Salim Mansur – From One Brownface to Another

Salim Mansur – From One Brownface to Another

Salim it’s been recently divulged that
Justin Trudeau a scant 19 years ago when he was 29 dressed up in blackface
and not just once not just twice probably not just three times because he
doesn’t remember how many times he did it and I have to ask the question how
many times does one have to dress up in blackface before one forgets how many
times they’ve done it your impressions on the entire story of Justin Trudeau
dressing up in blackface well my immediate response is actually
it is not a non-story that is being you know exaggerated and inflated it in to
this man is possibly a racist or was a racist and now he has apologized
and he’s going to be turning the page over he’s been abjectly apologizing for this
matter and get over it you know no he’s not a racist his father was not a racist
neither was his mother he was not raised in a racist household Canada is not a
racist society so Justin when blackface wearing a black face or wearing a brown
face was doing what Justin I suppose he wanted to do all his life he’s a B-grade drama teacher he’s been wanting to be on stage he’s now on the biggest
stage that he can play on that is Prime Minister of Canada but as an actor or as
an aspiring actor putting on a black face or brown face is just part of the
actors costume you know I was reminded when I saw this story
break on Wednesday night and by the way the story broke in the American media
right it it broke it was broken by Drudge Report Time magazine as
well it was the Time magazine story but Drudge put it up on his on his
website excuse me and it was the story that night on Fox News which I
picked up when I got home late after a day of canvassing and working
and my thought immediately was wow the third grade actor way back whenever he was
doing this 20 years ago was possibly taking a cue from one of the greatest
actors in modern times Sir Laurence Olivier who played in blackface the role
of Othello or who played in brown face the role of the Mahdi of Sudan opposite
Charlton Heston in Gordon of Khartoum so I mean this is a part of the
actor’s costume there’s nothing to apologize for
I mean what is so cringing what is so absolutely you know downgraded in our
discourse in this country and in the West that somebody who wears a costume
and then that costume shows up I mean in this case 20 years ago shows up and he
has to go back 20 years and apologize for a costume he wore never imagining
that he would be on the greatest stage in the country that is acting as a prime
minister so no this is nothing to do about racism
whatever the Canadian media wants to do with this
it is about as the leader of our party Maxime Bernier has said very appropriately
it is about hypocrisy he is the greatest hypocrite he has been running around for
the last four years as the prime minister of this country shrugging his
shoulders raising his eyebrows you know moaning and groaning if there was
somebody saying something questioning his policies on the issue of diversity
strength multicultural so on so forth immediately pulling up the gear and
saying you know this guy is a bigot that guy is a racist you know and now
comes his own demonstration you know that the guy is what an Indian and as an
Indian I would say has been caught up in the karma this is his karma he has been
caught up with it and he has to answer and he could have been if he was honest
he was straightforward if it was my case you know I would have said yes suppose I
had gone up on the stage you know dressed as Romeo
you know painted up yeah I was playing Romeo do you have any objection to that
so this is nothing about that the serious issue and this is where we have been
dumbed down by the media when the media is running with all this nonsense is
this man doesn’t deserve to be the Prime Minister he has to be challenged he has
to be answering the question about SNC- Lavalin affair where he was trying to
create a two-tier justice system he was putting his finger on the rule of law he’s
the guy who ran as the one with the greatest sense of empathy and
appreciation about women and others minority and he through out of his caucus
two of the bravest and the strongest women the former attorney general Jody
Wilson-Raybould who would not bend to his wishes or the wishes of his you know
buddies the the Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick or his principal
secretary Gerald Butts and she held to the position that was the right position
to hold on to SNC-Lavalin affair he stomped all over her and he
dismissed her demoted her and finally she was driven out of the caucus same
with the Treasury Board President Jane Philpott was driven out or who stepped
down and my question is this this series of issues I mean SNC-Lavalin affair Admiral Mark Norman embracing of Omar Khadr and giving him ten million
dollars as a settlement which is directly mocking our greatest ally and partner
the United States and their justice system you know and we can run a whole
host of things you know his promise of balancing the budget in
the 2015 election and he has blown the entire economy you know where we are our
our deficit is now approaching our our GDP so those are the issues for which he
is totally inept totally you know incapable of being a leader of a G7
country that we should be you know driving him out showing him the door not
about a painted face of a guy you know it could be youthful indiscretion or imagining he
was Sir Laurence Olivier but he is the guy who’s making the rules
and by him I mean all the progressives make the rules that one does not wear
black face or brown face unless you’re born with the brown face
and but he makes the rules we’re supposed to follow the rules and if we
break them we’re pilloried we’re dead in the water
if Andrew Scheer if Maxime Bernier or any conservative or right-wing so-called
leader out there wore black face 20 years ago that would be the end of their
career no question about it you’d never hear the end of it however are you ready
to give him a free pass for breaking the rules that he and his kind have actually
placed on everybody apparently though not himself yeah no I’m not ready to
give him the free pass on breaking the rule because he broken the rule and the
most serious issues that is our rule of law our justice system the
tradition of of how the Attorney General has to be independent of all political
interferences so he has broken the rule but the issue that you raised that the
left makes the rule on these social issues you know and then they break it
you know well the left are the very definition of hypocrites and
hypocrisy on any number of issues you know whether it is about climate change
and about carbon emission they jet around the world in private jet planes
or yacht and then they come and talk to people who are you know like us you know
common people and tell us no we have to cut back we have to pay carbon tax and
so on and so forth look I mean they fit to the letter T the definition of a
hypocrite and there can be no better definition the definition cannot be
improved that the definition was given by Jesus that a hypocrite is someone who
goes around pulling mote from the eyes of their neighbours while they have beams
in their eyes so here’s the classic case you know Justin Trudeau for four years
have been going around trying to pull mote from the eyes of everybody around
him you know and making apologies for Sir John A. Macdonald and for everybody around
two hundred years ago you know and and then here’s a guy who then
cringes and makes apologies if he had any spine he’s a man without any spine he is basically a third grade actor you know
who if his name was not Trudeau would not be on the biggest stage of a
G7 country you know that’s that’s what it is so as his name he takes it as an
entitlement you know his whole life has been one of entitlement and so he played
this role of an entitlement and this episode has exposed him because if he
had any sense of his own self-worth if I had been in his place I wouldn’t be
cringing and apologizing for a black face I donned that black face for a role
I was playing I wasn’t taking away anybody’s role but in his case that was
not the issue in his case it was the black face or the brown face in whatever
scenario he was in around with women with hand over them the the women in what the picture suggests is any woman with any self regard today would
be charging him with me too where are the women where are the feminists saying you
know this is me too business this guy was you know exploiting his position his
entitlement with young girls who I believe were his students you know in
a manner that again forget about brown face or black face
none of us could do that we have to be extraordinarily careful of the rules of
decorum and this man flounced the rules of decorum so that’s that is the story
but the larger story is that this man has basically broken all the rules there
is no prime minister that has been held twice in breaking the conflict of
interest act you know he was found breaking the conflict of interest act on the
issue of Aga Khan taking on free ride with a with a foreign person you know in
this case a spiritual leader and a billionaire and taking advantage of that
then breaking the conflict of intersect act on the SNC-Lavalin affair
which is the most serious most egregious flaunting of the rules so yes I hope I
hope we can have a serious discussion Thank you Salim. Thank you. you


