How much do websites cost in 2020 | Cost of website design

Hello hello I need a website how much do
you charge for that umm.. it will cost around 30 to 35 thousand (INR) aprox how much you charge ? I’ll charge 10000 rupees for that ma’am it will be aprox 20,000 (INR) Ok, Thank you I’m really confused!
who is charging the right price ? This is what the experience you will face when you try to figure out the cost of your website In this video I am going to
explain seven factors that determine the website price. If you are interested
please continue watching. Hello, this is Ananya Banerjee on and you are watching my channel YOU .. AND IMPACT Don’t forget to subscribe my channel to
get regular updates. Today’s subject is very interesting even find how the
website cost varies from almost zero to an unlimited extent here are mainly two
types of pricing are involved one-time cost and yearly renewable cost now let
me explain the seven factors number one price of your domain name if you have
seen my earlier video on four steps of website development then you already
know what is a domain name if you missed it don’t worry the link is in the
description normally the cost of a domain name depends on the extension
most popular and common extensions are dot-com dot o-r-g dots net dot info etc
sometimes you may be interested on country based domain names like dotting
dot was reading dot code 13 nowadays some new type of extensions are becoming
popular for example dot Club dot music dot Academy
dot digital dot F and many more I will give you a link in the description where
you will find the domain prices for different extensions now if you are
looking for a domain name that has high surge demand that may and may be
available as a premium domain premium domain cost very high because domain
brokers booked it in normal price and resell it with high profit for branding
purpose you may want to a man with several popular extensions in
that case your ear the recurring cost will go a little high
later I will make a separate detailed video on domain names now let’s move on
to the next point number two post op wave listing depending on your
requirement you have to choose the web hosting type and on that basis the cost
will vary this cost is also renewable like domain name I have already made a
video on different types of oil steam you can find the link in the description
a shared server is the cheapest and the dedicated server is the most costly your
consultant will choose the right server for you I will recommend not to
compromise with the server quality because a better server will make your
website to load faster and reduce downtime you can find a link in the
description that will give you an idea of different types of web server prices
number 3 the cost of website security currently it is recommended to have an
SSL certificate installed for every website to ensure a minimum web security
also as I explained in my last video it will help to improve your search engine
ranking this basic security measure will add the extra cost for every year you
can incorporate even more security features like side log code guard etc
for that your yearly recurring cost will definitely go higher
later I will make a separate videos on other security features for a website
number for the cost of website design website design creates the first
impression of you or your brand on digital platform in two ways you can
make this design and that determines the price there are so many free website
templates available on the Internet you can just download it and change the
content as per your needs this way your design cost reduces to almost zero but
to stand out on the web you must portrait your originality
design your design should best reflect your personality your business and above
all your brand a well-planned logo typography color scheme layout style
composition all together create the look and feel of your website you have to
hire a professional designer to do this nowadays a new type of design has become
popular that is called UX or insert experience
design this type of design is mostly used in application based websites where
user interacts with the web interface so you can understand to do a professional
well-planned design you have to expand your budget number 5 cost of web
programming if your website is static then there will be no use of web
programming but if it is dynamic or it is application based website then
programming takes a major part you can watch my video on the static and dynamic
website for better understanding your website price can go up to any extent
due to this application part because you can do anything and everything using the
programming languages and database your consultant will choose the corporate
programming environment to develop your website features for example PHP with
MySQL database will be a good combination for online shopping potent
for banking purpose Java may be a good option prices vary with the complexity
of website features and use of languages moreover in case if your website records
any third party paid software like payment gateway SMS gateway etc then it
will add some more extra cost to your project by using free open-source
content management systems like WordPress or Joomla you can reduce the
programming cost almost to zero these open-source tools will work closely for
simple presentational website but here you may have to compromise with the
quality and the security I will discuss more in details
regarding the use of free open-source content management systems in one of my
next videos number six cost of content writing and copyright if
you want to give her professional touch to her website content then you have to
hire a Content writer the aim of content writing is to engage your online
audience and make them understand your product or service but to create a sales
page you need a copywriter the aim of copywriting is to inspire your audience
to take action it also uses search engine friendly keywords for better
visibility on the web it is quite obvious that the cost of copywriting
will be higher than mere content writing I will make a detailed video on this
subject later number seven cost for photography and videography use a good
professional photographs and videos can transform your website even with a
simple layout nowadays video backgrounds are being used in the website homepage
to demonstrate your brand in a better way if you want to give their
professional touch in this area some more cost will be added to your budget
thank you for watching if you have any questions please write down below please
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