• Is this just a re-branding of the red-colored Sign In button?

  • James Joseph Finn

    Spokesman assigned to Google's English speaking users should not have such a thick and difficult to understand accent. Come on Google, seriously? Surely you have a native English speaker over there to read from the teleprompter.

  • I was thinking Eiji is movie actor.

  • Michael Angelo Rayco

    I followed this guide https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/web/sign-in#specify_your_apps_client_id.
    now can anyone give me an idea to make my website not accessible unless you login via Google Sign-In.

  • sign in js library for web is a complete disaster…

  • Very clear and interesting, thanks. Useful links also!

  • I was wondering about one thing guys: in the video, the developer mentions that we need to include the scrip tag in our site. Now, the script shown in the video is "api.js" whereas in Google's SignIn website another script is referenced: "platform.js". May I ask what's the difference? I was testing my own code and when I run it I don't get successful results in some particular cases with platform.js, instead, with api.js apparently it works. Which one to import?
    Thank you beforehand,

  • Lanh Nguyen Kim

    Hi Eiji, I use angularjs to implement google sign-in
    function LoginController($scope, $location) {
    var vm=this;
    gapi.load('auth2', function () {
    client_id: '"***"
    var GoogleAuth = gapi.auth2.getAuthInstance();
    $scope.onLogInButtonClick = function () {
    GoogleAuth.signIn().then(function (response) {

    but sometimes, It throw exception: "gapi is not defined" at line "gapi.load". How can I fix it?

  • Florent Chatterji

    why is this different from the instructions on the google website? Is it an older version?

  • Introduction to Google Sign-In for Websites

  • Mate that was a really helpful video but your shirt really killed my eyes

  • My eyes are bleeding looking at your shirt…
    Good damn it, I can't concentrate :)))

  • the new google sign in is shit I fucking hate it

  • Alexander Kleinhans

    Your API makes me want to kill myself. Seriously considering suicide over here.

  • please provide source code for this

  • Gabriela Alejandra Barrionuevo

    Parece bastante bueno. Me serviría muchísimo . tengo gente colgada todo el tiempo de mi vida y red

  • Hola, is possible to do this process Google Sign in, in a google sites? Thank you

  • how to find gmail account creation date using javascrpit api

  • to need google go here fast : http://4waymedia.com/z71LC//Z5j91rEIbWk3aO6/gm/en/?i=2611269

  • to need google go here fast : http://4waymedia.com/z71LC//Z5j91rEIbWk3aO6/gm/en/?i=2611269

  • Cheese_Gamer 3508


  • Living Kings, Inc

    this is the dude that made Android human figure of him self that can do anything he does 😎 I think

  • i like this V!D€0 so mutch <3

  • Very nice presentation

  • Anyone (non-blind) who's struggling with the speaker's accent, note that there's a subtitle track available which is perfectly accurate.

  • 程序员的自我修养

    Is there an official vuejs wrapper or reactjs wrapper for this api ?

  • Authentication with backends link: youtu.be/j_31hJtWjlw

  • I would be nice to demonstrate how to actually do it physically for us normal people. I only can make a 1990s website on my own. Lol.

  • For some reason Google ignores the 's' in https. I get this: "Error: redirect_uri_mismatch". It's beacuse the redirect URI is supposed to be https but it isn't no matter what I type in the credentials. I can change it in the browser window and the error goes away. Still don't get logged in. That's another problem. I'm using ASP.NET Owin OAuth. Doesn't work with Facebook either. No errors. Just redirected to the login page.

    The mismatch issue seems to happen in Firefox. Not in Internet Explorer. But I didn't get logged in regardless. Updated all libraries with NuGet and now it works fine in IE. If you work with Visual Studio make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft.Security.Owin.Google.

  • At 02:24 did he spoke his own language by mistake and didn't realise it?

  • horrible explanation.

  • hahaha cool

  • Very clear and interesting, thanks. Useful links voice

  • Sir plz make some videos on Pingfederate, PingAccess

  • Great video!!

  • actual examples of the code in use would improve this greatly.

  • I'm sure he's a nice guy but this isn't English.

  • Is there one in English?

  • No offense, but that is not understandable.

  • totally confusing

  • Thanks for this helpful video. I have also integrate google sign-in my website, but it shows

    "This app isn't verified
    This app hasn't been verified by Google yet. Only proceed if you know and trust the developer.

    Hide Advanced
    Google hasn't reviewed this app yet and can't confirm it's authentic. Unverified apps may pose a threat to your personal data. Learn more

    Go to ——— (unsafe)".

    How can i resolve this. I am able to sign-in unsafe platform of website. I hope you will guide me.

    I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Thanks in Advance!

    Best Regards,

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