How do meta geo tags influence the search results?

How do meta geo tags influence the search results?

[Laughs] You can tell I’m from Kentucky, because I don’t know how to say everyone’s name. I’m going to try Jochen from Stuttgart in Germany asks, “How do meta geo tags influence the search results?” And the answer is that it is not something that we look at very closely at all. Not meta geo tags. We tend to look at the IP address, we tend to look at the gTLD or the ccTLD, that’s the country code TLD. So, top level domain, so .fr, .de. There’s also something in Google’s Webmaster Tools where you can say my site is you know, not just a .com that’s about the entire world, it’s a British .com. Or it’s a .com that really pertains to New Zealand or Australia. So, you can highlight and say, okay this .com is really about Germany or Canada or whatever your country is. But typically the geo tags that are in meta tags are not as useful and we don’t tend to give those as much weight, if at all. So, I would spend your time trying to make sure you have the right domain name, trying to make sure that you have the right IP address if you can, and then definitely if you have content that’s geo-located, even if it’s a subdomain or a subdirectory, you can specify that within Google’s Webmaster Tools and say yes, this is relevant for this particular country.


  • Almightyvegeta87 – Depends. If you define "hardcore" as "comment-happy", then yeah.

  • Pity. My web host can be anywhere so the physical location of my server says nothing about what or where my site is about.

    Why ignore explicit geo tag data?

    How about lat & long values if I put those in keywords, titles, alt tags, etc? Does the inclusion of a Google map count for anything?

    I'm trying hard to grow a site anchored to a location and you're telling me I anchored to a box in a rack somewhere. Bummer dew…

    JetCityOrange / 47.590325 -122.386002

  • Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't seem to find a "per subdirectory" way to specify location of content. We have content broken down into country/state directories but since we cover more than one country we haven't been able to use the webmaster tools to specify a location.

    I was excited at 1:07 when I heard that, but I can't for the life of me find it. Anyone else see it?

  • Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

    So basically content is king


  • Search for "queries deserve freshness new york times" and it'll explain what he's talking about 🙂

  • So if I understand this correctly, If I have

    I can put the above 2 URL's as 2 separate sites on my webmaster tools and then set the geographic target as Australia?

  • alden azzopardi


  • alden azzopardi


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