How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners | EASY Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners | EASY Step-By-Step Tutorial

Amazon a trillion dollar company I’m
sure you’ve heard of it they sell literally millions of products
every single day and deliver them right to people’s doorsteps if you’re like the
majority you’ve probably got one yourself but who
is really selling all those products it’s not this guy it’s everyday people
like you and me sitting at home on the couch because to the surprise of most
people the majority of sales on Amazon come from third-party sellers its these
people the people like my students Arya Dana
Michael that are sitting home making the sales and making the big bucks so the
question becomes how do you do the same hey it’s tasty Franco I am the no
bullshitting Amazon guy here on YouTube I’m gonna answer that burning question
for you because if you’re here right now you’re in one of a couple kemp’s either
you just found out about Amazon FBA you found about this new opportunity and
you’re starting here that’s you awesome welcome this is a great place to start
where I’m going to go through this whole thing or either either that or you’ve
been dabbling in Amazon you’ve been thinking about it you’ve been in and out
even researching and you just got super confused you’re super you know like it’s
stuck in analysis paralysis you don’t know where to go and you just want a
video that can put it all together for you step-by-step so you can watch the
video go out there start making money out the confusion without the BS and if
that’s you great because that’s exactly what I’m gonna do for you today in this
video because Amazon FBA is such a great business model it’s such a great
platform that we’re allowed to use and it saved me it save me from rock bottom
and it allowed me to live the life that I wanted to live and it can do the same
thing for you as it did for all those students that I showed you by the game
at the beginning of this video and it’s just about making the choice the choice
to pursue it the choice to learn it from the choice to submerge yourself in it
and take action right because life is all about choices now when I was a
teenager I was left with a choice I was failing high school I was terrible I
just did not fit into the system I could not do I did not get it and my dad left
me with a choice he said hey you know what JT if you’re gonna fail high school
you have the choice of either turn it around and graduate or you can leave the
house so I’m like you know what fuck that I’m gonna fail anyways so I’m gonna
leave I’m gonna drop out and I’m gonna leave now so I was a teenager I dropped
out of high school I left my house and I started a catering company I started
working 15 hour days I started you know hiring employees paying this massive
overhead all this cost is food insurance works safe all these things I never had
any idea about and I spent money all the money I ever had all the money I didn’t
have and at the end of the year I was negative I lost money and I was on the
path to lose money for the next five years money that I did not have and I
could not get right so I was left with another set of choices either I can go
back home to mom and dad or I could work 9:00 to 5:00 you know like minimum wage
job for the rest of my life and luckily I found about about Amazon F
a new business where I didn’t need to work 15 hours a day I didn’t need to
have crazy overhead cost employee cost employee insurance food costs and best
of all I could do it all from home and I needed no education I found my first
product and ice I went to manufacture in China
got it manufactured and then I listed that product on Amazon and that was that
and that is literally the model of Amazon FBA those three steps find a
product manufacture the product lists that product and launch it now the
problem is that that product that I launched failed because I didn’t know
what I was doing so today what I’m gonna do for you is what I wish I had when I
started is I’m going to lay out all the steps to make sure that when you find
that product it will actually make you money no BS updated absolutely with the
brand new stuff all the newest techniques so let’s get right into it
this is going to be an entire Amazon course basically in a single video for
you so what we’re gonna learn in this video is number one product research
what are you looking for and how can you find it number two finding a supplier
how to contact suppliers how to vet your suppliers and also how many units should
you order on your first order all right number three shipping how do you ship a
product from the supplier to Amazon how do you create a shipping plan what
shipping message should you use all right number four creating your listing
ok the importance of your listing creating listing that’s meant to sell ok
and then finally how to launch your product and how to get advertising and
traffic with PPC Amazon’s PPC so – by the end of this video you should know
exactly how to do all this do it properly do it effectively so you
can go home and make some money so let’s get right into the goodies yeah I just
wonder way product research this is the crown jewel
of Amazon FBA everything you do is gonna revolve around product research because
you make all your money when you select your product right you make the money
once that product is selected not once the product is listed right you have to
know your numbers you have to know exactly what you’re doing and what
you’re looking for so you can find a product’s gonna make you money and not
lose you money so this is the great battle of Amazon FBA so we’re gonna
cover this one extensively all right so first what are you looking for and
second how are you gonna find it so with Amazon FBA this entire process at the
beginning there’s one thing you are gonna need outside of just your brain
and a computer it’s gonna be a tool right now I let’s just help people you
don’t need it but it’s highly highly recommended let Majan if you’re a chef
this is your knife if you’re a lumberjack this is your chainsaw this is
just a tool it’s gonna make everything a lot easier and it’s called viral launch
all right so viral launch is a software that’s gonna help you find products and
I’m gonna be using it throughout this this video so if you don’t have it
there’s a link in description you get 15% off for the rest of your life of
course it’s an affiliate link for myself but if you don’t to get yeah it’s okay
just follow along watch what you’re doing there’s other software similar to
it but viral launch is what I like so what are you looking for right that’s
the question what makes a good product because there’s a million bazillion
trillion products on Amazon which one is the right one for you to sell so there
are five pillars that I like to teach okay five pillars now as you go around
YouTube as you do more research maybe you’ve already seen a lot of people like
to use these criterias or these super hard outlines for you to stay stickin
right but how must be under a pound and must have less than 75 reviews it must
have 300 sales a month like all these crazy things but there’s more to the
game than that right there’s a lot more you know nuances to it than just
sticking within criteria so I didn’t talk about the five pillars that’s gonna
be you the foundation for your empire right that’s what we’re building here so
the pillar number one what you’re looking for and what I like to call sale
signs right so sales signs is there signs of this product getting sales so
how you gonna find that out of course you’re gonna be I’m gonna show you how
to find it out but just for the conceptual for you to understand you
want to find a product that obviously is well so that you know when you enter
that market you and you sell the same product you will sell well as well but
you just don’t want to find one product that sells well it hasn’t in the whole
market that sells well and to the extent of how well that markets gonna sell is
going to be what we’re talking about in the next one
but sale signs first off you want to have a product that obviously is selling
well and a good rule of thumb actually is about 300 sales a month but again
it’s just a rule of thumb not a hard and fast rule so look for a product that has
good sales throughout the market okay so the next thing number two the second
pillar you’re going to be looking at is the opportunity balance
okay now this one is a little bit harder to kind of understand unless we go
through it but essentially I’m sure you’ve heard a lot people say look for
product with high demand and low competition right that is obviously a
great advice but there’s a lot of levels to high demand low competition okay so
for example there can be a market that is high competition but it has high
demand and it’s a bigger market size so you can get in there and you can still
make money somewhere in the middle of that market right the problem with that
is that since there is higher competition it’s going to be a little
