that this cycle has already occurred?

  • I love Beethoven but I find the Fuga to be quite boring

  • Full traduction in spanish plss!

  • im a real boy!


    That's only half the story, Like positive and negative There has to be A Equal Force to Operate a Engine ! Dark Matter
    That's our Ground. We all Dark Energy"

  • Smith Mirieder f

    its the big bang show all grown up, think about it. To funny

  • Smart people… but tell me someone if the violons were a test on us cause, I felt so stress listening to this, and why we were not able to skip that?

  • Maybe its because quantum level is fundamental and gravity doesn't exist until observation has happened. Therefore this force doesn't have an effect or place in the quantum 'realm'.

    BTW, relativity hasn't been nearly as successful– or scientifically useful– as quantum mechanics. Relativity is constantly having holes (ie, dark energy and dark matter) plugged and water bailed out. It's a sinking ship. I don't think relativity should even be in the same sentence as quantum mechanics. It's like comparing the NCAA and NBA or NFL. No comparison.

  • am I the only 18y guy who loves smoking weed and do shit all day with a bullshit ass job watching these videos and actually understanding

  • i like

  • Conscientious Observer

    You know that i see those tiny pixelated dimensions all around.

  • UltraVioletDreams

    I just wonderd. Are there any experimantal theorists out there. There allways seems to be this division.

  • harmony is staying your own with togetherness sounds

  • each and everyone of us is a world of many in a uniform

  • John Patriot eagle freedom boner

    PHYSICS: Keeping classical musicians employed for hundreds of years.

  • John Patriot eagle freedom boner

    No graduate student ever got to work at 7am. That’s just not true.

  • Read Brian Greene's "The elegant universe" then rewatch this video way more fun

  • Angelina delValle

    That, to me, seems to be merely a start of an answer to how gravity works…. what keeps the sun or earth or another "body" on or in that plain to warp the space it's in? Further more, what keeps that "space" from moving to another "space"??

  • Flatland: The Movie is a must see. It is on YT.

  • keep dreaming

  • Shitty shit music

  • Possibly Beethoven's worst string quartet, horribly delivered without any real dynamics. Inappropriate and weird. Next time I go to a classical gig, if a physicist shouts a lecture during the interval I'll be similarly confused and bemused. If I ever need an example of the word 'pretentious', this awkward musical gaffe is a perfect example. Thanks.


    I'm watching it while high. Man, my forehead just started to fell sensible and I saw some strange things.. Wtf

  • I've always thought the simulation of gravity on a 2D rubber sheet is wrong, and I worked out why watching this lecture. The sheet does not bend out of it's 2 dimensions.

    It is better thought as remaining flat, but is stretched in the centre. Remember this is space time, so it takes a longer time to cover the same distance, because it is stretched close to the mass.

    Gravity then works as a glancing particle will have slower time on one side than the other so will turn towards the object. All on a flat 2 dimensional plane.

    The demonstration of gravity could use circular ridges on the 2 D mat, further apart close to the mass, to demonstrate a rolling ball being deflected inwards.

  • Everything is made of fractals,

  • They seem very safety conscious. They have two fire extinguishers underneath each table.

  • when he said Plato, I thought he said play-dough

  • Bhagirath Solanki

    @10:30 Humans on Earth Surface represents same example, we see earth flat in human scale but it is curvered when seen from space.

  • At a gathering of professors and other like minded individuals who believe in "open" discussion including many worlds, extra dimensions, simulation theory etc, you would be welcomed with open arms. However, say you were going to purchase a firearm for home protection due to a rash of home invasions and I suspect this same crowd would label you as a "a crazy danger" and you might get swatted. Question climate change and you might be committed.

  • the sound of silence, a deeper dimension

  • The part with the string quartet was really stupid

  • Tap like If The OA brought you here

  • Brilliant scientific debates, but I wish they wouldn't focus too much the humour. It seems to be a growing trend in most science shows and debates these days. I'm all for a bit of anecdote, but when most of the talk is joke related, then it's difficult to take these discussions seriously. I guess they're trying to sell science to a wider audience. Personally speaking, science without the humour is entertaining enough.

  • Super string theory? Or advanced Chymatics?

  • There must be some minuscule element of the energy found in all things that we are missing…..what if there are infinitely smaller particles than strings? Smaller and smaller and smaller beyond our comprehension that create different types of energy that cause some of us to see or not to see them.

  • 1st Law of Plane-Time
    For a 2d wave to exist in 3d space the same wave must exist separately in three equivalent 2d planes.

    2nd Law of Plane-Time
    Only two of three, 2d planes, are required to resolve a position in 3d space. In other words, only two plane are required to force a wave to become a particle in 3d space.

    3rd Law of Plane-Time
    Each of the three 2d plane has a charge, either, positive, neutral or negative.

  • Ford Fanatic the moon landing was real


  • So what are you saying lmao

  • Hard wired to "think" things are beautiful

  • What's the string made of?

  • this is what happens when you let liberals take over science

  • The Music Quartet is incredible. Love your program!

  • The fact almost all of these videos start with something to do with Einstein shows the impact of one man.

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