Mandy Childs_New Brexit Party PPC for Bromsgrove

Mandy Childs_New Brexit Party PPC for Bromsgrove

Good morning, my name is Mandy Childs, and
this is just a short video to let you know that I am the new Prospective Parliamentary
Candidate (PPC) for the Brexit Party for the great constituency of Bromsgrove! Which is
really good because I know Bromgrove really well, I’ve lived and worked here for the past
15 years, mainly in the NHS. Now why have I joined the Brexit Party, and why am I standing
for the Brexit Party. It’s basically because our two-party system has broken, all our trust
in our Parliamentarians is on the floor, and our democracy itself is in peril. Now I’m
not the only one who believes this, a lot of the Brexit Party canidates are like myself,
we are not professional politicians, but we just have a deep determination, deep passion
and commitment to get that vote to Leave implemented in this country. We also believe that we are
a great country, and we’ve got some great constituencies. So, just a couple of facts
actually, about the Bromsgrove constituency, in the EU Referendum 2016, 55.4% of the people
in Bromsgrove voted to Leave the European Union, now in the recent EU Parliamentary
elections earlier this year, the Tories only got 13% of the vote in Bromsgrove, the Brexit
Party got 39%, Happy Days! So, if you’re up for this challenge, like me and many others,
please come along and see me, I’ll be out and about in Bromsgrove, follow me on Twitter
and Facebook, and you know guys, we are a ‘can do’ country, we are a ‘can do’ people,
and it’s not about Leavers and Remainers any more, it’s about those who believe in this
country, that we can make a huge success of Brexit, for everyone, and we are going to
do this, trust me. We are going to Change Politics For Good. If you are up for the challenge,
come and join me. I’ll see you soon!


  • Your stated 'fact' that 55.4% of the people of Bromsgrove voted Leave is not true. What is true is that 55.4% of those who turned out voted Leave.

    If you want to make some reference to 'the people of Bromsgrove', then be honest and say that about 44% of the Bromsgrove electorate voted Leave, which is what happened.

  • A great candidate!

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