• Great interview. These guys never fail to impress and entertain. Penn seems to struggle listening whenever Teller speaks. Teller really needs some fashion coaching with that shirt….

  • Teller talked in a movie a long time ago in a pretty good baseball film called "Long Gone". It's only on stage while performing/judging as a magician that he doesn't speak.

  • wow I thought he cant speak

  • Disappointing islamophobia from Penn

  • Those shows dont Match outfit

  • veggiesaremurder

    "The answer to bad speech is always more speech". -Penn. Take that Google, you free-speech stifling pigs!

  • Ironies of the world #278: Teller has an absolutely beautiful, mellifluous voice.

  • I could listen to these two talking for hours, such intelligent and insightful people!

  • Teller speaks !

  • 17:53 Sun Ra? Right on brother! Space Is The Place!

  • marc sannicolas

    I clocked out at the POW joke but enjoyed tellers radio personality alter ego.

  • For some reason I imagined him having a british accent.

  • Teller used to teach Latin in a university, but quit to join Penn.

  • Bullshit Guns was Bullshit.

  • The interviewer spreads his legs wide the whole time with tight jeans, displaying his crotch. Very American.

  • Ham Sandwichson

    Teller speaks, I watch.

  • Miami SWL Radio

    Teller has such a dynamic and charismatic personality, and voice, that he could be a major actor in both film and TV sitcoms. He'd bat it out of the park.

  • I HATE mentalist acts, and these guys pinpointed why. I don't want a magician to convince me they have super powers, I just want to be impressed by their craft

  • Came to see teller talking 🙂

  • Ya know you got money when you have enough to get Telller to talk.

  • Anyone have a link to the movie they talk about, about Tim?

  • RobisonRacing68

    Enjoyed this…I absolutely love "Fool Us" so hearing the behind the scenes was cool and also Teller talking! Nice to get more of his personality. 🙂

  • Person who Likes food

    Teller literally is the best listener ever, number one he would never talk over you, number two you would listen to his voice (because it’s weirdly entertaining).

  • Anyone know what the flipper is

  • Big fan of Penn's bluntness.

  • Ellotus Freeholy

    'Lucy in the sky with traffic' ~ gems

  • Hahaha go to 44 second mark and watch Penn Jelletes expression…. "awe man same question again what time do I get out of here…."

  • 5:19 that laugh tho.
    Puts a whole new meaning to HAHAHAHHAHAHA.

  • 28:34 Teller always gets bored and fiddles around with his arm rest lol

  • The only interesting thing about this video is that Penn and Teller are great subject and storytellers because the interviewee ….. lol sucks… He is definitely right. We have lost good news, man and good interviewers who are afraid to ask the hard questions.Anyone watching this was already a Penn and Teller fan and they want to hear new and different stories. Not the same old bull s ***. No pun intended.I'm very happy that they shrugged off the first origin story. They know it's old news and they want to do something interesting…

  • I could be wrong, but at this point they come off like the school teacher you knew for a year, but only realize their brilliance on the last week of school And regret not having the opportunity to soak up more of their knowledge. Like James Randi these come off as so humble and in a technology-savvy world. We need somebody to bring us back down to reality. Although I do get the feeling that penn likes to bang chicks in twos. lol..he says way too many comments that misdirect me whether it's his Persona or just the ultimate satire….Please excuse any typos or errors my keyboard and phone are on the fritz.

  • Penn's shoes

  • Google employees looking like their mom blocked all the testosterone when they were a fetus.

  • Doo Doo on Bullshit https://youtu.be/5siSa4A9M_Q?t=2948

  • Wow, Penn is good at ventriloquizing teller

  • Teller's voice is younger than his looks. His voice is manly n listening him talking for the very first time

  • Teller is cool and all, and I really enjoyed watching him speak. He is intelligent and articulate.

    Penn on the other hand is so incredibly gifted. He has a massive heart and brain that's bigger than he is himself. You may not agree with him but you will respect him. What an awesome man….

  • Im just gonna put a like 1 minute into the video just because teller's voice

  • I love watching Penn and Teller here simply because you can tell they're not used to interacting in front of a crowd in this manner. Despite the fact that Teller can speak up, Penn still, when speaking for both of them, kind of gestures towards Teller who will give non-verbal cues as to whether he agrees or disagrees.

  • Doug The Moleman

    Penn's laugh is infectious. And by that, of course, I mean it gets into your cells and destroys their DNA, then replicates.

  • Doug The Moleman

    "…judging people who they aren't fit to eat shit off their shoes." Oh my god, hahahahhahahahhahahahha

  • Teller has a great voice for show business.

  • Michael Chambers

    5:25 “America’s Great Again”

  • Tadzeo Horner-chbib

    This is enjoyable, thoughtful and enlightening. Thank you. I could blather on about this but I think I will stick to; They are an interesting balance and variation of charismatic speakers. smooth and rough and tough. Penn is undervaluing his own perspective and accomplishments. Specifically his revealing of his inner battle of trying to be fair yet direct when trying to present other people's arguments or perspectives in "bs". The world needs more people interested in the debate and the inner battle for honesty and fairness. Especially in the entertainment industry (cheap rim shot). Teller is amazing (duh). But so is Penn. it must be difficult feeling like you can't have stock in your own self worth…. 🙁 he tries to be fair and true…. it's a good thing to want to be and see and want to represent in your life and work. it's almost like I don't know…. helpful. lol.

  • 57 years old and I finally heard him speak. The man is a freaking GENIUS …. really.

