Mobile Home Living the Smartest Thing I HAVE ever done !

Mobile Home Living  the Smartest Thing I HAVE ever done !

got some of these and they’re little
straw mats they’re supposed to keep the nesting boxes really warm and it’s also
supposed to keep them fresh I was able to get this online flock fresh and it
also has some straw in it so now let’s get the chicken house all cleaned up
because obviously they’re using those nesting boxes that I made so let’s get
everything cleaned up and get things just perfect for them hey I’m making a
meal that cost me $1 for the whole meal I got some of this ham once again at the
food pantry throw away I don’t know what it is it’s end pieces it looks to me
like it could have been Canadian bacon I don’t know but it’s really good I have
my own green beans from my garden so we’re gonna have ham green beans and
potatoes and the only thing it’s gonna cost me is $0.99 and that is for the
beef broth I could use chicken broth and have it totally free but I wanted to use
some beef broth as you see I get potatoes and these are potatoes that
we’re going to be thrown away so they donated them to this Community Food Bank
that people can come no matter what your income level is it’s food that was going
to be thrown away so I’m going to need the skins on these potatoes but I am
gonna cut some parts off the potatoes are not very nice but hey
they’re perfect for me I’ll take them any day now I did pre
wash these potatoes one thing about the crock-pot is you can make a meal in a
matter of minutes and it just has to cook all day long one thing about having
a crock-pot is you don’t really have to watch your food you can just put it in
and let it go all day here’s a green spot you don’t ever want to eat anything
green on a potato that can actually make you sick if you eat enough of it now I’m
putting a lot of potatoes in here because that’s gonna be the main part of
this meal because it’s not much him and this is how I’m able to stretch my food
I realize there’s a lot of people who have the resources that I do but there’s
a lot of people who had never heard of this and so what I get is in our County
which is a large County at the end of the month all of the food that was left
in the food pantries that was expired or just about ready to spoil a truck comes
and picks up that food and the truck then comes to one central location
that’s for anybody who wants it it’s not an income-based thing we can come and we
can pick through it and see if there’s anything that we would like to have
before the farmer comes and takes the food the truck that comes to pick up
this stuff is actually a Mennonite farmer who saw all of the food waste and
decided he wanted to do something about it he wanted to make a difference with
this food waste and so he opened it up to the general public like me who we can
go and we can take what we like now a lot of people don’t come to these
because a lot of people don’t want to get food that looks like it’s beyond its
best date by but I tell you one thing it’s been a
to me and when I need their still probably a third of a tractor-trailer
left and that goes then to the farmer sometimes there’s not much of a meth and
other times there’s a lot of food left now we’re going to use some of my
dehydrated onions to finish this meal I keep my dehydrated onions in a bag like
this and now we’re just gonna go ahead and sprinkle the dehydrated onions and a
little bit of celery using dried goods really helps extend your food also when
you’re cooking it in a crock pot like this it doesn’t matter because it’s
gonna all just disintegrate and just have a really good it’s gonna give you
the flavor that you need of having an onion so I’m actually gonna finish this
up because there’s only a little bit of this left my friends it’s all of this
food with $1 because I had to buy the beef broth now we’re gonna put this in
the crock-pot and it’s gonna take about six hours on medium and now we have a
meal and now I can go about the rest of my day and you shouldn’t your honor
outside because it’s so much easier to heat this for some projects that I’m
working on I have some water heated inside the house that’s for my dishes
but I’m gonna heat this big container I’m gonna heat this big kettle of water
up so I have it for the rest of the day and this will stay hot for me for lunch
and supper and all all throughout the day which I love heating the water at
the fire it really just helps and this also is teaching you that if you ever
would be in a downgrade situation and you do live partly in the country how
you can heat your water so this is how you would heat your water you would
gather sticks and gather things that you find outside you make yourself a
makeshift little stove and this is how you heat your water I like sharing with
you alternative ways of doing things so that way if life ever came to the point
where you needed to know how to do this you can remember this is how
you do it right while the water heats up and then
laundry is finished I’m gonna go inside and I’m gonna do a little more work then
we’ll come back out we’ll see how the water is going in and I’ll hang up the
wash all in a day my friend all in a day all right we got the fire going really
good you will be surprised how fast I can boil this water and it doesn’t take
many sticks at all it’s quite amazing so this is the most efficient way to boil
your water because you’re not using any resources other than sticks that I find
up in all of my trees so these are sticks that fallen so this was free of
heating of your water and so this is really something that a lot of people
know how to do but a lot of people don’t it’s so simple and fundamental water
shelter and fire I bet you’re wondering by now how in the world do I have time
for YouTube well I try to have all of my housework done by 12 o’clock so twelve
o’clock I have my housework done then I have from 12:00 to 8:00 it’s when I do
my YouTube I answer my questions I give the comments this is how I have my life
set up I always go to bed really early but I’m always up really early so I go
to bed early and I get up early so while this looks like a lot of work honestly
you can get things done so quick if you have your whole life streamlined and you
know what you’re doing I’ve done this for so many years now it’s become second
nature to me but by noon I always try to have my household work done my housework
comes first so my housework always comes first and after that is when I work on
YouTube you know if I had children at home it would be a lot harder but
because my children are all married and they have lives of their own I get to
spend every week with my children and otters live only a few miles from me and
my son lives a little further since he got married but I get to spend so much
time with my family but during the day like this is when I do my work
and as you know I’m having my Christmas over the weekend so yes baby all right
so I love this washtub it’s been a real blessing to me and we’re gonna hang up
some wash now soon my waters boiled soon the laundry’s done
come come any all of you then I have to edit this video then I have to upload
the video oh by the time you see it it’s always 24 hours later so when you’re
watching your video the video I taped was 24 hours before that’s how I can put
up a video every single day I find it so interesting a lot of people when it gets
towards 5 and 6 and 7 o’clock at night they’re ready to go out in town and go
out to eat I’m getting ready for bed whoo we’ve always been this way tonight everybody sleep tight don’t let
the bedbugs bite there’s nobody out it’s a beautiful
evening I know I’m kind of strange I know but I love the evenings and I love
the early mornings just think it’s very peaceful and I really love it when it
snows ah it’s so quiet and peaceful when we have
a snow