more expensive it’s more risk but you probably have more reward bigger market
more money equals a more risk but bigger reward okay on the flip side of that
there can be a smaller market not as much competition it’s a lot easier for
you to get in there rank a little bit higher maybe even but even at a higher
rank you’ll be making less money than you would over here however it’s easier
it’s less risk it’s an easy win right it’s an easy win for you to get under
your belt and that’s what you just suggest for the first product like
you’ll see people post on YouTube I’m posted many videos of myself find a
product that makes fifty thousand dollars a month how to find a product
that makes $100,000 a month all these crazy numbers however there’s a lot of
stuff with that comes with those products that’s more expensive to
actually make that money with those products so sometimes I like to say for
the first product find a product that makes that’s going to 100% bank you or
not hunt up scent but really highly confidently bank you like a thousand
bucks profit every single month right 1500 bucks profit every single month now
that might not seem so exciting but now you think about it hey now you can do
that again right you can do do it again and you have four products
that are making you 1500 bucks a month right all of a sudden you’re making six
thousand bucks a month and there was an easier win to find one product that
makes you six thousand bucks a month okay so that’s the opportunity balance
balancing the opportunity that you have and again there’s no right or wrong
there it’s more about where do you want to play in what are your goals okay so
the third thing you’re gonna look at is the grand slam screen all right so the
grand slam screen is what I talked about in the Empire Academy which is my full
Academy for Amazon FBA and the grants on screen is can you make it a grand slam
now really quickly a grand slam basically is a product that is gonna
knock it out of the park because it is different right so you don’t want to
find a product that has you know has great sales signs
it has opportunity a great opportunity bounce that you’re happy with but then
you’re gonna go and copy the exact product that’s not what you want to do
you want to stand out you want to make it a grand slam so look through the
product is there a way you can make a stand out right
well more quantity do that for you well can you make improve the quality can
maybe a different variation can you bundle it with another item and that
will be your grand slam right so pass it through the grand slam screen to find
out if it’s something that you can sell right so the fourth thing is called
Empire potential right does this product have the potential to build an empire
off of it right because that’s what we’re trying to do we’re not looking for
a short term a short term when we’re looking for long term gains so building
an empire off a product means can you build a product line right can you build
a portfolio off this product so if you have you know maybe three products we
pass them through the first few pillars and you’re like okay this is good now
which product actually can you build a line off of isn’t this a one-off product
or is it something where hey there’s a lot of related products that you can go
a lot of ways you can brand this product and have an actual succinct product line
off of it so that is the fourth thing and then the last thing we’re gonna look
at is profitability cash flow right if you pass it through all that it looks
great but it’s not actually gonna make you any money tossed in the guard
because that’s not in the game or in here for we’re trying to make money off
this stuff so you gotta know your numbers at the end of it so that is what
you’re looking for that if you can knock that off your list all of those check
boxes off you have found a great product now we’re get into the actual how to do
that where you can come here behind my shoulder look over my shoulder as we go
through this and actually try to put this into action to take it from a
concept into a reality so let’s get okay so we’re in my computer now and
this is what violence looks like so when you have viral launched go to product
discovery random product discovery you have product search keyword search brand
search and category search so each of these is gonna have the same kind of
look filters right and then you can it’ll shoot out either keywords brands
categories or products so right now we’re gonna talk on products to keep it
simple okay so for products explode the categories or you can even go with
presets right the small starters high review earners but I could just put my
own stuff in here so if you want you can go ahead and copy these categories I
have clicked off these are just one that I use you can go with whatever you want
it to go with but you know some categories are gated so make sure you
check on that before you proceed alright so your categories done so now we’re
gonna go and enter our monthly sales our price monthly revenue and review count
that we’re looking for right so monthly sales again rule of thumb like they just
start off with like 200 monthly sales minimum price anywhere between like
eighteen to thirty something for zone again there’s no hard criteria just go
with what you want to go with but I’ll just keep it under 50 bucks generally
generally right under fifty bucks so I’ll just will like like 39 dollars
okay and then price you don’t want to go lower to low lower than like 20 bucks
usually because at that price point if it’s like a 700 I Tim you don’t have
much profit margin right which is the final thing on the five pillars is the
profitability so I like to play like some whatever 1718 mostly revenue
minimum I want to see at least seven thousand dollars a month
otherwise it’s not even worth looking at it right then review counts anywhere
less than like 100 went right what I had their hunger 20 hundred thirty and then
again once you go through these and you press the show products it’s gonna show
products but then always play with these right so don’t feel like this is the
only thing you do once if you don’t find any products go up and change it to
maybe 19 and 42 or you know review account 110 monthly sales 350 monthly
revenue you know eight thousand whatever it may be go like that and then pressure
products and then violence are gonna spit out products that match your exact
criteria right so now this is product research that’s we’re looking for and
this is what you’re mostly your day is gonna you know be and typically people
that do this every single day it’ll take you like a week two weeks to find like
and full if not a bunch of really good products now there’s a lot of different
ways to look for products but just doing this is the most simple is how I found
my first product or as how a lot of students find that my students finding
their first product it’s simple it’s easy to do and it gives you a good
opportunity to look at a lot of products right so I’m just scrolling through here
because there’s things that kind of seen before so what we’re gonna do once you
find something that you think hey maybe that’s interesting maybe there’s like an
interesting thing to sell on Amazon all you got to do is click I’m just gonna
find something here it’s all you got to do is click this click the view on
Amazon button right and then it’s gonna take you to Amazon it’s gonna take you
the exact product and then what we do from here is we’re gonna grab the main
keyword which i think is a main keyword just based on the title right that’s
what it is of the product is it’s a paper towel roll and then go to all
departments and search for that ok so now once you search for that what you’re
gonna see we’re off the bat you’re gonna see a lot of obviously this is a lot of
branding products right but what we’re gonna do to get the numbers is go ahead
and click this viral lunch market intelligence and drop down now once you
get viral launch you will have this tool and what this tool does is it pulls the
data from all the products on the page estimated data and it gives you the
numbers right so it tells you how much it’s selling which is what of course the
sales science right and then you can look through the opportunity balance so
how competitive is the market and how big is the market is there a room for
you to get in there right and then you’re gonna look at the grand slam
screen how can you make this different how can you make your paper towels look
different then look at the empire potential can you build an empire off of
this and then profitability so obviously I already knew going because I was gonna
be a super competitive product because it is paper towels and you’re competing
as bounty and you know all these different things so I was want to show
you what this looks like so monthly revenue you know quarter
million dollars every single month 1.5 million dollars every single month right
and then if you’re gonna go ahead and look at the reviews the reviews are just
