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Review code provided by Sony #Sonypartnership Everybody loves Spiderman since the characters debut in 1962 he has become a staple of our pop culture landscape With countless comics, cartoons and even three separate film franchises to his name But our friendly neighbourhood spiderman has’t stopped there With a steady stream of spidey video games getting released since spiderman for the Atari way back in 1982 And while each successive game have gotten closer and closer to capturing the feeling of being spiderman The announcement of Insomniacs new game starring eveyones favorite wall crawler looked like they had accomplished the most spectacular effort yet But with the great power of modern technology and plenty of hype comes the great responsibility of not letting down spidey fans world wide We’ll find out if they did what every a spider can when I complete “Marvel’s Spider man” Hey everyone and welcome back to another brand new episode of The Completionist. Guys I am so excited today to finally take a look at Insomniac’s new game: “Spider-Man” I am so hype on it I have been wanting to play a game where you become Spider-Man for so long In a true, good, and natural way. So much so that today I wanted to try to become Spider-Man, so I, uh… captured some spiders one specifically and I put it in a toxic waste container And I tried getting it to bite me Unfortunately I can’t find it and it’s now somewhere in the office and I don’t know where it is It’s been driving me crazy *Hey Jirard* *Uhhh I got bit by this really weird spider Uhhh* *I squashed it though* *Uhhhh…* God Dammit Tedd *Intro music plays* With literately dozens of previous video game attempts at capturing that Spider-Man feeling Any new Spidey game has to do one of two things Attempt something totally new or be the most Spider-Man game that ever Spider-Man’ed,man So, while some of those previous games are actually really fun plenty of them have swung their way right past the cultural consciousness. Failing to make an impact in the sea of endless Spider-Man merch’ Which is why notable when the game was announced at E3 2016 everyone immediately sat up and paid attention It helps that Insomniac games was at the helm, and using a modified version of the engine from their previous fast paced action game, Sunset Overdrive, but mostly it was immediately clear that everyone behind this game freaking loved Spider-Man, like loves him so much, they never once forgotten to put the hyphen in his name. Can never forget that hyphen. *Don’t forget the hyphen between “Spider” and “Man.” It helps that it was announced right away that the game wouldn’t be attached to any particular movie or comic continuity. Meaning that it would be free to set up a cozy little web in its own corner of spider man lore. Its only keeping with Marvel’s planned strategy of putting out blockbuster games alongside their blockbuster movies, rather than quick cash grabs that are gone as soon as they’ve arrived. And, much like each successive installment of the MCU, Fanboys everywhere rejoice at this games release and the critics did too. Marvel’s Spider-Man has gained comparisons to Batman’s Arhkam games. With some going so far as calling it a knockoff, but honestly there are worse comparisons to get. Those games rule. And so does Insomniac’s Spider-Man, if the general reaction is to be believed. While it supposedly fits in the mold of recently released open-world games. Word on the street is that it’s not just the best games of the year, that it’s Spider-Man as hell. Yeah, that’s right, Spider-Man’s an adjective now Anything can be spider-man(adj). This game is spider-man(adj), You guys are spider-man(adj). Freaking Tedd is especially spider-man(adj), thanks to that faulty spider cage I bought. I am, decidely, not Spider-Man (n.) Which is why I’ll be desperately chasing that feeling by completing Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4, and just like Peter Parker’s, the responsibilities of a completionist never ends. Because there is A LOT of stuff to do in this game. First up, I’ll be completing all of the games story missions. Which offer plenty of material all of their own: With fights, chases, stealth sections, and boss battles against Spidey’s most notorious foes. While there aren’t a huge amount of side missions, the game’s main story offers a sizable chunk of material all on their own, and can be toggled between three different difficulties, titled “Friendly”, “Amazing”, and “Spectacular.” But just completing that “Spectacular” won’t be enough to keep Manhattan safe. Specially not without more and more super cool Spidey gear So, next-up I’ll be unlocking all of that gear, by completing each of Manhattan’s regions. Which are filled with random crimes to stops, challenges to get score on, enemy bases to clear out, and um… Pigeon’s to catch those little suckers are fast too. Each of those various tasks, gives you a corresponding token, with bonus tokens handed out for completing them in a certain way or getting a certain score. Base token, research tokens, crime tokens, etc. These