  • IT IS OVER… 1st.

  • 29 University educated and raised in a political family, he knew what he was doing and that it was wrong. I am from a small logging town in NB I knew at 6 in 1984 stuff like this is unacceptable. Imagine if Trump did it.

  • Justin,is simply a black man who occasionally wears white make-up.

  • Justin isn't a racist he's an idiot and has too go

  • Vote for this man

  • VeteransVoice PPC2019

    MSM should be asking what else went on at that school? What was @JustinTrudeau s relationship with his room mate? A charged pedophile? Msm is bought and paid for. #PPC2019 #YGK #VeteransVoicePPC2019

  • You just got to love Salim Mansur. <3

  • What's sad is the Liberals call Salim Mansur a racist because he's with the PPC. PPC is probably the least of any party to be racist because they don't keep quotas on ethnicity or gender for their candidates. They're selected by their character and morals.

  • VeteransVoice PPC2019

    @JustinTrudeau and the#liberal_party practice their #3HsLibranosdoctrine of Hype Hubris and Hypocrisy

  • Mr. Mansur is a reasonable person and if he was in my riding he would most likely have my vote. I wish you well in your campaign sir.

  • Salim makes sense. So what if someone dresses up in a costume? The Hipocrisy of Trudeau is the focus and his crimes should be of the utmost concern. Why are Canadians/Media so nuts about a costume?

  • I like Salim. He seems a very genuine person who TRULY cares about Canada.

  • Love watching Salim speak. Been saying much the same since it came out. The identity politics bullshit is beneath us. Criticize his terrible policies instead. Go Salim! PPC2019!

  • Mansur is a well-spoken intelligent man. Get out and vote for him London. This is a guy you DO want representing you.

  • Salim you are truly a asset to the PPC PARTY, God bless you and your family. I look forward to you with the PPC Making Canada Great Again.

