Let’s imagine we are the landlord. What are my expectations? Asking this question, we came to a solution how to find an apartment or accommodation in Sweden through these 6 points. I am glad to think that I will be able to share with you information on how to get to an apartment in Sweden easier. Through our story, we will show you how we sought accommodation in Sweden by responding to ads. We will show you the same where to look, how to look and what to look for. In 2015, we came to friends in Orebro. And there we were not fortunate in seeking accommodation or work. Aleksadra and I decided it was time to go to Stockholm. The only thing we were able to find for a short time was a room or accommodation on AirBnb where over the next seven days we decided we needed to find something for the longer term. I don’t know if I should mentio that I wasn’t on the toilet at the time because of the stress for seven days. No, I can’t mention it, this is video. I decided to find accommodation. What I didn’t know then led us to point no. 1 And those are the pages where I can find an apartment, a room mostly accommodation. Some of the most common pages are: When I found out where I could look. Then we join forces and we started thinking what we would actually write about it. What the content will look like. I will return to what the content will look like. In the meantime, we were able to find an interested landlord. who answered us to come look at the room. After 5 days of literally fighting for someone to answer us at our replyt, which I only sent in English. We came to a newly renovated apartment but in this case the room was about 12 square feet. Which is your private, and everything else is shared. We shared an apartment with a young married couple who had a baby of approx. 2 years old and they seemed to be OK at the time when we made a deal. We agreed to the price of 5500kr for one month and a deposit of 5000kr payable in advance. So everything is always paid in advance. We agreed to this because it was our only opportunity, the only people who answered our question. After a month we realized that it would no longer be possible to do so because we did not have our freedom. On one occasion he told me that I could not walk around the house in shorts because his wife sees my legs. I’m in shorts all day. I cannot function differently. It’s always warm to me. There was more, but it didn’t matter. We eventually decided that the next month we are leaving. We announced to them and everything was fine. They returned our deposit when they inspected the room to see if it was in the same condition as it was before our arrival. It was time to look for new accommodation. How did I know we had so much difficulty last time We should have done something different this time. We just had to find a way to increase our chances of people responding to us more often, to come up with more opportunities to find better place. This is where we come to another important point, which is content which we send to our future landlord The content should include, write if you want where are you coming from, and if you have a job, it means that you can support yourself. Enter your email and phone number. If you have a personnumer, state that you have one. You don’t have to write a number. A big plus is if you have a job, make sure to state it. What languages ​​do you speak for further communication? You must know that unfortunately pets and smokers are not desirable. However, be sure to state that you are a non-smoker, so give it a chance to quit smoking at least for your health. Describe yourself briefly, that you are a calm person, respect the rules of the house, etc. Everything that the landlord would like to hear from you. Write something if you are landlord, would like to expect from someone who comes to your apartment. So put yourself in his skin, what would you expect him to do. When we wrote the content, so you would rent the apartment to yourself. Then you will know that it is great. Not to forget someone else’s recommendation. So if you had the opportunity to be with one landlord before, ask him for permission and his contact can you pass on to the next, future landlord So he could call him and check what kind of person you are. It can really help you a lot. And if he calls him and makes sure you’re great. That’s a big big big plus for you. Next we come to point 3, which is Swedish writing. If you don’t know, here’s an example of how to make it the easiest. You have your existing content. Go translate your content online. Copy content to your phone, laptop, whatever you have. Find someone to help you correct it. We all know how these translations look like online. Because it shows if you don’t know the language, that you care, that you want to adapt, that you want to learn the language. They will appreciate it. Great, now that we’ve done that, let’s move on to the next point. This may be the hardest part of it all, but it pays off. The time and effort put into making your response the first response to an ad the landlord