insane none of them all most of them are above like 200 right 8000 reviews so
this is definitely just a market and you don’t want to look at okay it’s just
crazy so we’re gonna keep on going so that’s
exactly what product research looks like hey ash did a demonstration of what
product research is you put in your filters you press show products and you
look and look at looking with props and you just literally what I do is if I see
something interesting QlikView an amazon go back keep looking
click view on amazon go back keep looking
and I just go through page on page on page of this right what is this there’s
a frame good Amazon and keep looking right so now once you have all these
open you can go ahead and do exactly where I showed you look through the
market intelligence and look for something that looks decent now for the
sake of keeping this video short a short as can be for an entire basically an
entire course and a video I pull up a product that is there something that you
would look for when you’re looking across so that market I’ll just came up
and we’re gonna tell it this is going to show you the product price so $35 a
great price point a monthly sales 273 and then the average it has a probably
ideas score right so this is viral launches kind of you know suggestion so
if you see a probably IDs score 4 and higher that’s think you know you’re in a
good spot but don’t trust that exactly right
so now that we’re in here what we’re gonna do is again do the same thing so
look at the monthly revenue and look at the monthly review quantity so I’ll just
sort my review so we can kind of see where does it taper off so they got up
the outliers here right so these guys are the big boys in the market and of
course it’s taking in most of them a lot of the money right so shouldn’t Emo’s
the money but a lot of the money so if they were take if this was all the big
boys and they’re taking most of the money and that would not be a good
market that’s it would be a market where it’s dominated by just a few sellers and
there’s no room for you to get in there ok so they have a decent amount of money
with these guys but where does it drop off right so say it’s 107 reviews that’s
100 745 where how deep is mark how far is it go and where can you get in and
what will you be making right so these guys 100 years $8,000 right 68 reviews
$55,000 $32,000 right $15,000 and it goes down as it keeps on going down you
still have room to get in there and make money right so only 20 reviews $10,000
guys right now this is the kind of stuff that we are looking for right
this is an ideal market to kind of dig deeper into write 3 reviews 6 grand so
what we would do now we have looked at kind of the sale signs right there
making the sales they’re making money the opportunity balances
there it’s a market where you know there’s room enough for you to kind of
get in the middle and if you go into the middle of this market you’d be at like
50 40 40 reviews make $10,000 could you get into there and could you make that
could you get into the Middle’s market if I show you exactly the steps to get
there hundred percent you could it’s not that
hard right now is there something wrong is product I don’t know I just found
this the other day I don’t know if there’s more to do so that’s why you
always got to look do your due diligence right there’s more to look at you gotta
look at what’s trending you gotta look at you know maybe it’s a fad product
maybe a seasonal maybe it’s only when people graduate in the summer times
right so that’s something you want to look at because it is July right now as
of this recording so yeah this is something where maybe this is just
spiking at the moment so we want to dig deeper and dig deeper now we’re gonna
look next at the empire potential or the sorry the Grand Slam screen where can
you differentiate right is there anyone that’s doing something different here
you got two packs right a 2 pack of the a 2 pack of the Diploma thing and then
you have one here where you can hold a little what is that tassel right so
where can you be different maybe you can do a little bit of a design what what is
actually a different differentiation that’s gonna resonate with people now
quick thing that you can look at for differentiation or bundling is if you
click on that people usually put a frequently bought together so forget
about together the good indication that hey the people are buying two of these
maybe if I put them together that I’ll do well right so that’s just one thing
to look at and then next we’re gonna look at the what is it the and potential
so if you do this diploma frame where can you go further to you know increase
your line are you gonna become a you know maybe a school product line are you
going to become a picture frame line special frames right are you gonna be
just you know there’s different ways to look at this and you can go and click
and look at again the frequently bought together the different recommendations
Amazon gives or you can actually go and click on Golden State art see what
they’re selling right they’re an art thing they do oh there you go they do
all types of frames show boxes showcasing kind of stuff right display
items so you can go in there and look at that and then you can even go ahead and
grab Golden State Arts right and go back to product discovery and then go to
brand search and look at Golden State Art if is it one word I don’t know so go
and say all right here you go probably these guys are they have 2000 products
right and you can see the full bar on Canal
cysts on this brand and then this is actually away the brand search is where
I’ve looked at a lot of products and found products to launch similar to my
own product right so you can see there everything you can literally see
everything total monthly revenue 4.7 million total monthly profit 2.7 million
then if you go down you can see the products so this is kind of what we’re
looking for maybe these products are matching up
with our criteria something we could launch that would that would you know
give us a suggestion or what to look at when looking at the Empire potential
right then finally we’re looking at profitability so define profitability
we’re going to go is going to go to the Amazon FBA calculator so you just
searching google amazon calculator and then you got the FBA revenue talkin
later it’s the first thing second cup click on that okay so now what you want
to do is you’re gonna go back to your product right and just click on one of
the ones that’s like but in an average price range or the average choice of 33
bucks you search your product right and then just grab one of them I’ll grab one
that’s like when the regular price range of thirty three dollars right 39 bucks
grab this one and you’re gonna go ahead and grab the ACE and so the ACE in
you’re gonna find it up here in the URL after the DP so it’s gonna be this one
start with v-0 so that’s a sin you grab that go to the Amazon calculator enter
the ace in and search it so now Amazon is actually this is a service by Amazon
but giving you the actual data on this property know the dimensions right the
weight of it and now you’re gonna fill this out so the item price so as an FBA
seller you’re doing Amazon FBA which is what we’re talking about right now
only look at the right-hand side of this chart you don’t the fill in the left
side because the left side is filled by merchants meaning you are filling it out
and sending in the products out yourself from your home okay so Amazon
Fulfillment item price let’s go with average price which was like thirty four
ninety nine so I’ll say $35 right and then we’re gonna go ahead and actually
press calculate so now we’re gonna see what it looks like so you have item
price of $35 this is what the revenue would be and the cost would be based on
how many units are gonna be selling right and then obviously it’s only
saying that because we only have a one unit enter care so let’s fill the rest
of this list up okay so you have thirty five dollars they’re shipped to Amazon
we’re just gonna guesstimate we’re gonna say it’s gonna be like about fiddy
now cause the product is where you’re gonna go and look at Alibaba okay so not
Ali Express but Alibaba calm and then you’re gonna look for this exact product
so diploma frame and you’re gonna get an average cost Kay
so look for this actually one with the tassel on it this one right so this is
the exact one $5 to $15 is that really it what it cost
that’s pretty high right so Kimo scrolling you’ll see there you go four
sixty nine to six these are mostly a dollar to $11 $3 to $5 so let’s just say
like five bucks right so let’s say it’s five dollars to get the product made
products was five dollars now I’ll calculate that and let’s say we sell
what was the average that bar lunch gave us there’s like 200 something so let’s
just say we sell a hundred and fifty all right so now we can get a pretty good
look at this so this product at those numbers you have a thirty nine percent
