• So sick of these monsters killing these sweet innocent babies

  • This dirty, filthy world.
    Nasty assed, sick pigs.

  • So sad all I bn hearing lately is something about a missing kid 😢 the mom she knows way more then what's she's bn saying its awful that this so called mom waited that long to report her baby missing 😞 there's way more to it I hope they found the little one

  • Lord Evelyn flying with you.. forever in spirit! 🤍

  • Queen of King queenofking

    She's such a beautiful baby! Truly hope we'r never have to say that in the past tense! But I just don't have a good feeling about this

  • So much evil….pray the child is found alive. My gut tells me no

  • That mother is not gonna get away from this nor shes gonna just get away with this..the parents are just two drug addict thievs i dont think they have a clue about this babe..shes only directing cops at them to get the attention away from herself…its not gonna work hun so tell us where the babe is…

  • Yo is it me or is it alot of white kids just up and missing… What is going on right now?? Some of these white people not all but some are fucking sick. WTF is happening to this world. I'm not racist,I'm just saying.

  • WTF is going on with these parents friends neighbors etc killing innocent children. It’s so ridiculous. Like the little autistic boy who was made to sleep in a garage by his cop father and froze to death. Lori Daybell who smirks in court still not saying where her children are! I’m so sick of these crimes against children with disabilities and children in general. In the words of Dave Matthews”Evil exists people, and 9 times out of 10 they came screaming out of someone’s Vagina”
    Pray for the recent innocence lost…

  • Another sick story about innocent babies. Yeah, the demons are rampant🥺

  • the problem with the Bible States is that they are taught from day 1 that no matter what they do on Earth, if they say grace and accept Jesus, that's their ticket to heaven.

  • What would drive a person to do something like that to a child . I come from a hard upbringing and little kids were one of few things in this world that society hadnt corrupted in a world that can be cruel. So I will never understand why, why is it that with all the different ways man has managed to screw the world up ,does this keep happening??????? Kill all of them …Your responsibility was to protect that little one and If any of those adults had a hand in her death or being harmed they deserve no better then what they did to her……

  • The reason it seems like to many kids are going missing is because of the internet it’s always been like this we can just see it so much more readily

  • Omg,not that it matters,but this little girl is so ADORABLE! Evil sons of bitches.This is getting real common.

  • The mom looks like sixteen and grandma looks 40. 😳

  • God bless 🙏 this baby 😇

  • Lovely mug shots. Just kidding

  • NOt a good sign when they are looking in ponds…..

  • you kill a child under the age of 18…it should be a mandatory life sentence.

  • Is it any wonder that there is so much horrid violence against sweet innocent children? We live in a evil & screwed up world where thousands of late term babies are ripped apart alive & sold for organs, stem cells & blood like some disgusting chop shop junkyard😢

  • I wish I have a psychic abilities!!

  • She's a cutie..

  • Alexander Marquis

    Evelyn where are you

  • Something sinister is happening in this world it's absolutely insane what is happening with these babies and children

  • All of em look like criminals

  • Don't have kids if you aren't willing to take care of them!

  • Just awful ….Beautiful baby caught up in an absolute mess !!! Not fair !!!!😥😥😥😥

  • my kids are smarter than yours

    Start publicly hanging assholes that do this to children and this shit would slow way down…..

    But noooooooo….. for some reason some of you are against the death penalty…..
    Think of it this way…
    You're killing more kids because you are against the death penalty

  • Gabrielito Adventures New Levels more Quest

    Man use a sidekick man is too many there's too many inconsistencies and there's no emergencies use a psychic psychic psychic seriously use a psychic in the situation. Her speech pattern the fake crying they're fake emotional distraught. It's a little mental going on here you can clearly see that you're hiding big details you're always cutting short she knows exactly what's going on he knows exactly what's going on she knows who has her baby I guarantee you false leads I don't know what the home situation but she needs to just let it out and I pray for the baby safety of Hope the babies alive

  • Evil idiots

  • Such a sweet little angel. How could anyone hurt her. I hope and pray she is found alive.

  • Someone should point out to her Specifically. They will take The Baby you are Pregnant w now.

  • Like i know life is hard and qith kids its seriously hard no other family your on your own. Your job suvks moneys short no ones helping but you do the doo and you push through it and you make it happen…. I got two beautiful babiez and its hard physically mentallyand financially but we doo what must be done mental break fowns but we dont beat our kids we cry sometimes but its life get it togethwr or close your fucking legs stupid ass sluts

  • Matthew 18:10 Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones for I say unto you that in Heaven their Angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in HEAVEN. Matthew 18:11 For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.

  • Her mom did something. I just feel it.

  • What a animals are these people who could play with a life of such a cute baby.

  • So sick of seeing kids going missing! Thats all you hear. Heartbreaking 😢 I pray she is found safe!

  • Dear god please make this little Angel safe. And protect pur kids from harm. Please god.

  • How the fuck does your 15 month old baby disappear I don't understand

  • I will fucking skin you alive you fucking scumbags

  • You fucking piece of shit

  • So they dug under the house, found "something", then removed it. Sounds like they may have found what they were looking for

  • Why 😲

  • Christine Thieman

    Capital Murder DEATH PENALTY !!!!!

  • We know how this ends, sadly. Now to learn why.

  • I wanna know how they can arrest this morning why not Amber Robertson for she baby being gone and didn’t report it right away. All these parents should get arrested .

  • Oh my gosh!!! That little baby girl is so adorable. I wanted to cry so bad. How can people be so cruel?! How can they hurt that baby? Look at her big and beautiful eyes. This is so sickening.

  • That whole bunch has guilty written all over their faces. Scum of the earth.. prayers for the innocent baby

  • No crime scene tape etc. Don't jump to conclusions.

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