Kirsten Johnson – Lib Dem PPC for North Devon

Kirsten Johnson – Lib Dem PPC for North Devon

I’m Kirsten Johnson and I’m the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Lib Dems here in North Devon. I’ve been out and about throughout the Constituency, from Witheridge up to Ilfracombe, Barnstaple, South Molton. Talking to local residents and listening. And what I am hearing is that North Devon does not get a fair deal. North Devon deserves better. We need more funding for our schools as we are getting on average £300 less per pupil. And that’s throughout all of our services. Better transport, more money for our NHS, more care in the community. There’s loads of issues and I am listening. And were I to be your MP, I’m the sort of constituency MP who cares


  • "I'm Kristen Johnson, and you're too thick and white to think for yourselves, vote for me"

  • Goes on about inequality yet hates white people. Hmm.

  • 'She was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and has lived in England since 1994. Her concern over inequality and lack of mental health provision, coupled with broader social justice issues, compelled her to become involved in politics.'

    Well isn't that nice a full blown American SJW (mis)representing a community in Devon. This doesn't end well for her. What a vile POS quisling this woman is.

  • "I apologise for the offense my comments have caused. I misspoke and these comments do not reflect my views or that of my party." Cats out the bag love, you're not in the conference bubble now.

  • you are a white hating feminist CUNT …thanks for letting everyone know who you are

  • Eminems fucking shit

    Im kirsten and im a racist

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