profit margin like I said you always want to shoot between 30 and and fifth
thirty and fifty percent now again this is a before negotiating I don’t know the
actual price to ship this I don’t know what’s gonna cost you two cent frames
right I don’t know maybe get this cost of product down right so maybe you get
that down to four dollars then what are you looking at right 42 percent but
again I would never understood it I always overshoot this so even if you go
six and two or like eight and two is there still margin there twenty-nine
percent you’re just at that that level right and then you’re looking at ten
dollars profit per sale and at the end of the month you sold hundreds of units
you’re making fifteen hundred dollars every single month net profit all right
so that is how you look at profitability and if the case was like what it was 39
percent I would definitely keep on looking into this and pursuing this
product right so that exactly what to look for for a product how to find it
how to go through the filters and know if it’s a good product to sell or not
and now we’re gonna move on to the next step of the process yeah
I just wonder way binding your supplier and placing your first order
alright so content suppliers is something that a lot of people overthink
and kind of get scared away by but it’s super simple now I understand why I get
scared because once you you know all the product research is nice and all but
once you start contacting suppliers it gets very real because now you’re
talking to manufacturers who talk to sellers all the day all damn day right
every hour of the day so what you want to do when to connect supplier is to
make it really simple is go to Alibaba calm okay
search for your product and then change from product to suppliers now the reason
you do this is because sometimes or a lot of times suppliers will list
multiple products so your messaging the same supplier multiple times right so
you can see there’s seven under twenty products and you go to suppliers and
then that’s going to be reduced alright 109 suppliers okay so now as you
go through this if you see Prague’s that are exactly like what you want all you
do is very simple click the chat now box it’s literally like facebook Messenger
I’m sure most of you are familiar with that all right I’m gonna make some error
here guys so sorry about that but basically all you I do you click
chat now and I’ll just prep click click call next apply for now I’ll you just go
hi I am very interested in your diploma frame and the thing about this one is
that it’s harder to do use this but with the the messenger one it’ll actually
show you the product you can click the product and it shows you it’ll send the
exact product to them I am just say hi I’m aventure them to pull a frame please
send me a quote or five hundred units right now I just end it off or whatever
units you figure it may be right and then you send send send send send you
sent to everybody so you send to everybody would that has the project
looking for alternative route to this actually that is kind of a cool hack is
you can just go ahead and add these suppliers to your favorite list right so
click favorite okay favor it okay and just go down the line
favorite right favorite everybody spending like a minute doing that for
all the suppliers that you like or that all fires that have the product that you
want then all you I do is you go to your favorites right favorite suppliers
and then once they populate you have all your people they favored it click that
it’ll contact all of them right make sure that the right product ok and then
once you do that click comment supplier and it sends a message to all them at
the same time and all you gotta do is enter your message hi interests in this
money unit please send me a quote and then boom done okay so that is literally
how you comment suppliers now how do you vet suppliers what you’re looking for
when you actually how is plier you like pay is this a right person so the only
way to really vet a product is to get samples ok so make sure once you narrow
down your people your get samples of your product and I will never ask embalm
samples because I’ve been burned so many times noggin sample that I just really
really highly suggested okay so get a sample but before that the main thing
I’m looking for is communication if you’re gonna be working with person long
term for your business you want to make sure that they have great communication
they’re not leaving you for three days they’ll answer your questions so
communication is key in the next of course is the price point can they
produce the product that you want at a great price point is it competitive
pricing to the other suppliers and what I’ll usually do I’ll actually ask the
supplier hey there’s a lot of other suppliers I’m talking to the lobby will
sell this product what makes your product better than all the other
suppliers and there’s a part of that actually can you know point out little
nuances little things that they’re doing that you wouldn’t have known otherwise
is is someone that I’ll kill and talk to so them sometimes they’ll be like we’re
using this kind of rubber where other factors are using this kind of rubber or
our material has this kind of covering coating that other people don’t use
right and then now you’re getting ideas for your products and you know that this
product this supplier is knowledgeable in that product in this in this product
you want to produce right so can they produce at competitive pricing and it’s
that pricing something gonna be a trade up for quality so you’re looking for
quality and you looked for a price and you’re looking for communication those
are my key things out looking for so if I find a supplier that you know what
that maybe it’s you know a few cents more a little bit extra but they have
really outstanding quality and they know what they’re talking about and they’re
communicating really well then that’s why I’m gonna go with now hopefully you
find a few of those suppliers or samples and then based on that sample you go
with the supplier that provided the best sample and that’s easiest to work with
okay so that is how you can’t a supplier that’s kind of how you vet suppliers in
a nutshell next we’re gonna talk about how many
should you actually order so we’re gonna go the computer for this one and a back
the computer and what I like but var launch is you have the export option so
this is just a diploma frame section right the diploma frames again that page
with the violence intelligence market challenge drop down and I just went
ahead and exported it you can see the download file here CSV and I already put
it into a Google sheets for for you guys right so it’s in Google sheet this is
exactly the violence data that we got and now what we’re gonna look at is the
monthly sales okay so let’s go sort it from highest to lowest
now I’m gonna mention one thing after this is that these sales are estimate
sales okay these are all estimated sales marijuana does not have exact sale data
and I’ll show you the way to get real sale data after this but first is just
notice how we’re gonna estimate our products inventory so what I like to do
I’ll remove the outliers okay so this American flat is outliers for sales K so
we’ll move those guys and then we’ll go ahead and grab the average of this so go
ahead and go average and that’s 280 so you’re looking at about 280 average
sales okay per month for this for this product
okay so 280 is what we’re going with so let’s put here 280 per month okay so now
we’re gonna break that down in two days so 280 divided by 30 days so it’s like
99.3 so let’s just say that’s nine products per day okay so to 280 products
a month nine pots a day is what you would sell if you were to get in here
and be within the average okay so now what we need to know is your your lead
time so how many days it take for your product to be manufactured and then get
into the Amazon so basically your lead time is place an order how many days
until it is now in Amazon warehouse so let’s just say it’s 40 days okay so 40
days so now we’re going to see we’re gonna go 40 times nine so that is 360
units okay so what does this mean what is it what did why did I find this
number so you’re selling 280 units a month right and it takes you 40 days to
get into from your order to Amazon that means that you need to
order your next inventory batch when you have 360 units left right because if you
order say say you now have 360 units left and you order it on that day by the
time your units get into Amazon you’re gonna have zero units left because
you’re selling nine per day right so we’re trying to figure out how many like
how many how many units do you need to have before it’s too late to reorder so
if you only had 300 units left I mean then you’re placing your reorder then
you’re gonna run out of stock now that’s why inventory for hatching is so
important because you don’t want to order on your first order too many units
and then not be able to sell them all and grow into long term storage at the