  • What kind of person engages in racist behavior? An elitist. Elitism is the father of racism, sexism and many other forms of mind pollution. The glee Trudeau experienced in wearing black face can confidently be attributed to an outlook mired in elitism, and one of its sub-categories: contemptuous racism. Trudeau clearly looks down on others based upon their race and skin color. Canada deserves much better than Trudeau.

  • Salim is spot on. Racism isn't just an action, it requires intent. I don't believe for a minute that Justin Trudeau, or most Canadians, are racist.

    Trudeau needs to be held to the ridiculous standards he wants to hold others to.

  • I just love listening to salim mansur he such a good man.

  • An educated man..unlike the dummy PM we have…Little Potatoe is such a disgrace on canada

  • HIS Footprints OnWater

    I really like this man..Salim Mansur…he is a straight forward person …hope he gets in on election day..he would be good for Canada

  • I love Salim. He is such a honest straight forward man, and I am a person who has very little respect for politicians

  • Incredible and well said!

  • well done gentlemen. shared 🤗

  • Seems to me this whole blackface fiasco is front and centre in the media…smells like Gerald butts to me…the question is what are they hiding that is so important re the SnC lavlin fiasco that they were willing to break this story over top of it…

  • 1:04 "Canada is not a racist society" What!!! Look how we treat the indigenous peoples. Blazing ignorance.

  • i am 100% behind PPC

  • i could listen to Salim for hours

  • lol, i love mansur, i was saying the same thing, "This isn't racist…. but he's a hypocrite". Salim is so on point. What a great mind to have on our team.

  • Mad Max 2019 !!!!!

  • I respect Salim, but I don't agree with him.

  • This is a class act.

  • Pick a colour and paint your face for Halloween 🤷‍♂️
    How is it racist to associate yourself as the colour of the skin you supposedly hate?

  • This is a GREAT Leadership. Very good. Vote PPC Canada.

  • Right on the mark here!

  • As always, you are so profoundly well spoken.

    I love your heart, Salem. You're truly a gentleman and a scholar. I'm so glad you're running as a candidate in the PPC. Those in your riding are very lucky to have you. I sure hope you win!! Good luck and best wishes.

  • PPC is super lucky to have you Salim! Thank you so much!

  • You speak with great wisdom, all Canadians can learn from you. We need your voice to be heard by each and every citizen of our country. I listened to your speech you gave when Maxime was visiting your riding. I was very inspired how you spell out what it means to be Canadian. There are good Canadians that are confused when it comes to what to believe on the news. I definitely know people that are very close to me that think if you hear it from CBC it’s as true as the sky is blue. It doesn’t mean they’re bad people. They’re just misinformed and brainwashed for the most part. That’s why I believe you can make people understand the truth about what it means to be Canadian. I really enjoy your talks, and I wish for your victory on October 21, 2019.
    Vote PPC STRONG AND FREE ❤️🇨🇦💯

  • i think the groping is far worse.

  • Thats what i like about members of the PPC they dont waste time on the little distractions and dont loose focus on the big crimes and topics! Well said Salim.

  • Are they not just trying to change the story of all the senseless mistakes and blame it on a brown face.. get the game…!

  • Don't be desperate… be true to our beliefs of freedom… no blame … talk truth…
    This man has sold out to the un … that is f'n true… and that is what will sink them all.

  • Speaks more sense in a short interview than Trudeau did during his whole term

  • Remember when ancient Rome had an artist as their leader how did that end?

  • = BOOMERANG ( Karma ) Yes right on the button !
    Clear Conscience must be our COMPASS – distilled hindsight – Insights – foresight are all essential to reach a balanced personality where one can truly FEEL their own CORE IDENTITY

    focusing on one's RAISED ( raising ) CONSCIOUSNESS !! P.M. might suffer from a multiple personality disorder ( would not be surprising ) From a multidimensional, metaphysical point of view we all do to different extents …

  • He’s a muslim who bashes multiculturalism only when it interferes with his version of faith. If it protects his version of faith, then multiculturalism is ok. Two faces, one party. No dice. Duplicitous fool.

  • Thank you, professor Mansur!

  • Great responses coming from the PPC on this issue, respectful and not falling into identity politics thats being forced on the nation by msm. Well done Salim. Love hearing from you! #VotePPC

  • Trudoe is a wolf in sheep's clothing but most of his caucus knows full well, what he is like but are afraid to call a spade a spade, pun not intended.

  • smoke and mirrors MSM trying to curve everyone.s views towards Blackface issue instead of the real issues that the Liberals and justin are guilty of

  • Save Canada vote Max Bernier 2019

  • Trudeau is a hypocritical buffoon, not a racist or a leader.

