• Hi Mike! When you start the Photoshop classes are you going to recored it ? I would like to buy those DVDs from you😁

  • I'm also interested on water base print and separation thanks for all you info

  • Mikey Designs & Silk Screen

    Hey gang! Watch as I design a t-shirt from start to finish.

  • WOW…. Impressive. I'm using flexi sign for spot color jobs. I would really like to learn to do 4 color process.

  • Hey Brother! I didnt realize how much I didnt know about photoshop and AI. I need to take some lessons from you. GREAT VIDEO! I, im Myrtle Beach SC on vacation at the moment but when I get back Im gonna start screen printing!!! Keep up the great videos, im a subscriber for life!

  • Great tutorial! I’ve always struggled with adding the correct design elements. You gave me some ideas! 🤘

  • nice tutorial bro but its long

  • I’d like to see how it printed – got any pics or video?

  • thought you said heatpress

  • Reprogramming Mind

    Congratulations Leora.

  • As a gimp user it's almost painful to watch how easy it is in photoshop haha. I have to do so much more manually

  • New sub here! How would I go with drawing a car instead of having a live photo? Sorry I dont quiet know terms yet I'm just a rookie!

  • New sub <3, what is the layout you use in the illustrator ???, i never used but i will try viewing the tutorial, you are te best, keep doing this tutorials pls


    this is very good thank you

  • Noticed an error that may help next time. The modified- The car you put the slinging mud off of the tire- Has no driver.
    Nice Job though.

  • Can you please make a video on how to make a vintage /bootleg rap tee please

  • Do you charge customers by the Hr. or a flat charge ?

  • Are you creating those racing shirts from scratch or are there templates out there for them? I know this one you’re using their actually car but do you know of any places for a basic template to make them?

  • francisco lomeli

    Hi Mike,

    I watched your entire video, it is very informative but I got lost in what program to use for my needs.
    I run a group of ATV's riders and I print out two shirts a year, 4th of July and Halloween.
    Most of the time the shirts are made with my idea, but I only use apps to design them, then send them to the person who prints the shirts for me so he can do the changes for me, but with apps I can't change the colors around, and I can't add outlines where I want them to be.
    So what program do you recommend me to buy for my needs, (remember only twice a year something that I can buy for one month then cancel, no sense for me to pay for year round)
    by the way, thank you for the great videos you share, keep it up.

  • Terry Pendergrass

    10:10 I'm sure you figured it out by now but "Savannah Lowell" is the driver! It's above the window!

  • how to make Breakthrough T-Shirt. can you teach us. thanks. the link i past here. https://www.themountain.com/b52-breakthrough-t-shirt/

  • can you use your own photos?

  • Hi Matt, great video. Question, I loved everything, however miss not seeing how you converted the cars to the spot colors you are using in the production. Did I miss that or is the at Cat Spit prior to film output? Thanks!!

  • iovanni Lizardi

    hi! good video. Mike where do you buy good waterproof films ? Thanks

  • Does the printing process give the graphic that much sought out “vintage” look?

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