Intro to Google Search Console – Search Console Training

Intro to Google Search Console – Search Console Training

hi I’m then a Weisberg search advocate at Google and in this video I’ll explain the basics of search console and how it can help you succeed on search in the web in general the search console is a free tool from Google that helps website owners SEO professionals and developers understand how they’re performing on Google search and what they can do to improve their appearance on search to bring more relevant traffic to their websites search console is not a requirement for your site to appear on organic search results but it can definitely help you monitor and optimize how Google crawls indexes and service your website to users if you’re not acquainted with the terms crawling indexing and serving you should read through our documentation it will help you get the most out of this video series here are some things you can do in search console learn how google crawls indexes and discovers your pages fix errors Google finds when crawling your pages submit updated content to the Google index and monitor search performance trends by queries country’s pages and more you might be asking yourself how you should be using search console or what is the most relevant information for you here are some ideas but don’t worry if you don’t understand all the terms we’ll discuss each of them separately in this video series if you own a small website and you’re responsible for maintaining it but not as your main job you should start simple check your search traffic in the performance report and try to understand which queries pages and countries are driving most of your traffic if you’re responsible for building or maintaining a large website you should come to search console to check all your pages are indexed and have no errors check for indexing errors in the coverage report the mobile usability report the amp report and other enhancement reports if any are shown to your website if you are an SEO professional well you’ll have lots of fun with search console depending on whether you’re more focused on technical SEO content development strategy or something else you’ll find important insights in the tool just browse our channel and watch some more videos of course this is just a short list but you can check the search console Help Center for a more detailed explanation on how to use the tool depending on your role your site and your personal needs I hope you enjoyed this video there are many more to come in the next video I’ll talk about how to activate search console for your site so that you can get access to your Google search data don’t forget to subscribe to the Google webmasters YouTube channel where we’ll be publishing lots of search console videos [Music] look at him that’s granddad Googlebot so he didn’t


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  • small website owner is hard get in first page…

  • “Crawling” = Google discovers your page exists
    “Indexing” = Google learns what your page is about, your page title
    “Serving” = Google responds to a person searching and delivers (“serves”) your website as a result, within a certain ranking.

  • Is Search Console a replacement or what else of Google analytics?

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  • Hi there, thanks a lot for the intro to the series. Will there be info about the URL parameter report in legacy? It seems to be stuck but eg the legacy international report about hreflang is still working smoothly 😊 Don’t want to lose that report 😕 Pretty please 🙏🏻

  • Great video, Daniel, thanks for sharing!

  • Awww A HULK Googlebot!!! <3 I have the tiny ones <3 love them<3

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  • Advice please…

    I have a category 'page' that ranks on p1 of Google.

    It ranks for several search terms relating to the subject matter of the category and The Title of the Category

    All is good.

    GA and Search Console are positive.


    When I check Search Console I can see a large number of impressions with virtually 0% CTR for a similar search term (in fact there are about 6) – but is not specific enough for people to click on the SERPS as neither the title nor the description match the user intent for this search term.

    This second 'supplemental' search term is not specifically on the category page – although one of the words is used by the supplemental term and also the main category.

    There are – in my opinion (but what does that matter) – better urls on the site for this supplemental term – and when searching directly on Google for this search term, another url is displayed (the 'correct' one)

    Why is this 'incorrect' search term getting many impressions every day?

    I assume that it is happening for signed-in users as I cannot replicate that url coming up in the SERPS when I search.

    It is predominately but not exclusively UK based users.

    Interestingly, Google has chosen to use the Category Name in the SERPS for at least one search term for this category page (Bing has chosen the actual Category Page Title).

    I understand that non-relevant search queries may show up on a 'page' displayed in the search console – but why does it happen when there is a better and more relevant page on the website?

    The other frustrating this is that Google displays a particular search term as the 'Title' in the SERPS – I have tried adding the 'supplemental' search term, but Google doesn't display it.

    Suggestions anyone?

  • Daniel, great to see you.. as always

  • Thank you for this short video.
    Will follow the whole series 😍

  • how come I have to wait a whole day to see what google bot would see?? I"m not trying to get the actual bot to crawl the site, simply preview what it would see when it does crawl so I can modify it properly before submitting it for the actual search.. There should've been a separate tool for that.

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