Jeff Huber from Google talking about child safety online

Jeff Huber from Google talking about child safety online

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Jeff Huber, VP of
engineering here at Google in Mountain View, California. I’m a proud parent of two
grade-school-age kids. We’ve found that we’ve had to
put some limits around the amount of what we call screen
time, time across a computer, on the internet, television,
and gaming devices. For example, on Google itself,
we use Google Safe Search feature, which is locked on for
the devices that they use. Also YouTube, has the
safe feature at the bottom of every page. We’ve similarly set and
locked that on for the devices that they use. Some of the things that my
wife and I discussed and decided was that we
weren’t going to support them having devices. So we don’t do cell phones,
we don’t do tablets and other devices. The only devices they have are
dedicated game platforms, which make it a lot easier
to manage what they’re doing online. Additionally, we decided
that we wanted the computers in an open area. Additionally, we, at this age,
didn’t feel it was appropriate to have very broad
communications. So we decided no social
networks, no email, no chat communications. Obviously, as they become older,
those are good and appropriate things. As the communication choices
expand, it really requires a lot more communication and discussion with your children– on the positive side, all of the
incredible resources there that they can take advantage of;
and on the negative side, of what are the things that
they should be concerned about, why you’re concerned
about them, and the things that you can do together to make
their experience better and more safe. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  • I found the series of video very interesting and helpful.  However, this one in particular was very strange, specially the filming.. very distracting.

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