Lego Technics от Xiaomi ⚡ XIAOMI MITU Инженерный Экскаватор

Lego Technics от Xiaomi  ⚡ XIAOMI MITU Инженерный Экскаватор

Men are growing. And their toys are changing. Or do not change. I am Lego Technics at 12 years old
loved, and in love 36. And my seven year old son designers
this type is also very respects. And this is also xiaomi. I promised that I would tell
about a few more models after xiaomish buggy. Tube 468
Hello everyone, you are on the channel no benefit and here only
fast and comprehensive reviews, detailed streams with answers
to the questions. And a draw of 5 fitness bracelets
mi band 4 times a month randomly on the stream. I keep stream records. And today I will tell you
thesis is about a huge new designer toy from
xiaomi, which I gave son – xiaomi mitu crawler
excavator. He comes in colorful
box. Inside the packaging is made
so as not to damage the details. Kit, several packages
parts, instructions, and stickers. Everything looks high quality. ABS plastic is safe. Chemistry does not smell. Fully compatible with Lego
technics. Parts 900 pieces, age
from 6 years. But it’s on its own
can collect at least nine years. Going in two evenings. Emotions sea. Assembly size just
huge 45 cm by 15 by 15 cm. It repeats in form
original. There are 6 degrees of mobility
bucket and boom through swivel device. Complete imitation of hydraulic actuators
and very cool tracked wheels. Plastic certified. The weight of the excavator is 890 grams. Boom mechanics just
awesome. Features of this thing. Cool modeling, fully
simulation model, absolute realistic features. Steep crawler track
which is suitable for various complex reliefs principle
scientific and mechanical transmission, children learn – adults
have fun. A working hydraulic
a crane is something. And you can summarize here
only that all emotions from assembly and further
use of this toy do not pass. She looks very realistic. Not like they sell
others. And quite adequate for
the price. I will not upset you
and say how much is she stands in China but on Ali
with free shipping the link in the description of the video
she’ll be out around $ 49, which is about 3300 rubles. And this is without coupons and cashbacks. They really bring down the price
and up to 39. And this is with free shipping. So if you were looking for the original
designer gift. You found him. Write what else to buy for
review. Like for work if
such utilities are interesting. Yes or no, good
no will give an answer. Good luck to you, dear


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