same time you don’t want to order too little units and then run out of
inventory and then because once you run an influencer in out of stock all that
work you did to gain traction has have been lost right so it’s very it’s very
important to make sure to keep track of this so now that we know you need three
under sixty units I like to order at least two months on hand I mean for your
first order you’re looking at about 720 units right the order 7 out of 20 units
you sell you know 360 units once you’re left with you’re under 60 units you need
to place your second order so I like to give myself at least a two month buffer
right and then you need to also account for maybe you might do giveaways at the
beginning to gain some traction maybe I’ll just round it up and say 750
units and that is how we’re gonna forecast our inventory and see how much
you need to actually order for your first order because sometimes people
will just give you a blank number right like you should order 300 units for your
first order well if it was this product and you want to get into the sales range
300 units you’re screwed right you screwed yourself you’re gonna have to
run out of stock and you don’t have to run out of int or so that is how we kind
of kind of plan ahead and look at how to do this and just know that inventory
forecasting is an ongoing process for all your products all the time it’s not
just for your first order but this is kind of how we’re figuring out okay 750
units that’s what I want to look for and that’s what I want to shoot for and
that’s just based on this right now I can mention earlier there is these are
all estimated sales the only way to get real sales is to do something called the
$9.99 card trick method so you go to Amazon you get with these products and
you add it to your cart okay so now you have one of these in your carts right
you’re gonna go ahead go to quantity go to ten plus and go $9.99 update what’s
gonna happen is you’re gonna see this seller only has
and five of these available this is the only way to see real data from Amazon so
now what you’re gonna do you’re gonna go in here you’re going to put say 205 and
you’re gonna put the product name here right in link like put a link to the
actual product and then do this at the same exact time every single day so
right now it’s for 42 so let’s say like say it’s 4:00 4:30 right so 4:30 every
day you’re going to go back here and check again and maybe tomorrow you’ll
see it’s 185 and then maybe the next day you’ll see is 160 the next day it’s you
know if so 4 and so forth and you know exactly how many units per day this
person is selling and I would track like the top five people in that market and
then go from there for about a week and then if you did for about a week you’ll
know a good number about the real sales of what these people are actually
selling then you can combine that with maybe the estimated sales to give
yourself a good number to work off of off of when selecting which products or
how many units to order with your first product order so that is how to connect
suppliers how I bet my suppliers and how I know how many units to order from my
suppliers when I’m placing that first order shipping so now we are talking
about how to actually get this product that’s being made for you in China or
wherever you’re ordered from and get it all the way through to the United States
in to Amazon’s warehouses right so the first thing you gotta do when talking
about shipping is create your listing so we’re taking a bit of a leapfrog to get
to the next section so that we can do something create our FN SKU so there’s
two things that you’re going to eat you need a UPC code there’s two things okay
so me just witness and those can be confusing all right so you need to
generate an FN SKU to give to your supplier so they can put the effort SKU
on your products ok so you are familiar with barcodes right so you buy a book or
you buy product right they got a barcode on the back right that’s a UPC code so
what you need to make is an FN SKU for your Amazon product if the barcode for
Amazon products called FN SKU and to make an FN SKU you need to have a UPC
code okay so you need to purchase a UPC code put it and create a listing create
a product and then that product will be assigned an FN SKU okay and then that
fxq your send that to your supplier on Amazon so
I know it can be confusing so let’s go ahead and just do that right now so
we’re gonna go to Amazon now right you’re in seller central you signed up
for your account and now you’re in your seller central account if you don’t know
how to do that just go to South Central don’t Amazon column and sign up so
you’re need an account right you get professional individual account so now
you’re gonna go into inventory right you’re gonna click add a product and
then when you’re on this page you’re gonna click don’t use this which one do
actually click I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon okay so you do that and
then you’re gonna have to collect your category so all you can like what you
can do is actually just type in your product so let’s say we do the diploma
frame pull my frame search that and then it’s gonna show you your most relevant
categories right so diving frames perfect so select document frame
category and then here’s where you’re gonna put in your stuff to create your
listing right so your product ID is your UPC code so where do you get a UPC code
I’m to keep this video as short as possible as humanly possible I’m just
gonna put a link down in the description for places that you can get your UPC
codes so you can just grab them right so I’m gonna put one in here then you’re
gonna go ahead and click UPC right and then now this is one name your product
so the name of the product will is what your name is probably so diploma frame this obviously is not gonna be the real
title that we use when we sell on Amazon we’re gonna have more keywords in there
but we can just put in something simple because this is actually gonna show up
on the FX key when you print it so I just put diploma frame and then whatever
the details it is like 24 24 inches whatever certificate holder or whatever
it may be okay brand name is you your stuff JT cool
supplies and then the same is gonna be for the manufacturer okay so next
variation if you don’t have a variation you’ll have to put that in so variation
is if you sometimes you’re on Amazon you’ll click on a listing and you’ll see
there’s like blue red yellow white brown so different color variations size
variations quantity variations right but you don’t have anything that for now
then you’re set your price so you set your price that’s what everyone set you
price everybody again all this can change right this is all we’re just
setting up the ghost of the listing in the next section we will actually fill
up the listing properly but right now we just want to get
the fxq okay this here is for your own your own internal right and then you
select for millets a film channel so fulfilled by Amazon’s we’re doing right
now in FBA and then just go ahead next and then photo is go ask it Save Changes
let’s skip that for now and then you’re done
right so now you can get this page right and you’re gonna click Amazon barcode
say meet in you okay you get this page a dangerous goods any batteries in this no
probably consider dangerous goods Hatter’s item no right it’s a picture
frame submit there we go saving continue and you’re done alright so went right
into adding creating shipping plan where’s you go back to inventory and go
back to manage inventory and then that product should be here right so the
product is now here what you want to do is click on this and then click on print
item labels right so you got your ghost if your listing is done it’s created so
you just go ahead and print your labels open it up and there you go that is now
your FX q JT cool supplies diploma frame then you can actually change this if you
want to but for the most part just keep it like that new you can even put
made-in-china at the bottom but just download that and then that’s what you
can be sending to your supplier and they’re gonna know exactly where to do
that but make sure they’re putting it all in your box okay so that is f SQ it
is created so now i’m going to talk about the shipping because you need to
send it to your supplier in order before you can actually initiate shipping right
so now that that’s done over to do is talk about air versus see so your first
shipment into amazon it’s getting exciting
what should you do so you send it by sea through the ocean or by air over the air
right so what I’m gonna say is my general rule of thumb okay so for your
first order it makes the most sense to ship it by air okay it is going to eat
into your margins meaning it’s gonna cost more money however the speed is
what is the most valuable especially for that first order when you’re first going
out you’re testing this product out right to ship especially for the smaller
unit okay a smaller order well with a with a regular-sized product now for