will read. With this principle in a week we went 3 times to look at accommodation that we like. We no longer looked at the rooms. We wanted freedom and peace to do whatever we wanted. If you know what I mean? Don’t think rooms are a bad option, it was just our experience. I suggest that if you still decide on a room, that you go with pre-prepared questions. Because as you share the rest of the apartment with others, you can avoid later surprises. How to prepare point number four. So in this case, we have Swedish-translated content on a laptop. Eg. we are on a blocket.se. Blocket.se, we chose for example Stockholm, clicked on rent. Here we can now see all the offers are listed here for renting. So we can look at rooms and apartments. And that’s where it goes by the pages. We look at the last time something was advertised. Let’s remember that. Let’s open another page. Where we let one standby and the other we click on something we like with our prepared reply we send a message, just paste it here. Of course we read this message, if possible translate it to see what it says, if they are looking for something there. So we can modify our answer a bit. And so we make it for whatever we like. In the second window, we wait non-stop and reload every five, ten minutes it’s up to you how much time you have and we’re waiting for new ads. Because we reload and if a new ad pops up we will be the first with an answer already prepared. So we won’t have to re-enroll So we have a perfectly prepared answer, we just send it. 90% we will be the first to respond to such an ad. Trust me, the person who sees this edited and the quick response won’t even consider the other ads. They will probably contact you. This takes a lot of time, but take as much time as possible and reload every 5min and only send replies. You don’t have to do just that, you can watch your favorite series, movie, whatever, but every 5 minutes go back to the blocket, reload the page and see if there is any new ad so you can respond as soon as possible. You will see the magic happen. Let’s say you received an affirmative answer and that it now follows a tour of the apartment and meeting the landlord. This is where we get to point # 5. When you arrive on the spot and if you do not like the conditions of what the apartment looks like. You don’t have to take it. But if you want that apartment. We suggest you prepare in advance. because in the end, if you don’t like the landlord, there will be no agreement. So dress nicely don’t just wrap yourself in some blackness like you’re going to a funeral. So dress nice, put some parfume and don’t pretend anything be natural, smile, give compliment as soon as possible if you like something. because in the first ten seconds the landlord will already make some impression of you. And in those ten seconds, you have to make him like you. You may find this all exaggerated, but I don’t know if you are aware of how difficult it is to find accommodation here. Every effort should be made to make it easier for you to find accommodation. that is why all these little details are very important in order to find accommodation. I hope you agree. Before we get to the last point 6. Write us your story in a comment or how you found the accommodation. Why? Because just maybe you will with your proposal, solution or story help someone find their own accommodation. Super. Now we can go to item 6, which is compliance with the landlord’s terms with what is written in the contract. I hope they offer you a contract, because it’s only legal. This will give you the right to use the address because it is one of the conditions for getting a personnummer. Respect the house rules and there will be no problem. This concludes this video. Thanks to all if you who have been able to watch up to here. And here you can decide what to look next.


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    ​ Stan iz prve ruke je stan koji se iznajmljuje direktno od vlasnika stana a stan iz druge ruke je stan koji je netko drugi iznajmio pa ga onda izdaje u zakup i tako dolazi do ekstra zarade. Najduže čekanje na stan je u večim gradovima dok na sjeveru u manjim mjestima može da se dobije stan iz prve ruke bez čekanja ali … uvijek neko ali. U tim mjestima je teže dobiti posao. Mnogi roditelji prijavljuju svoju djecu na listu čekanja za stan još dok djeca idu u osnovnu školu. Najbolja investicija za budučnost je kupiti stan. U tom slučaju stanar otplačuje kredit za stan banci, plaća mjesećne dažbine i sam održava stan. Pošto u Švedskoj nekretnine se prodaju putem aukcije, stan kupuje osoba koja ponudi navišu cijenu, cijene stanova su drastično porasle tako da stan koji je prije 20 godina koštao 20 000 kruna sada košta oko 2 000 000 kruna (podaci za Štockholm i Uppsalu). Znači sa kamatom od 3% na stambeni kredit ipak dosta novca ostaje ako se stan proda. Naravno plača se i porez na zaradu (razlika od kupovne cijene i cijene stana kad ga prodaš). Ipak najbolja investicija je kupiti kuću. Pozdrav.

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