Peter Rabbit (How to Create a Potager Garden )

everyone today is embarking on the
beginning of a very busy season for me and this is springtime and that means
it’s time to start our indoor seeds I’m going to share with you an upcoming
series of how you can create a cottage garden just like Beatrice Potter and her
famous Peter Rabbit Gardens Peter Rabbit Gardens are something that I have been
doing for now about ten years my Gardens are just like the theme of Peter rabbits
if you’re familiar with Peter Rabbit a childhood story but yet there’s stories
and the illustrations are beautiful even to the adults I’m going to share with
you how you can turn a cottage garden just like all of these illustrated in
these books what was growing in Peter rabbits garden well today we’re gonna
work on that I really got into the cottage gardening and got into all of
the herbs and beautiful edible flowers this year my garden is going to be even
more expensive with the cottage gardening of using flowers that can be
edible and of course all this beautiful herbs this is a series of videos which
you’re going to see from the very beginning to the very end of harvest
time I’m going to share with you what I am planting the herbs and how I can do
it pretty efficiently and very frugal as well I’m going to pan my camera down and
we’re going to start planting I’m known for planting with these dollar tree
bowls these dollar tree bulls are not perforated at the bottom because I don’t
overwater them you have to be very careful when you’re planting this way
but this has given me far success rate beyond anything I’ve ever tried before
and this method now for about nine to ten years so
I do not poke any holes in these containers you will plant your small
herbs and flower seeds in here they will stay in here until we transplant them
out into the garden what it will turn into is one nice big Bush of herbs and
flowers we just turned the container upside down and give it a tap and there
we have a nice cluster of herbs no transplanting no doing any of those
needless procedures herbs can be very challenging but yet in this simple way
of doing it it’s very easy and this success rate it’s extremely high a thing
you have to understand is you need a south-facing window you need a window
that gets the morning and the afternoon Sun in order to have beautiful seeds and
flowers like I have so let’s get started or we are going to use in our Peter
Rabbit garden it is chamomile now I already have a lot of
chamomile growing in my garden but I always want more so chamomile is the
number one thing that I always want to plant chamomile can be a perennial in
the north or it cannot sometimes it does recede and other times it doesn’t now these seeds are extremely fine and
so that means we will not cover them up very much so we go ahead and we’re gonna
sprinkle the full packet in terrible next thing we do is just take a little
bit of dirt just a little bit and then we’re gonna Pat it down we want to have
contact with the soil and the seed and this is the method I use for all of my
herbs and all of my edible flowers then when we go ahead and water it very
lightly and like I said these bowls all come from the Dollar Tree and I’ve used
them over and over a year after year so after the initial purchase you can have
it for years to come now the trick is to get a shower cap at the Dollar Tree and
you place the shower cap over your bowls just like that and this is what keeps
your heat and your humidity in some people use saran wrap I like to have the
elastic shower cap bowls covers and if you use the ones that are your shower
caps they’re larger and they will work perfectly for your project now we have
one finished this is all we need to do now we won’t need to water this until
you start seeing your seedlings and I will share with you in the upcoming
videos but this keeps the condensation in and we really don’t need to do hardly
any watering at least until you have it all full of the beautiful green
seedlings my favorite flower all time is the Johnny jump up now the Johnny jump
up is also in PETA rabbits book and helping to create a beautiful cottage
garden as you see some of my seeds come from Renee’s gardens that is my favorite
seed company and I affiliate there so for every purchase I
get a small bit of money that comes back to me in a form of a gift card that I
can use to get more seeds so the johnny jump ups are exactly the same way put it down with their hands and then we’re gonna water you can also
take a water bottle and on the edge you can poke holes on the top of it that
works out great as well and learning not to overwater is the perfect key and
keeping your herbs and your flowers growing nicely without having them in a
drainage at the bottom of these pools so instead of showing you a 40 minute video
doing this so many times I’m going to show you each thing that I plant and
then we’ll have a little discussion at the end of this video so if you’re
writing it and taking notes so far we have chamomile and we have the johnny
jump ups i’m going to plant some arnica so these are articles now the arnica is
supposed to be really good for people who have skin conditions and have a lot
of pain and the next one is sweet marjoram now we have mint now mint is
something that’s very difficult to grow by seed in fact I would strongly suggest
that you plant it by the plant but I was given some of these seeds by a lovely
lady who had some that she didn’t use and so she gave them to me so I’m gonna
try to grow the mints by seed you have a Peter garden without some lavender now
lavender takes 30 days to germinate so a lot of times people will plant lavender
seeds and I think they don’t work but it takes a long time for lavender seeds the
dollar tree also has lavender seeds which garden is not complete without
time now I already have my Dollar Tree time growing and it’s coming up very
nicely and I showed you how you can root time as well from sprigs in the grocery
store but I was good given these seeds and so we
will use these as well just as an insect repellant easy to start from seeing so
I’m using this and it’s not for internal so you really want to make sure you
label your seeds when you plant your seeds so you know what you’re working
with I’m gonna use this for my cleaners that
I make because it’s highly the number one highest scented lemon and it’s the
gum plant I hope you like series too and I hope you watch series 1 about taking
transplanted herbs from the grocery store and how you can route them there’s
going to be a lot of videos coming up in a series it’s going to be about ten of
them and I hope you follow along with me the whole point of my videos are to try
to encourage you to get you started and grow me something this year I know a lot
of you really aren’t into growing things or have a garden then I hope that you
find this very entertaining and I hope you enjoy these simple videos where I
just share with you my life and share with you how you can have a cottage
garden I think you’re gonna enjoy following me from the seeds to the plant
to harvest time as I do this every single year but this year the emphasis
more on Peter Abbott and 1800’s garden if you like books like I do I’m gonna
show it to you in the description box my books on Peter Rabbit
so the Peter Rabbit gardening it’s so cute and quaint and there’s a lot of
home remedies and all kinds of things you can make with this book and then the
Beatrix Potter country cook wreath book another one that’s really quaint and
it’s so beautiful these books are beautiful to display on
your coffee table or to sit and read it on a cold winter day I hope that you
enjoy them coming up in session three I’m going to share with you how to plan
for a cottage garden and I’m gonna share with you a very special book that is my
all-time favorite a Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit and all of his friends I
hope you enjoyed this video today and I hope you enjoyed this series of
videos on how you can grow something in your home for pennies on the dollar and
you can have so much fun what you think Peter I think he approves take care
everyone we’ll see you guys tomorrow

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