  • PPC for me 💯%, best of luck Salim . Allan deroo PPC candidate for St. Catharines, Ontario. 👍👊😎🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Mansur very classy interview.

  • This is why PPC will win. All the stupid games Conservatives play, the stupid games Liberals play! Like…. This is ridiculous! Our government is a mess! We need to get our “Canadian Identity” back… Political correctness has gone way off the rails of reality.

  • That is exactly what I thought as well Manager

  • Begging your pardon, sir my phone changed what was meant to be your name Mr. Salim – sorry!!

  • Exactly! He has broken the rule of law!

  • Excellent interview and response! I agree 100%! Why is he apologizing for dressing and applying makeup for a theme party? The things he should be apologizing for is having his hands placed questionanly on a young lady, his treatment of 2 of his former cabinet members who are both female and members of visible minorities! His dispicable bullying and treatment of his formetr Attorney General, his begging another woman to stay because he didn't want to lose another female cabinet member, "of colour!" His horrendous movement to remove 2 female cabinet members from the Liberal party altogether! The there are all the issues of his unresolved, convictions of conflict of interest by the ethics committee. The is the Admiral Norman trial, the SNC Lavalin debacle and Trudeau gagging everyone about the SNC case and blocking investigations by the RCMP. Trudeau has also initially lied about any and everything he has ever been caught with. He lied to the Indigenous people about helping to get them clean, mercury-free drinking water any he has some involvement with the dead or missing Aboriginal people OUT IN Northern BC. He lied about getting the Pipelines going but secretly ended the Alberta pipelines while he allowed the Chinese to build a pipeline in Northern BC USING ALL Chinese material, parts, staff, workers, engineers, and military!
    The black and brownface stuff should be the least of everyones concerns!

  • When you use race baiting as a means of ruthlessly sowing division and hate for the purpose of advancing you personal goals, then YES you are a racist. When you are pro-affirmative action becuse you believe your chosen group does not have the ability to compete fairly, this is the worst kind of racism. This is the racism of low expectations. Yes Justin Trudeau has always been a racist.

  • Maxime Bernier for PM!!! PPC 2019

  • Salim has no business as a muslim to be in Canadian politics, very dangerous

  • We wants to be Allah Trudeau 🇨🇦👳🔫🇨🇦

  • It was not racist.

  • Justin’s left hand is of greater concern. Poor woman is pushing away his LEFT hand.

  • Diana Read-Miedema

    Exactly! black face "racism" is not the issue. HYPOCRISY and being a FALSE PRIME MINISTER is the issue. This 3rd grade actor never should have been Prime Minister. The media should be hot on the fact that Justin Trudeau has broken rules of law and codes of ethic and conflict of interest act with SNV Lavalin, and broke his election promise, and killed the budget and our economy.

  • Max is a sad joke. Vote PM Scheer and lets get rid of Justina!! Don't be an idiot!

  • what is so cringe worthy .. is that if ANYONE other than him did it, heads would roll. He would be frothing at the mouth in his disgust for that person. It's the double standard that Trudeau seems to have for himself. He will put a carbon tax on us for driving to work and heating our homes but he will take a private jet to B.C for a weekend at the beach. ON OUR DIME!!!

  • There is no Society in the world that deserves a Justin Trudeau .he is a fake,he is an imposter.he is a child.

  • Justine's statement was he did not do it for racist reasons? Yes/No… But He deflects to his policy's about whites and racism. The sjw laws and all associated laws should be repealed on these statements of fact.
    The dildo in his pants shows a disease which treatment should be decided by a judge. trudoW should be kept away from All children.

  • When Salim is voted in ,cbc racism will be another Socialist failed msg

  • God I love the ppc

  • Oh, so we can all dress up in black-face now and it's A OK???? Whatever happened to cultural appropriation that was all the rage awhile ago??? You leftists are the most confusing people with rules/rescinding rules etc. Make up your minds please so we can all understand what you find offensive today, and update the list daily in order for us to keep on top of your fetishes.

  • Trudeau is a racist. He's a white racist. He thinks we're all white supremacists. He lets in only black minorities but not any white minorities. He's a jerk and I am glad that he's finally exposed but I don't think Canadians really understand the racism that underlies his identity politics.

  • Salim is Indian….. 🤗

  • I am Black and a PPC Member, this black face thing is total bullshit. And I am not a fan of this kid.

  • Trudeau didn't learn how to Play dirty all by himself.He has old guard Liberals on the payroll.

  • The thing is being PM is not the same as acting. It’s a little more important and a lot more responsibility.

  • Trudeau is obviously a queen cock sucker.

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