  • “The answer to bad speech is more (good) speech.“

  • my Name is Nobody

    what are the odds that BS comes back?

  • Teller also using a sleight of voice

  • Never heard him talk before

  • Frankly I was shocked, I was just watching random Penn & Teller videos and this popped up. Will the mystery be gone now? I dunno

  • Teller has a beautiful soeakinh voice tone….yay!

  • Teller's voice doesn't match his face! Lol

  • Christian socialists? You guys are from America right? 31:31

  • 25:54 the answer i think defines all of us and why we choose our careers!

  • Is everybody too distracted with Teller’s voice to make a comment on Penn’s sneakers?

  • The Progressive Perspective

    5:07 Shots fired lol

  • Its soo good to hear him talk

  • i watched Tim´s Vermeer after watching this interview, i´ve never experienced so much joy watching a documentary, amazing

  • Great to hear Teller speak. He's the Charlie Chaplain of magic.

  • Was that a Trump joke with the fake laugh lol bet your not laughing now

  • After 10 years of watching them.. I finally heard his voice..

  • The irony that the one persons act is based on not speaking, but is the better spokesman of the two 🤣

  • im confused now, on Pen and Teller reliationship

  • 24:24 Penn drops some truth Google should have listened to better.

  • was it hard to get better host?

  • Something in Teller reminds me of the writer/author/futurist Robert Anton Wilson.

  • That Jew has such an annoying vibe.

  • Keith Otis Edwards

    How many watching this are surprised that Teller does not sound like an elf ?

  • I wonder what Penn would think about my grandfather. He did not believe in water divining, or water witching, until he found in his 60's that he had a talent for it, and became very good at finding wells in Utah… He was able to demonstrate his talent with others in a why where it became impossible to doubt he had some sort of real ability…

  • The card you were thinking of the 3 of spades

  • Man, this Penn guy is one hell of ventriloquist

  • The typical reaction is: HOLY COW HE HAS A GREAT VOICE! Why is he the silent one? But I doubt they would change anything if they could do it all over again. Both guys are extremely intelligent.

  • Love those two and their take on magic, mentalism, and lying or not to people.

  • 3:25 lady texting in background lol

  • As said before, you come here to hear Teller talk. Within seconds, you are mesmerised by WHAT he talks about…. These guys are amazing, and I love the tension and the difference between loud and big Penn and short and minute Teller, and how Teller still manages to be the guy who holds the reins (which is part of their show, still, I love it).

  • the irony of this video and the entire conversation is that if it wasn't posted by google it would be demonetized and suppressed by google's own dumbass youtube algorithm. 🙄

  • At 5:35 I realized that Penn's forehead is a smiling anime cat.

  • Ah celebrity worship. Brilliance is using carbons as coffee tables. Mister Penn gets it. Mister Teller gets it. I want to see real magic so I watch the crows.

  • No teller isn't tempted to talk on stage we all know that if he does penn will beat him

  • I thought Teller was gay based on his looks but his voice doesn't indicate that.

  • What a nice voice Teller has! He is highly eloquent..!!

  • Penn looks so uncomfortable not being the one who is talking…

  • WTF is this blasphemy?!

  • It's nice to know Penn shares my same argument about them talking about science.

  • Oh God my life is complete now!! I heard him speak…and wow man! you have a very lovely voice…i think from now on…you need to speak more than Penn at the Fool US show…I am glad that you spoke…

  • The audience questions were better than I thought they would be.

  • teller came to my college once as a guest speaker (yes, he talked!) for one of my classes. he was a really engaging, intelligent and sweet guy.

  • Jesus aged christ !,,, look,, i love both ya guys but seriously? After all these years?,, PENN you still won't let Teller tell a tale ? Hush for a moment when he speaks… even though when you speak you do tell your point penn,,, and after watching this again i noticed how much more sence you made. But maybe it was something between you two (he only spoke around you),, but, you never seem to wanna let him talk WHEN HE WANTS TO… to the public…….. as if i'm actually texting to them …hahahahah… # It's funny how they come and they go- how Copperfield was here then disappeared

  • When Teller just spoke. In my eye, he already change to the quiet magician to a normal man. Hahaha

  • Ruthie the Magma Cube

    49:46… Trekker… Minecrafter… that’s me 😂😂

  • Notice the body language…. both sitting leaning away from each other. Notice round 3:40 Teller is giving someone the bird. Hmm….

  • What Penn says at the beginning, about Mentalists actively trying to distort reality vs. Magicians always saying "it was just a trick" when asked "Did you really…?" is something I 100% agree with!! There's a very thin line between people doing a magic trick with everybody in the room knowing it's just a show and not real, and people actually trying to force you into believing you just witnessed some kind of mind-bending hocus pocus. The latter is actively telling a LIE, which is totally reprehensible and like a slap in the face of every magician doing stage shows.

  • Pen gillete and Teller are really really very intelligent at their stuff with legal reasons

  • Whatayamean, welcome to google? You guys monitor our every move every second of the day. lol

  • so the guy who tought language is the mute one 😀 such irony XD

  • What's even more weird is watching Penn sit there and say nothing.

  • I tell ya I might not agree with everything Penn says but I love that guy he's always been himself from day one as well as Teller most real guys ever true Americans

  • "The answer to basic speech is always more speech."
    Near dead silence
    Holy hell Google….

  • I saw Penn's lips move when Teller speaks. Nice trick…

  • Boy, would I love to hear Penn and Teller talk about Derren Brown, and vice versa. Both acts tell the audience that they are tricking them, and that there is no magic or supernatural powers involved, and both are phenomenal performing artists.

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