example say it’s like you have for some reason your first product is super heavy
right it’s super super heavy and air just doesn’t make sense and of course go
by sea but if you’re within regular normal range where you are maybe
just profiting or even breaking even at that first order going by air it still
makes sense because it proves that market for you approve that product for
you it gets it in there fast and it allows you to buy time and then from
your second order go buy see so ship by air from my first is my always my
suggestion right so if you’re doing like 300 to 900 units whatever it is go by
air because see you’re really only saving huge amounts of money when you’re
in the thousands right a thousand two thousand three thousand units and then
yeah of course she’s gonna be saving you a lot of money but if you’re saving a
few hundred bucks just to go seeing it’s gonna take you an extra 35 to 60 days to
get there it’s not worth it right so first order go buy air bite the
cost get there fast start selling that product just so you know it’s good
second order if you need to replenish quickly air again and then you can plan
from there okay now this product is something it’s working now I can go by
sea and actually have a huge order of inventory save a lot of money and get it
there well the product is still sound on Amazon alright
so that’s how that’s gonna go now we’re gonna do is actually go into the
computer again and then show you how to create your shipping plan here’s the
product we just made right you’re gonna click on this you’re gonna go to actions
and then you’re going to go to a send replenish inventory okay so now we are
at send replenish inventory so you’re going to be creating a new shipping plan
right ship from is where your shipping from so there’s a few things you want
you want to know here if you’re shipping it directly from the supplier to Amazon
then ship from is gonna be your manufacturer or suppliers address
however there’s another option for for shipping is if you shipped by air you
ship it from the supplier to your own house right and then from your own house
you’re gonna send that to Amazon then it would be your own house or if you use a
freight forwarder and then their shipping from the supplier to the
freight forwarders warehouse in the States and then from that warehouse to
Amazon then you can use the freight forwards warehouse as well okay so
whatever however you’re gonna ship that’s where you put the ship from and
then packing is case packed products that means all everything in this case
is the same or individual packet as if I was throwing you know this camera and
the glasses and everything in a box that would be individual packs so you’re
gonna do that you can go ahead and click continue to shipping plan all right so
in this page all you got to do is enter the number of units that you’re sending
in right so it’s gonna have units per case number of cases so if you’re
sending in 100 units and you have 50 units per case and you have two cases
and that’s all you got to do right so make sure you guys write them don’t put
it backwards make sure it’s correct because it matters okay so that’s done
so go ahead press Continue who preps right so there’s a little Jonathan who
preps merchants preps because we’re doing that all we know is that going to
do what we’re doing right now so we’re gonna prep it ourselves I’ll continue
print labels this is going to give you your FN SKU but we already did that
right so you don’t actually need to do that
but you go ahead if you print Press print labels right now you’ll get the
same thing and it’s gonna have a hundred of them right because that’s how many
you have but you’re gonna just send that one into your supplier already so that’s
good to go press Continue so now you’re gonna
review your shipments so now what you have you can actually name this whatever
you want so you can name it just for your own organizational purposes right
so I could call this like diploma frame if I could spell correctly that’ll be
better diploma frame right it’s gonna give you
where you can actually ship this to so we can go ahead and press a proven to
continue make sure it’s all correct right one SKU so sometimes you can make
a shipping plan for multiple products at one time that’s why that’s one you have
two cases you have a hundred units I proven continue and at this point what
you’re gonna get is actually an address more button we’re gonna ship MIT so
there you go now you have your ship to address right so that’s what you can
actually give to supply if we’re gonna send that directly to Amazon from your
supplier that’s where this has to go your product is gonna go to this
warehouse in Dallas and then it’s gonna distribute from there okay so now what
you do is prepare your shipment so review your contents right lesson truck
load this is where you’re talking about like pallet shipping so we’re gonna just
keep it on small parcel delivery right and then because I my ship from address
is directly from manufacturer here in China I don’t have the option of UPS or
FedEx so you’re gonna choose whatever your manufacturer decides or whoever
you’re doing sugar so if you have a freight forwarder
contact them to to know what you’re using here if you’re shipping from the
states you just pick you up as a Fed right shipment pack packaging so
multiple boxes use about form here array and then what they’re gonna do is then
just confirm with you the configuration of your boxes right so box weight it’s
like I don’t know let’s just say 20 pounds box dimensions are twelve by
twelve by twelve number box is one units per box fifty right oh sorry
more boxes to you for box box weight okay good
confirm it’s done and then you got to go ahead put your box labels and complete
shipment okay so print box labels and then you’re gonna get different labels
for your box and then you can send these right to your freight forwarder okay
let’s done complete shipment and you’re done you have completed shipping plan
you know exactly how you’re gonna ship your product right that’s well dad is
taken care of you know how to create the ghost of your listing and you’re ready
to go literally at this point if you fall through this video so far you have
found a product got it manufactured you create a listing you sent it out it’s
coming to Amazon and now you’re actually go through how to create your listing so
that it was it’ll be made to sell your product rank your product so you can
make more money so let’s get right to it listing creation so now we’re getting
for the fun part putting this stuff onto Amazon the stuff that your customers are
actually gonna see and base their purchase decision off of whether they’re
gonna give you money or give someone else money it comes down to this listing
comes down to everything you put into this and whether or not actually see
your product in the first place is gonna be dependent on this as well as
hopefully as you go on so maybe you’ve learned a lot hopefully either you’re
watching its first time you’re taking notes you’re going along you’re taking
the information or if you’re actually doing this now and following along
I mean graduates are getting this far alright so now what we’re gonna use for
listing creation and the first thing about a listing is that you need to know
that it’s not just about making something that looks beautiful okay it’s
about something we’ll make something that will sell okay because unlike a
physical store on e-commerce on Amazon this is all they have this is the
pictures the title the description the bullet points is all they’re basing this
purchase decision off of and then reviews once you get reviews right but
you never get reviews if you can’t get the first few people to buy the product
begin with so how do you know listing is gonna do well my rule of
thumb is just model it after those who are already successful right you don’t
want to be a pioneer and try different random things look at those that are
already pioneered the space for you and take from what they’ve done right you
always can tell the pioneer because they have the arrows in their back ok so
we’re gonna go ahead and click into this guy and we’re going to model his listing
meaning his bullpen looks a little bit as bullet point so see first of all
feels good listening okay there’s actually good because this guy’s killing
it and there’s a lot that can be improved here okay for example the
titles for this should be more noticeable so design material quality
they should stand out it should be all capped I should have you know things
that make it pop let’s see what else he goes into you I’m talking a frame
perfect if it gets award documents frame includes a white that will matte wood
frame and polish a shatterproof glass that gives a clear view of your document
preserve your certificate so this is great talking about the benefits of this
product right shatterproof glass clear view preserves your awards durable
gallery cell frame shutter proof glass again said the same kind of thing well
