That’s what I call your static content. They’re great things to have, which is why
I backed record my YouTube content, because then I know I can stay consistent with it,
but you also want to have dynamic content. That means having a little bit of fun with
your content strategy. Last week, I showed you how to create six
weeks of YouTube content in six hours, and I figured I’d keep that theme rolling and
help you save even more time. So in this week’s video, I’m going to show
you how to create one week of social media content across platforms in 30 minutes. Seriously, give it a like if you’re excited
to dive in. The very first thing I do is check what’s
coming up so I know what I’m going to be creating as far as my pillar content, which I’ll talk
about more in just a second, but what else do I have coming up in my week that I want
to incorporate into my social strategy, into my social content for the business and the
brand? Let’s get into my computer so I can show you
exactly how I do this. So we’re going to go back to using our content
calendar. And like I said in last week’s video, I’ve
been using this for 10 years, and it is my tried and true best way of mapping out all
of my social media content, not just YouTube content. This is how I plan my content in less than
30 minutes. So basically, I know what’s coming up for
the week as far as content goes because if you watched last week’s video, you know that
I plan out my YouTube content, especially for Tuesdays, well in advance. So I plug them all in to each Tuesday, and
then every Friday, usually either Thursday or Friday, sometimes I’ll do this on Sunday
if I have to, but usually on Thursday or Friday I’ll sit down and I will not only look at
the week ahead as far as content and what’s planned, but I’ll actually also look at my
week in my calendar, so what do I have coming up for meetings, and what do I have going
on every day that I can use and integrate into my social media content? Let’s just take this week, for example. This is the week of July 15th. Basically, I’m looking at how I want to integrate
all of the categories, which I’m going to show you in a second in the next step of content. So you have a couple of content categories,
and I organize them accordingly in my calendar. The thing to keep in mind here when you’re
planning out a week’s worth of content is that there’s two types of content that you
want to pay attention to. You have static and you have dynamic. If you only are posting things that are pre-scheduled,
and pre-thought out, and that you plugged in the calendar for way too long at a time,
which is a great way to be consistent, it kind of gets a little stale and boring. That’s what I call your static content. They’re great things to have, which is why
I backed record my YouTube content because then I know I can stay consistent with it,
but you also want to have dynamic content. That means having a little bit of fun with
your content strategy. So big thing here is that there’s really five
themes that you want to pay attention to to add in more dynamic content; more timely,
more in the moment, content that’s going to get you more engagement. So things like key events and dates you have
coming up, so is there some sort of celebration happening around the world that you can capitalize
on or get in on? Is there any sort of content category that
you want to specifically focus on, which I’m going to dive into all of those in just a
second in the next step. Influencers that you can reach out to or send
a message to during the week or post some of their content? So things like if there’s a big publisher,
or magazine, or blog in your space, add those things into your content calendar as well. Launches or campaigns, as well as key brand
messages, so what are things that you know you need to be saying over and over and over
again on social media as part of your brand to really hit home with people what it is
that you do and how you can serve and help them, whether with your products or with your
services? Those are all five things that you want to
try and include in your content throughout the week. That’s really your dynamic content versus
your static content. A really simple thing to do here: go onto
Google, and if you’re looking for dynamic content, especially from influencers or big
media outlets in your space, just Google search let’s say YouTube marketing, or travel blogs,
or something like that. Google it, and see what articles come up first,
and you can see which ones were posted in the recent week or were posted in the last
couple days, and those would be good topics. Other things to do would be checkout sites
like BuzzSumo, and BuzzSumo will show you the top trending articles in your space that
week, and that also can be used and plugged in to your content calendar. The five content categories to remember are
BTS, behind the scenes, biz, bio, boost, and beehive, and I’m going to explain what that
means right now. Each of those is basically describing a different
content category that you can use as a bucket to put in different key pieces that you want
to have in your content calendar throughout the week. So when I talk about biz, obviously it’s related
to your business. It’s things that are going to be driving the
business for you, so sharing a link to a webinar, or sharing a link to a product or a service
that you’re selling, or sharing a link to a new blog post that will drive traffic to
your website. Whatever that may be, that’s your biz content. You want to have that content throughout the
week, and that’s really your pillar content, which again, I’ll explain that next. That’s really important. Then your BTS is really showing them behind
the scenes of your life. What makes you a real human? Because at the end of the day on social media,
people want to know that they’re interacting with humans. Even if you have a brand or a company, the
more human you are, the more successful you’ll be on social media. So all of the different facets of your life,
whether that’s health, or wellness, or mindset, whatever books you’re reading, things like
that. Those are all good things to include in that
category. The next one is your bio, telling people more
about who you are and what you do, because if new people are coming to follow you every
single day, which is the goal here, then you need to be introducing yourself, so creating
at least one piece of content every two weeks that tells people a little bit more about
who you are and what you do, and you can see some good examples of what that looks like
on my Instagram account. The next thing is the boost or the inspo content. The boost content is really to boost people
up and elevate them, inspire them, allow them to give themselves a shout out, something
like that, so inspirational content is what I like to call boost content. Then the final piece of the puzzle here is
your beehive content, and beehive content is really for your community. I mentioned earlier allowing people to do
a promote yourself post, and this is something that I’ll do on Instagram pretty often. I’ll say, “This post is for you. Comment below with what you do and where you
live. Give yourself a shout out.” That’s your beehive content, which is really
community focused. Other things you can do in this content category
are asking for content ideas from your audience. “We’re doing a poll.” Something that’s going to involve and engage
them on a level where you’re not just shouting or spouting content at them, but you’re actually
involving them in your social media for the week. The next step is plugging that all into the
content calendar. You can actually see how I plug this in. When I was doing the screencast earlier, you’ll
actually see on the content calendar what it looks like throughout the week, so where
all of those content categories fit throughout the days of the week. You’ll see that Tuesdays and Thursdays we
have pillar content. We have our YouTube video that goes up every
single Tuesday without fail, and then we have a podcast that goes out on Thursday as well. Those are really our pillar pieces of content,
and a lot of our content across platforms is built off of that. If you want to take a look at that closer,
we’ll show you the screencast right now of how that week looks and where you can see
our biz, our BTS, our bio, our boost, and our beehive content. So you’ll notice things like it says bio or
boost beside some of the posts, or it’ll say, “BTS,” right here, or it’ll say things like,
