How to show Google Adsense Ads on your Website?

hey what’s up guys my name is Vivek
Shukla and today I’m going to show you that how you can display ads on your
website so guys actually I have a blog which you can read from here actually
I’ve already written a blog on this topic so you can just check out from my
website which is you can get the link in the description ok guys
so now we are going to just show ads on the website so guys here we go I mean
let’s get started so guys the first step which you have to do is just go to your
adsense account and guys from here you have to click on the My Ads button and
guys after that you have to just click on the Ad Units button because here we are
going to create an Ad Unit so that the code which we will get from here we will
show that on your website so guys you have to click on the new Ad unit button
now here you will get three options like this so for now I’m going to choose text
and display ads so I’ll select it as I mean I’ll select it now guys here as you
can see a form is here now you have to enter your ad unit name so I will enter
here like GeekyVivek sidebar now here you have to choose your ad size
so you can choose your I mean automatic size because this is responsive and it
will adapt the size I mean according to the space it will adapt size so that’s
what it can do and guys you have more three options like add tab so it will be
better for choose Text & Display Ads players because it will it is
recommended here and guys it will better now you have your Text Ad Style, custom channel
and if no it’s available guys I’m going to leave everything default because I
don’t want to change anything but but if you want to change anything as you can
do here so now I’ll click here guys save and get code now as here as you can see
I got my code here now you have just copied this code now I copied it now
that guys just go to your website dashboard of your WordPress dashboard
guys then you have to click on the appearance button and guys from here you
have to choose widget so just click on widget now here you have to choose
custom HTML so guys have already chose custom HTML here so I’ll select it and
let me delete that So I can show you ok so you here you have to choose custom HTML and
again just take it here I mean wherever you want to show ads now here just in
the content just paste that and guys in title you can write like Ad this ad
ok let it be now guys here we can save it now if your adsense account is live
then guys you’ll start getting ads in the upcoming 24 to 48 hours because the
minimum time it will take to review your website is 24 to 48 hours
So Guys this was for the WordPress users but guys if you want to show
ads for non WordPress users then guys you have to just copy this code
just copy this code guys and here you have to paste on your HTML so guys like
here you can see that this is my HTML I mean I was using bootstrap so guys now
if I want to should add in my division tag on guys wherever you want just go
there and against paste you’re good now where’s when you’ll save it and guys
when you update this on your server then guys you will start getting ads after 24
to 48 hours as it was in I mean as way it was for WordPress user so guys that’s
it I mean this was how you can get ads and I hope you like this video guys if
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