are the currency you will use to buy new suits, gadgets and new powers. And I won’t stop grabbing up those colorful little coins, until I’ve unlocked and fully upgraded every bit of gear in the game. Yo, even Spider-Man’s gotta be prepared for every situation possible. Next up, is the trophies I don’t think will be all that bad, to be honest, I’ll have most of them by the time I play through all the missions and unlocked everything. With only a couple random tasks left to clean up. Like, waving hello to certain number of New Yorkers. See, that’s just nice. Saying, “Hi” is fun. But fear not, true believers, because frustration awaits at my final stop, the games various benchmarks. This is screen where the game measures how often you execute various maneuvers. Like, knocking enemies off of roof tops or running a certain amount of distances along walls. Some of them, are asking a lot, and I’ll be doing them all, because being Spider-Man is it’s own reward. That and because I want to see that screen full of check-marks. There is nothing that I love more than a screen full of check-marks. Well, maybe being a real life Spider-Man, but I’ll never know because that dream has been cruelly snatched away by Tedd, who I thought was my friend. Hey buddy, Must be nice becoming Spider-Man now, huh? I don’t know man, feels like my eyes are trying to become more eyes. and earlier today, I coughed up *Cough* *Cough* *Gag* *Gag* Uhhh *Gag* *Gag* *Gag* *Pant* This is coming out everywhere! *Pant* *Pant* You lucky mother-*BEEP*-er! I hope you are all ready to hear me say spider man a thousand more times because this game is spider man as hell With a story that feels like a fun remix of the modern era of Spider-man comics, beautiful graphics that (What?) of spider manning your way through the city and music and design that just screams Spider-man Marvel’s Spider-man is just spider manning all over the spider place And yeah spider man is now a verb too so deal with that The game picks up with a Peter Parker whose doing this for quite awhile He’s been Spider-man since high school and now he’s a grown ass man who helps his aunt May at a homeless shelter He pined his girlfriend Jane and works a lab job for his mentor: doctor Auto Octavius But after Spidey finally achieves his career long goal of putting away Wilson Fisk the king pin of crime The power vacuum is filled by a dangerous new gang called The demons Lead by the mysterious Mister Negative It’s up to Peter to figure out who Mister Negative is, what he wants and how to stop him The story of this game plays with a lot elements from Dan Slott’s recent decade long run on Spider-man comics Which makes sense considering he co-wrote the story with his freaking collaborator Christos Gage Having writer that are intimately familiar with the character and the world makes an immediately noticeable difference with characters that feel like they have popped right out of the pages of the comics That’s not to say this is a retread of those stories though Marvel’s Spider-man does a great job of incorporating stuff from the comics while putting it’s own mark on the material Mostly in the ways that it in a Mohawk, because this Spider-Man does what he wants and no one can tell Spider-Punk what to do! Except Aunt May, you should always listen to Aunt May she’s a nice lady, she’s sweet, and I’ll take out the trash for her. Once I’ve gathered and unlocked everything I felt a real sense of achievement, which only bolstered by how close that put me to getting all the trophies. I cleaned up the last couple in a few minutes and then surveyed my 100% completed map with a sense of satisfaction that can only come from me being Spider-Man. That is until I remembered benchmarks page exists on the pause menu, and was overwhelmed with what the phrase “Great responsibilities…” actually means. While going light on the trophies, Marvel’s Spider-Man wants you to execute pretty much every spider maneuver available to you either hundreds or thousands of times. Which is exhausting as a freaking as it freaking sounds. A decent chunk will be checked off as you play through the game if you are aware of playing towards those goals. But I can’t imagine any scenarios in which there wouldn’t have been a bunch of more swinging and fighting to do after the game was technically completed. The benchmark are honestly the only thing in the game that don’t feel totally worth it. With no real reward for what ends up amounts up to a huge amount of work. That said, it is nice to know, that once everything else is completed there is something there to aspire to. So, if you’re into running on wall for thousands of meters. The game encourages that kind of unhinged behavior. And everything else is worth doing, with web-swinging mechanics, combat, and endless collectibles and challenges that never really got dull. Sometimes it can get a bit repetitive, but never boring because, the core experience of becoming Spider Man is so consistently cool and rewarding, just like I always imagined it would be. *Sput* WHAT’S HAPPENING TO MEEEE!

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