just forget some words and documents easily quickly and securely perfect so
one thing I want to mention before okay is don’t talk too much about the
feature talk about the benefit so don’t talk about what it does talk about why
what it does matters for me for the customer right so I could say these
glasses have yellow lenses right big deal but if I say these glasses lenses
will protect your eyes from the bright blue light of computer screens and
reduce headaches right that’s two different things but it’s the same topic
right so instead of talking about a feature talk about why is that a feature
important why do I care because everyone is looking for what is in it for me
right what is in it for me why would I choose this one over anything else it’s
got to have something in it for me okay so what we’re gonna do is we’re just
gonna say usually I look through all the listings and see the best take a few
items from each of the of the listings take my bit bits and pieces but just to
keep this video going we’ll just use this one okay so now we’re gonna go to
buy lunch again handy trusty Danny they have this tool called if you go
here we know you’re familiar with products cover now you know market
intelligence I showed you a keyword research and then
now we have a listing builder again amazing tool right if you’re a
lumberjack this is your this is the difference in of having a chainsaw
versus having an axe versus having a pocketknife trying to cut down a tree
case you click on listing builder right go to builder all you guys do is enter a
keyword okay so you go ahead enter a keyword and you put diploma frame and
you search and what’s gonna happen is they’re gonna pull up the most relevant
keywords so this is based off of the same engine that they use the keyword
research so giving you a priority score and they’re giving you an opportunity
score and they’re giving you the amount of search volume so when you’re creating
a listing you want to have as much of these these keywords in there as
possible so you can rank better right so these are the amount of searches see to
that 26,000 this is a total amount of searches of all these listing of things
add it up okay and they’ll tell you how optimized is your listing this one needs
work because obvious is nothing in here so let’s go ahead and grab from this
title and I don’t like putting especially if you’re a brand new brand
you don’t need to put your brand name in the beginning because no one actually
cares or knows what it is and it has no effect on their buying
decision no one’s going Oh American flat I definitely need to buy them cuz
they’re American flat I mean some people might be but I don’t know who those guys
are okay so first thing you put is the size it seems like document frame made
for document size this to this with Matt let’s actually go back and see what
other titles are looking like luxurious document frame flagship that’s the brand
name diploma frame with tassel shadow box real so okay one thing I want to
mention when creating a listing and creating a title is that you want to
have a many keywords as possible but you also want to keep it very relevant for
the title I like once I get past dot I’m not reading that anymore and it doesn’t
matter I want a title when I’m stopping personally on Amazon and when I found
works best is having a title that gives all the details I need but it still
seems like an organic title that is actually a title of what the product is
and it’s not just a bunch of keywords stuffed in their rights is instead of
just going to pull my frame certificate degree diploma a try 11 holder college
document graduation frame Ford for dogs and cats right you know what I mean like
throwing much stuff in that doesn’t it’s not gonna it’s not gonna help you
so let’s see put in the dimensions seems to be good so let’s just grab this
diploma frame with Tesla that’s we wanted to do right tassel shadowbox
what is that real wood and glass golden around 11 my 16th frame let’s put that
into the title you’ll see what happens when you put these into the title it
that it’ll actually cross out so you know this is used this is used this
frame was used diploma right so you know exactly what was you so you know what is
left to work with so 11 by 1600 by 14 the Pullman frame
with tassel shadow diploma frame with tassel let’s actually put this in here well five by eleven which is paper size
real wooden glass what did the other guys say glass what does glass shatter
proof glass durable glass or degree certificate and document okay so ready
use half of the total search volume it’s a very you know one piece title nothing
too flashy nothing oh it’s not over keyword stuffed
tells you exactly what you need no it’s a diploma frame with tassel 8.5 by 11
real wood and durable glass four degree certificate and documents so now what
we’re gonna do is go in to do the features so for the features let’s just
grab from one of these guys so here’s an example of terrible terrible bullet
points right it just looks messy it’s not telling you it’s giving you features
instead of benefits so let’s go back to the first guy cuz he had a great list of
features and benefits so one point about Red Bull points is knowing your customer
who’s buying this where they buying it for us is someone who wants to show off
some piece of paper that they have right it’s like a degree I’m just solved
because I don’t have one but a degree a diploma some kind of award right so I
would makes it something that sticks out to them so like prestige right all caps
and then you can go into the instead of designer I change the title make it all
caps grab this copy that and just read redo it a little bit real would 11 Omo
over my limit here so I’ll just say real wood or the main things here
real wood document frame the onion here 8.5 by 11 I should space that out as
according to this so I spaced out better serve your great accomplishment
graduation right so I’m pulling that now college bachelor’s master’s and I’ll
work on that right and then I’ll go into the next point material shatterproof
glass material still not sure I spelled that right material shatterproof glass
to protect sorry the recording cut out there I don’t know where I lost you guys
at but I was just going through this and yeah that was just saying that’s how I
was you’re right listening so you go through here you put in the title and
you use this and and make sure that your be as relevant as possible at the same
time making it as clear as possible showing the the benefits and not just
the features and then you do the same thing for the description and then with
the nice thing about this is then you can use what if say you’re done all the
all here the features you did the description you can move your unused
search terms to the back end search terms so now you have all these back end
search terms that you can grab and put into the back end of your listing okay
so that’s really why I love to use a listening builder creating listing it’s
not that hard it’s just it takes a lot of time a lot of thought process I
couldn’t obviously create a great listing right now because obviously
because I mean more time to think but if you’re actually gonna do a do a lot of
research could look at your top competitors piece take the best pieces
from theirs put it into yours make sure your unique features are being
showcased as well okay and another thing the cool about this it’ll show you like
misspellings so sometimes we’ll be misspellings certificate a certificate
see a diploma so things like that that are actually being searched for that you
just will never know if it wasn’t for this tool alright so that’s how you
create a listing that’s meant to sell and all
using violence is a great tool and using a little bit of common sense and a
little bit of copywriting on your end to make this all work
alright so the final step of the process all right you made it we are here your
progress and we’re ready to get going we need to turn on those PPC the
pay-per-click advertisements so you can get that product out there in front of
people so they can start clicking it they can start looking at and they can
start buying it from you you can start making money getting reviews all that
good stuff ok so now we’re gonna create your first
automatic campaign for your product to be very simple there’s more of course
that we can go into and PPC is very extensive but all you to know right now
is how to setup this so go a to advertising campaign manager and then
campaign manager create campaign and you’re gonna end up here okay so
sponsored products you do that don’t worry about sponsored brands okay so a
campaign name so this is just the name of the campaign for yourself no one is
gonna see this customers are gonna see it just for you so go ahead and call it
like diploma frame the tomah frame auto one bujji’s auto one right and that’s it
for self started an end date so typically I don’t touch it because start
date is just today the day you’re making this and then the end date I just leave
