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  • I always start crying for "no reason" and it usually happens during school and it sucks

  • Kati, I know some one who has DID I talk to him on the internet most days. Some days it is really hard to talk because he is really angry and depressed and on other days it is like he is my best friend it is like he is two different people. How should I respond to him when he is having a really bad day, should I just not talk to him?

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  • Did you ever end up getting my message? I resent it

  • I tend to have to explain my EDNOS to nurses/doctors because they don't get it. They don't see it as a real ED. What do I do? I also don't understand why my brain can be eating normally one day and then my ED voice speaks up and then I'll binge and purge and them after a while I can go to restricting and them eat normally again. What is happening to me?!?

  • Hi Katie, I left a question on yesterday video too a little like the same but this is simpler. If my work was causing me so much stress and anxiety that I think about it all the time and im not sleeping at all because im panicking about the next day is it worth staying their? even tho its taken me a year to get a job and the same thing will probably happen at the next job too?

  • Kati, I'm sorry I don't remember the video, but I remember you talking about how you sometimes go out with the "patient" for example with an E.D. for an ice cream or coffee and ask them to rate how they feel.. Is it something all therapist do? I feel very uncomfortable outside and would love to have somebody help me out like that.. 
    Thank you <3 <3

  • Alexandra Turgeon

    Just wanted to let you know that I sent you some pictures via message on facebook of the stickers you sent me 🙂 My name is Alexandra Turgeon. Thanks for everything you do! <3 You help me so much.

  • Hi, Kati. I eat during the day but then at night or between the meals i binge. I have a meal plan with my dietician, it have 3 meals and 2 snacks with times for every meal, but it seams really hard to follow the meal plan because sometimes i binge for example before lunch and i feel so guilty and full and sick( i have some stomach problems, too) that i skip one meal or otherwise i force miselft to have it, and then i feel worse. I don't know how to stop that binge circle. Help

  • You're going to montreal!!! Come eat poutine at La Banquise you won't be dissapointed 😉   (and I work there)

  • Kirstin E. Rasmussen

    What if no matter what time you eat and how often you eat it always turns into a binge? It is my problem I never can eat a normal amount even if it is 2 hours since I last binged. What do I do?

  • I can't remember the last time I really laughed wildly… and that makes me sad, because I am such a positive and happy person. I've definitely been crying more than usual… I've always been quite an emotional person, always felt emotions pretty strongly (both positive and negative), but lately I seem to only filter the negatives, and have awful crying fits for the smallest and silliest things. Just last week I had to run to the restrooms while I was at school and almost had a panic attack 🙁 I'm going to try and spend more time around positive people during the holidays and hopefully I'll be able to release through crazy laughter instead! x

  •  working on the Journal topic now, check your website and YouTube messages! Sorry for spamming you so much this week! 🙂 <3 xoxo

  • I love your videos kati. much love.x

  • Hey Kati, I'm really interested in working in mental health but my school doesn't help me out much. I was just wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your job and EXACTLY what you do, because I want to do the exact same as you!! My schools rubbish with things like this, please consider answering my question! Thank you.

  • Further to the binging question, I have a similar issue only I don't restrict – I try and eat regular filling meals etc but then I get cravings for sugary food like chocolate in between. Problem is once I have something I can't stop, it feels like an addiction. If I don't have access to any then I'd go for the next best thing, say something like bread and so on. It's not so bad when I am busy going out and doing things but atm I need to revise so distraction techniques aren't really working as it just comes back when I try to work again. And as I have ibs it's making me really unwell but I can't seem to stop! So I end up going to bad because I feel so ill and I can't eat then :/ I don't know what to do xx

  • Hey I just wanted to add, (for the person who asked about binge cycles) that yes, you have to have regular meals, but you have to perservere. I've been working on this for a long time, and I still have my binges and horrible feelings that go with that, even though I am eating regularly and 'normally' ie not depriving myself of 'bad' foods. I feel like me and Kati should do a collab video on binge eating, because you're figuring what works and what doesn't all the time, and the more ideas we have to try, the quicker we CAN figure out what works! 

    is it a disorder if I don't eat during the day but eat loads at night time? Also I find myself making up excuses to myself about why I didn't eat during the day rather than I wasn't hungry it would be well I had potato chips last night so that counts as breakfast anyway. Thank you I get so much help from your videos x

  • #katiFAQ do you have any advice on finding the right therapist who can help me with all my mental health, EDNOS and major health issues? I have seen so many therapists in the past 13 years and I feel like i have never met anyone who can help me with everything I deal with daily and I often feel like I am not talking about the right things because I am seeing a ED therapist and she doesn't know how to really help me with my medical issues and that has been what has taken over this year for me as I almost died and I continue to go in and out the hospital every few weeks. If you have any ideas on what I should try that would be awesome!! Btw I live in Seattle and it is a shame you don't live here anymore 🙂

  • I really want to be like you when I grow up. mental disorders really interest me (that sounds weird I know) and I love learning things about them. my goal in life is to help people through the worst times in their life like EDs, depression, OCD, etc. although my life goal is pretty much set, knowing the difference between the many jobs that work with psychology confuse me. I've tried many times to google it, but I just end up getting more confused. what's the difference between a therapist, counselor, and a psychologist? I know a psychiatrist deals with medication, but do they often work with therapy too or just medication? I thought since you're a therapist you could give me more insight than the internet would. 🙂

  • I'm not really sure about my wrong disorder I used to have anorexia and "beat" it but now some days I'll eat normal, some days I'll purge, some days I won't eat, some days I'll binge and it just goes round in a circle x

  • *eating

  • You cant remember everyone. every patient cant remember all of there symptoms even when you ask them. some people are just screwed..

  • I don't know how to cry. I haven't cried since I was in grade 7. I am now 32. How can I learn how to cry again? I get to the point that I want to cry but I can't. Every time I see other people cry I feel uncomfortable. Why is that? Could this be because I was bullied in school. I was called a cry baby. I was told that big girls don't cry. I tried watching sad shows/ movies, listening to sad songs,going to a funeral, yelling. I even tried focusing my cry to come out. No luck.Is their something wrong with me?

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