“Biz,” or it’ll say things like, “Beehive,” which you can see right here. Those are your going to be your content pillars,
and I’m going to talk about this in the next step, but just to see the week in advance,
basically I always start with my pillar content. My pillar content is my YouTube content. I know that on the 16th, which is the Tuesday
I’m posting, how much YouTube pays me every month. The really cool thing about this and how we
have it organized and how you can do it, is everything in yellow is branching off of this
one video. It’s taking this one piece of content and
turning into a whole bunch, which I also have another video on that topic, which we’ll link
below, about the best content creation strategy that you can use. This video gets broken into teasers that are
going to go on Instagram and Instagram Stories. They’re going to go on Twitter and on Facebook,
on Pinterest, and they’re going to be sent out via our newsletter. That’s really where this all stems from. So everything in yellow, I tease it on my
Instagram stories. I tease this video the day before, so that
gives me content on Instagram Stories. I post it onto the community tab the day before,
that covers off YouTube. I put it on … well, I actually put the weeks
before, so I put this video from the week before onto IGTV on the 17th, so it always
goes up a week later on the Wednesday. This video will go up a week later on the
Wednesday here. Then we also do a native version of this video
on the Wednesday on Facebook, so that covers off Facebook, covers off Instagram. Then on Thursdays, we do our podcast. Sometimes we’ll do original podcast content,
but a lot of the times it’s repurpose content from my YouTube channel. We had this interview with Julia Kristina
that we did on a YouTube on live, and then we took that content. I did an intro and outro and I put it onto
the podcast, so that covers this off. Then I promote the podcast, so anything in
green is stemmed off of the podcast. So it’s teasers, it’s mini clips, it’s all
those things. I’m not creating brand new content for every
platform, I’m taking this one piece of content and turning it into a whole bunch. Then you’ll see that the other thing that
I do is I look at, “Okay, what does my week look like this week?” So for example, I know that on Monday I’m
going to be going for a workout. I have meetings in the morning, and then I’m
going to be working on content in the afternoon for our programs. That means that in this time period, I don’t
really want to be posting anything, I want to just be focused. I know that I want to be active on Instagram
Stories and on social, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to repurpose an Insta photo,
which I call bio piece of content, and that’s going to go on Facebook. On Twitter, we’ll do an inspirational quote,
which is boost content. Then on Instagram Stories, I’m going to do
a BTS of planning the week. Then I’m going to do a fitness post as well
on my Instagram Stories to show the behind the scenes of entrepreneurial lifestyle, etc. Then on the Tuesday, it’s basically all YouTube
focused, and then on the Tuesday as well, I knew that I was going to be interviewing
Marie Forleo, which will be coming very soon to the channel. So for this interview, I definitely knew that
I wanted to tease the fact that I was doing this interview and that it would be coming
out soon, so I put it on my Instagram Stories and I made a note of that, and it’s BTS content,
so that I could put it in my content calendar and remember to do this. That’s super easy. I do this day-by-day, and I’m like, “What
am I working on every day? How can I make sure that I integrate my life
in with my other pillar content so that I constantly am active without having to reinvent
the wheel all the time?” So really, the key to this and to planning
your content in a very short period of time is having pillar pieces of content, whether
that’s on Facebook, on YouTube, a podcast, and taking that, turning it into a bunch of
micro content, and then using your life to show you, “Okay, here’s some opportunities
of things that you can cover to put into the rest of your content calendar.” The next thing is actually putting this into
your project management or in your calendar to make sure that you don’t forget, because
honestly, I think it’s so important to put this everywhere, or else you just won’t post
and you won’t be able to stay consistent on social media. The moment that it goes into my Asana or it’s
in my calendar, I know that it’s there for me to do and I’ll actually block the time
to make it happen so I can stay super consistent on social and re-engage my audience regularly. How do I do that? Take a look. Now that I know what needs to be done based
off of the content calendar, and one really important thing to also understand here is
because I have these pillar pieces of content, which I mentioned earlier, I now know how
it needs to be formatted ahead of time for all of these different platforms. So making sure that you’re formatting your
content differently to cater to each platform is really important. I know that just posting a YouTube link onto
Facebook doesn’t work very well. What we like to do is we like to take the
full length video and post it natively, meaning we upload it directly to Facebook, and that
way we can share the whole video as added value content on my Facebook platform without
creating an entirely new piece of content. The reason that we do it a week later is because
we want to make sure that all the traffic is going to YouTube in the first week, first
24 hours, really important, but then we can take that piece of content and repurpose it
a full week later onto Facebook and have it, like I said, as added value. So formatting things differently is really
important, especially when you do things like re-purposing an Instagram photo. You don’t want to have tags and hashtags and
all that kind of stuff on Facebook if they’re not relevant, because it’s not formatted to
fit Facebook. I also don’t just post the link to an Instagram
photo on Facebook. What I’ll do is I’ll actually take that unique
photo or unique video and upload it directly to Facebook as well, and just copy and paste
the caption and reformat it to look appropriate for Facebook. So doing that’s really important. Now that I know what needs to go in the calendar,
what I do is they then go into Asana, and you can see actually on today it says, “Promote
YouTube video.” This is a weekly recurring task for me in
Asana, so I remember to do this. Then I’ll do things like post to IG about
fitness. I remember that I actually have to do them,
because basically how my life works is that if it’s not in my calendar and if it’s not
in Asana, I’m not going to do it. The other thing is, I’ll put these things
into my actual calendar is little time blocks so I know that at this time when I have a
space in my calendar, so 10:30 to 11:00, I need to remember to do a story promoting the
new YouTube video that just went live today. That’s how I keep it all organized and this
is how I plan all my content in less than 30 minutes. It’s super easy to do. You can totally take advantage of this, and
I promise you it’s going to make you more consistent, it’s going to make you more effective,
and it’s going to make your content strategy more dynamic and interesting. If you really want to dial in your social
media content and have that one pillar piece of content that creates like 30 pieces of
content off of it, you definitely want to check out our Boss YouTube Strategy Masterclass. You can find it at It’s a free masterclass where I’ll teach you
how to 100x your subscribers and double your revenue in the next year using YouTube. The link is below to register and save a seat. Now, if you enjoyed this and you got a lot
of value out of it, you know what to do. Take a screenshot, share it out on Instagram
or Instagram Stories, tag me and let me know what your biggest takeaway was and how you’re
going to use this to plan out your social media content as well. This shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes. I usually do it on a Friday, Thursday or Friday
or a Sunday if I have to, and then I’m set for the weekend. I don’t even have to think about it again. I can’t wait to see what you come up with
in following this. If you liked this video, hit the like button
below, share it with your friends, and be sure to subscribe. Thank you so much to our comment of the week. I appreciate you so, so, so, so much. Thank you for being here. Thank you for watching, and I can’t wait to
see you in the next video.