it blank and open because I’ll usually just come in and end it myself whenever
I want to end it so I just leave it open-ended and then if I want to end the
campaign I’d do it on my own and then all the time I would actually do a start
to edit it if it’s a promotion so it’s Christmas whatever reason you want to
have from like December you know 13th to 26 then you can do it like that okay so
then you’re set your daily budget now your daily budget is really up to you
it’s really about how aggressive you want to play and how you want to play
the game but for the most part you want to go out there and get it going so of
course it’s gonna depend on how much you can afford and how much you want it or
willing to spend but at the same time you want to get
that out there your product out there so you can start getting that traffic and
most importantly you can start getting that data right the more clicks the more
people that see your product more people that look at it and buy it the more data
you’re getting so typically it says I hear in most campaigns with a bunch of
thirty dollars run through the day so you can start off at thirty dollars and
adjust from there right see how that spends depending on your product
depending on you know the market it’s all going to be different different so
automatic targeting is what we’re gonna do here
okay so automatic targeting is your automatic campaign of course my
targeting is more in-depth but all you need to do when you’re launching is set
automatic okay so now we’re going to your bidding strategy so for your big
strategy for your first one you’re gonna go with fixed bits don’t worry about the
dynamic bits up and down down down went up and down that’s just that’s very much
for getting more fine-tuned and and looking at conversions whereas for the
Fick this fixed bids if you have your fixed bit at like $1 okay doesn’t mean
you’re gonna pay $1 per click it means you’re gonna pay up to $1 per click
that’s the most you’re going to pay for a click writing you want it have it’s
more in control because with these ones it’s trying to adjust up and down but
doesn’t have enough data to really do a good job of that so you want to have
fixed bit so you have your own data as you go forward and you’re just gauge may
click as possible and getting it in through the door okay so coming bid
strategy fixed don’t worry about this so the group name is a name for a group of
ads right so you can just name whatever group of auto one group whatever Frank
group what okay do whatever you want organize it however you want so now we
are going to click on the product add that right JT cool supplies diploma
frame come down and then set your bid so again
you’re gonna have a suggested bid by Amazon right but I wouldn’t really look
at too much it’s really about just putting on a bid and then adjusting as
you go so the thing about a bit is like I said it’s the maximum you’re willing
to pay for the click and you don’t want to bid too low you want to bid to I
because if you bid too low you’re not gonna end up getting any clicks right so
you’re gonna have a $30 $30 a day budget but you only end up spending like six
dollars a day if you’re willing to spend thirty because you’re just getting out
and paid by everybody on the flip side if you you know bid way too high then
you’re gonna spend your budget within the first you know a few hours of the
day and you’re not getting you know you’re not getting it throughout the day
right and then you’re either have to increase your budget or decrease your
bit so I’ll just go and say like a buck twenty two okay now one thing I do want
to mention is you’ll notice that the bids always end in a weird number like
eighty-three seventy seven or this one’s forty five right forty five
I wouldn’t end it with because what most people do is they try to end off at flat
numbers or even numbers like zeros fives right so 40 45 50 55 so if you can
you know I’ll bid somebody buy one cent and that can make all the difference you
can get every click over someone else just because you’re willing to put 46
right 83 22 so always you know play end it number funny don’t worry about this
for now just set a default bid keep it very simple don’t worry about negative
keywords for now all you do now click launch campaign and you are good to go
you have set up your first automatic campaign diploma frame Auto one daily
budget is $30 fixed bid of $1.00 22 right and then you can go to the
campaign manager and then you can see your product right so this is all you’re
gonna see it you’re gonna see this is a dummy account obviously so it’s actually
not an active account anymore so I can’t do a lot of stuff so this is your
product here the type of targeting start date it’s the budget it’s how much you
spend it’s how many orders it generated and that’s how many sales revenue you’ve
generated from those orders okay so that is it you guys you have now found
manufactured shipped created and launched your first product on Amazon
alright so I’m sure a lot of you at this point are thinking holy smokes JT that
was great but that was a lot of information overload right your your
brain is firing thinking this that this and that and you have more ideas you
have more questions that’s good if natural right there’s a lot of FBA
courses out there full courses that charge you whatever you know a hundred
of dollars and we just covered a majority of their curriculum right now
so don’t forget about those guys you got it right you you just learned a bunch a
lot of it now that being said there is a lot more to learn where I’m sure you
have a lot of questions and I do of course have of course a program of my
own Empire Academy link is in the description where I go way deeper than
this right some guys cover just this we go way deeper than right now what I gave
you was the skeletal structure right I gave you the skeleton the bones of the
business so you can actually use this maybe you know add a few tweak learn a
few more things on top of it and then go ahead and launch a product that was my
intention of this why don’t you to be able to you know
have this now you have the knowledge of it the system you can go and launch a
product on your own but if you want more if you want to add you know the skin and
the and the muscle to that skeleton get those games right you want to add that
to that skeleton they’re not throwing I guess give me Empire Academy link in the
description we are running a promotion discount right now 50% off limited time
and that’s where all those students from the beginning
Arya Dana dusty Michael those six and seven-figure students that I show the
beginning they were from the Empire Academy also what I want to do for you
because you watch this far I want to answer any questions that you have right
for Amazon FBA so because watch this far put Empire question followed by a
question in the comments below and I will get back to you and answer you okay
and one last thing for this video again I hope you didn’t leave a like but I do
want to mention that I also have the free masterclass now if you want more
strategy you know the day to day strategy the behind-the-scenes the
behind-the-scenes that I do to build my business and help other people build
their Amazon business as well I have more free training okay so there’s the
Academy and then there’s a free masterclass which you can join that I’m
hosting limited time slots for that so if you want to join that join that now
because everyone teaches Amazon FBA a little bit differently but I like to
teach the foundation and I like to teach what I call the pillars right because
that’s where you build everything also that’s what you build your empire off of
so if you like that and you like the no bullshit way of teaching Amazon FBA then
make sure to join that masterclass I’m gonna only be hosting it for a little
bit while longer now so join that if you’re interested and that’s all I got
for you guys that was a one happy video I think I recorded in segments it must
have been 20 minute segment that’s probably an hour to hour video I’m not
sure at this point but thank you for watching it thank you for a second – and
hopefully it did help you out and it gave you that guideline that I wish I
had when I started out right because again it all comes down to choices you
can choose to watch this video and forget about and do nothing or you can
choose to now that you’ve watch this video go ahead pursue a ticket farther
pursue learning I’m gonna be a more and actually make this happen because it’s a
business model that hundreds of people are doing every single day making money
from it and I’ve seen it that’s how people do it I’m doing it myself and I
know that you can do it too so don’t let anything stop you alright that’s my
little motivational speech to you I believe we can do it you should
believe you can do it all right i’m JC Franco you are now an empire builder and
don’t forget what that means it means that your empire away


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