  • I love " bits and bobs" stew like that! A good meal for a rainy night like it is here in South Carolina. See you tomorrow Tessie!

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    How did your Crock-Pot meal turn out? It sounded delicious as I watched you cut the potatoes & tell us about the food waste that's so prevalent in our nation. I'm happy you have access to this food. For those if us who don't, I want to share a site that offers organic food for about 40% off the retail price. I want to make sure I'm not breaking any rules. I'll wait until I have the "go-ahead" from you.
    Blessings, dear Tessie!

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  • FYI

    If you store your potatoes in the fridge or somewhere cold like a basement the potatoes last longer!

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  • I really love the mornings and evenings too! My favorite is sunset during the fall ๐Ÿ I got an an amazing haul this Friday at the food Bank. I got about $300 worth of meat enough to fill my big freezer back up! Usually we get a lot of chicken but this time we had lots of beef, pork, and veal. I got 2 boxes of 12 each of one pound packs of grass fed organic ground beef! Tons of pork and several pounds of veal even. Now I'm forced to hurry up and can this week because I still have two turkeys saved up as well and I need room to take everything I can before next week. It's amazing for food storage but the hardest part is doing all of the work preserving this abundance. I wish I was 20 years younger and had an extra 12 hours a day๐Ÿ˜‹ My husband gets up at 4 am to go to work so I always start my day then even when he's off work. My goal is to also be done by noon but I have too much work to accomplish before we move. I want to have a year's worth of food put back before we move because I'm afraid it won't be so abundant where we are going so I need to take advantage of my blessings now while God is pouring them out to me.

  • QUESTION???? I was, recently, watching a video of another You Tube creator. She was cooking in a slow cooker instead of a crock pot. She feels it is the better way to go. She said things don't dry out in the slow cooker like in a crock pot. Does anyone here use a slow cooker? I am not doubting the other creators word. She is a great cook and very knowledgeable about cooking. Just wondering about experiences here. Thank you!

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  • Just sharing, love my slow cooker but when the power goes down I use a thermal cooker. Heat your dish to boil then let it finish cooking using its own retained heat.

  • i am a night owl, always have been. but it USED to be at night i had the world to myself. the stores were empty & the streets. I loved having a bonfire with the moon out! peaceful & beautiful.
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    drugs have RUINED the nighttime for us nightowls!!

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