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    You need to explain what acronyms stand for if you're going to use them, e.g. you did not explain what "BTS" stands for. Also, I'd love to get an explanation for why you delay the release of your videos (by a week in your case) for every platform but YouTube (e.g. IGTV) – you've mentioned that you do that several times but never explained why.

  • Katherine aka KGbeautywithin Gage

    This is another great video! What would you suggest on a beauty channel in batch content since you have to create one look at a time. How can we get your content calendar? I’m almost at 1,000 Subscribers, your content is my #1 go too! Love you Sunny 🤩

  • Love this so much 💗 Being a busy mom with a 9 to 5 job, I don’t always have time to film and edit but by keeping a calendar and batch producing videos, it helps to stay organized and keep going. Sunny gives the best advice!! I’ll be putting this to the test, can’t wait to see what happens 🙈

  • DO MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Can you do a video on how to add captions, make your videos translate in other languages, how to make your videos keep playing over and over after your video ends? I made a couple playlists but my videos don’t play right after others like others do they go directly to other people’s content.

  • Wow I love it. Your so inspiring thank you

  • Great to stay organised

  • I want to tell you that I decided to write new blog posts every day in order to provide some news to my website. What do you think? 😀

  • Hey Sunny, was wondering if you offer coaching for kids. My 10 year old daughter wants to do youtube. If not could you please point us to someone who does? Thanks a bunch!

  • Redesign life after divorce

    Thank you!

  • Sunny you need THE CONTENT PLANNER by Kat Gaskin 💛 The 2020 Planner pre-sale starts TODAY September 12th at 5pm AND the 2020 Planner is Sunshine Yellow ☀️ so it's literally perfect for you! Kat Gaskin is Canadian too! 🇨🇦 @thecontentplanner

  • Sacred Jewels Cosmetics

    You're the best! Thank you Sunny <3

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